Making our way to Montenegro in a car with a spare driver and lots of European money on the bank card

Путешествие на машине в Черногорию

There is a category of travelers who refuse any other way of traveling, except for a trip on a personal car. If you belong to this class of wanderers and want to go to Montenegro by car, then carefully read the information we have collected.

We need to decide on the route, get the necessary documents for the trip, and estimate mileage. We will talk about the secrets of traveling with a child, fuel prices, and some of the “pitfalls” of your creative venture.

Road trip to Montenegro: the best route

Journey to Montenegro by carRoad trips to Montenegro are becoming popular, although they promise a lot of inevitable difficulties to the traveler.

What are the advantages of this type of travel? There are several of them:

  1. The boring flight gives way to a true adventure: you will feel the road with all the fibers of your soul.
  2. Savings. You do not have to spend your savings on local transportation from one sightseeing point to another. You will also save on car rentals in Montenegro.
  3. Free schedule. You plan the route up to you, choose interesting places to visit and estimate the time required for this.
  4. Other countries. You absorb the culture of other countries on the way to Montenegro. Therefore, you get a whole European tour instead of vacation at one resort.

Important points

Road trip to Montenegro by carYou need to take some nuances into account when planning a road trip.

Below are the main nuances of this idea:

  • Rest. Intermediate stops in hotels are a must. Room rates will vary significantly depending on the country. For example, you will pay 15 Euros per night in Poland and 30 in Hungary.
  • Navigation. Install maps of Eastern Europe – just in case.
  • Fuel. Fuel prices in Montenegro do not differ from the average European. A liter of 95-grade gas costs 1.35-1.55 Euros. You can meet exotic brands: premium gasoline or eco-diesel.
  • Roads of Montenegro. The road coating is not perfectly smooth. The situation is better in the mountains – there is even a road marking. Beware rockfalls and wildlife.
  • Montenegro speed limit. 40 in the city, 80 outside the city, 100 on the highway.

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