Fishing on the shores of Montenegro and in the open sea

Популярность рыбалки в Черногории растёт

There is a category of people who prefer fishing to all types of recreation. On this basis, when the time for vacations comes, problems often arise in the family. After all, you rarely find an idyll, when all family members love fishing. Most often, wives and children require sea beach and fun entertainment. Fishing in Montenegro provides an excellent opportunity to spend a holiday in the family circle, while not forgetting about your favorite hobby.

Montenegro is a picturesque small country in South-Eastern Europe, which is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. This country can be called the ecological oasis of Europe, where the transparent rivers and lakes are surrounded by green meadows and majestic mountains.

For a family rest, Montenegro combines the beach and fishing.

Friendly attitude to tourists, the massive enthusiasm of locals for fishing, mild climate – these are the main advantages of rest in Montenegro.

Fishermen of different categories will be able to spend pleasant hours with a fishing rod:

  • Fans of sea fishing will fulfil their dreams of fishing for sharks and marlin,
  • Lovers of coastal fishing will go all out in the angling of roach and mullet.

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Fishing from the shore in Montenegro

Most fishermen adhere to coastal fishing. After completing a minimum of preparatory operations, you can immerse yourself in your favorite activity, comfortably sitting on the shore.

In Montenegro, there are many places where fishing from the shore will bring the fishermen a good catch and a lot of positive emotions.

Fishing in rivers and lakes

Fishing on the Skadar Lake in MontenegroFreshwater rivers and lakes are rich in fish species such as:

  • pike,
  • roach,
  • perch,
  • rudd,
  • bleak,
  • trout,
  • grayling,
  • taimen,
  • carp,
  • salmon,
  • nase, etc.

The exotic trophies that can be hooked by a fisherman in the freshwater water areas of Montenegro are:

  • eel,
  • shad or river herrings,
  • mullet, and
  • pachihilon or Albanian roach.

The most popular places for coastal fishing in freshwater are the Skadar and Black Lakes, as well as such rivers as Tara, Morača, and Lim.

Sea fishing

Fishing in Montenegro is also possible on the seashore. Budva is a popular place for sea fishing. Here the mackerel, the prick, the garfish bite well from the pier, and a flounder is often in the catch on the sand spits.

Fishing in Montenegro is also possible on the seashore. Budva is a popular place for sea fishing. Here the mackerel, the prick, the garfish bite well from the pier, and a flounder is often in the catch on the sand spits.

A special type of mackerel called Shirun is especially respected by the inhabitants of Budva. For 40 years, in early October, citizens have been celebrating the Day of Shirun. On this festive day, people gather at the Old Town Square, where cultural and entertainment events are held. Here you can regale yourself to beer and wine, as well as enjoy the taste of freshly prepared mackerel on the street.
To get to this fishing holiday, you need to plan your vacation at the end of September and the beginning of October.

Fishing from the shore requires the usual float rod, feeder or spinning. The earthworm will be the main bait for fishing.

Fishing in the sea with boats

Fishing in Montenegro with boats

Passionate lovers of catching marlin or tuna should not seek fortune far from their homeland. In Montenegro, on sea fishing, you can set your personal record for catching trophy fish.

The experienced fishermen who prefer to hunt for large fish with their tackles, need to take with them a powerful trolling spinning. Special rod, multiplier reel and thick braided cord – these are the necessary elements of the sea fishing rod.

Serious anglers go fishing in the open sea.

For serious anglers, local residents organize regular journeys to the open sea. For those who are just acquainted with the delights of sea fishing, all the necessary equipment will be provided.

The objects of amateur fishing in the sea are the following species of fish as:

  • blue and white marlin,
  • yellow and blue tuna,
  • shark,
  • black eel,
  • coryphena (dorado),
  • кking mackerel, and
  • sea eel.

The size of marine fish far exceeds freshwater trophies, so the release of adrenaline into the blood of the fishermen from the fight against marine prey will be there for sure.

In addition to extreme fishing in the sea, you can safely immerse yourself in catching a small schooling fish or red mullet. This bottom fish nibbles well on a sandy bottom.

It is important that the sea was calm at the time of fishing. Mullet represents not only sporting interest. The meat of red mullet is unusually tasty, it was highly appreciated once even by sultans.

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Features of fishing in Montenegro

In Montenegro, there are certain rules for amateur fishing. The easiest way is to fish from the shore in lakes and rivers, and then you will not have to pay for the pleasure. Only in some ponds the permission for fishing from the shore is required.

Depending on the location chosen, the cost of the license can vary from 10 to 20 Euros per day.

Sea fishing has several limitations:

  1. First, tourists need to get a temporary license for a month. Such a document will cost the angler around 30 Euros.
  2. Secondly, it is forbidden to have on board a swimming gear or equipment that is not intended for this method of fishing.
  3. Thirdly, the catch of each species of marine fish is limited. It is allowed to catch 3 kg of fish per day, and only one large specimen can exceed the weight of 5 kg.

Trolling in Montenegro

It is necessary to take into account the cost of services offered by firms that organize fishing.

Prices for fishing in Montenegro will depend on the method of fishing:

  • For example, bottom fishing for 4 hours for 4 anglers with the skipper services and fishing equipment will cost 100-150 Euros.
  • Trolling in the same time interval will cost 220-280 Euros.
  • Advance payment may be about 20-40%.

Fishing in Montenegro can deliver a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable moments to real connoisseurs of fishing. You can have a great rest both in a family circle and in the company of your hobby colleagues.

Even one day spent in this amazing country with a fishing rod will be present to the mind of the angler forever. The photo album can be replenished with bright pictures with trophies caught.

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