Rest in Montenegro in November – combining tranquility and romanticism

отдых в ноябре в Черногорию

Many Russian tourists believe that the rest is possible only during the beach period. In part, they are right, because the swimming season ends with the onset of the last month of autumn, the weather becomes cooler, and in November a holiday trip to Montenegro acquires a fresh coat of paint.

Since the flow of tourists decreases, accordingly, many cafes are closed, and the number of various festivals is reduced. In fact, it is in November that this amazing and picturesque country can be discovered from a completely different side.

What could be a trip to Montenegro in November?

In November, Montenegro is a quiet, secluded and romantic place, giving not only an opportunity to save on travel but also a lot of options for various holidays. So why is the November tour to Montenegro good for travelers?


November Montenegro is ideal for various excursions and attractions.The weather is still quite warm, and the spirit of the upcoming Christmas is already in the air.

You will be able:

  • to leisurely stroll through the narrow streets of the old Kotor and visit its old fortress,
  • to sit in the cozy restaurants of Budva,
  • to admire the exhibits of the Art Gallery in Podgorica,
  • to taste the amazing cheese in the village of Negushi, and
  • to find yourself in the Cetinje Monastery in the royal capital of Cetinje.

In the numerous private wineries of Montenegro, wine and national dishes are waiting for you.

For inspection, you can take a tour or rent a car and explore the most beautiful places in Montenegro.

A car travel will give you the opportunity to admire:

  • remote fishing villages,
  • medieval fortresses, and
  • old churches.

Monuments of nature

In November, the magnificent nature of Montenegro is as good as never before.

This is especially evident in the national reserves of Durmitor, Lake Skadar, Biogradska Gora with their lush multicolored vegetation and clean mountain rivers and lakes.

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Since almost half of the population is Orthodox Christians, and in Montenegro itself, there are a lot of churches and monasteries, our Russian pilgrims will be especially interested in visiting these holy places.

These include the Ostrog Monastery, not so well-known Manastir Ždrebaonik with the relics of many saints, such as Saint Nicholas, Seraphim of Sarov, and Sergius of Radonezh.

Cultural events

In late November, the Annual International Autumn Film Festival of the best Mediterranean films opens in the city of Mojkovac.

Bar hosts two events at once, connected with the olive tree – one of the symbols of this city:

  • Meetings under the old Oliva: devoted to the children’s fine and literary works of young talents;
  • Masleniada Fair: gathering the best producers of olives.

Cultural life does not stop even at this time of year.

Season of fruits and sales
Widespread sales of clothes, shoes, and especially the fresh harvest of fruits and vegetables, begin.
Especially since organic pomegranates, grapefruits, persimmon, quince and much, much more ripen at this time.
It costs literally a penny

Health improvement

Spa centers in MontenegroLike no other month, November is perfect for health and beauty treatments.

Numerous spa centres offer thalasso- and aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, and mineral waters.

The unique health resorts provide treatment of:

  • musculoskeletal diseases,
  • cardiovascular diseases, and
  • many other diseases.

Outdoor activities

  • Kolasin. In late November, the ski season opens in Kolasin, where the mountains are such that you can start skiing even with a minimum thickness of snow.
  • Zabljak. The popular ski resort Zabljak at the foot of Durmidor will begin to receive skiers only in December because of the rocky slopes.
  • Mojkovac. Among amateurs of rafting and hiking, the city of Mojkovac in the north of Montenegro is no less popular. After all, it is here that the famous Tara Canyon is located.
Yachting lovers will enjoy sailing along the Adriatic coast. There are many marinas in Tivat, Budva, and Kotor.

What weather can we expect in November?

The weather at the Tara River in November

Despite the small footprint of Montenegro, the weather in November differs significantly in different areas. On the coast, there can be sun and a warm breeze, and snow – in the mountains.

In the south of the country on the coast of the Bay of Kotor, the temperature in November reaches + 16 C and +8 C at night. In Ulcinj, Bar and Budva, the weather is warmer by one degree.

The temperature of the sea is the same as that of the air, so only desperate brave souls decide to swim.

In Podgorica, the temperature is often around 21 degrees during the day, but the likelihood of rain is higher.

On the coast, there can be sun and a warm breeze, and snow – in the mountains.

Therefore, when going in Montenegro in that month, do not forget to grab not only jackets and windbreakers but also lighter clothes, since the weather often pleases with sunny warm days.

In the mountains, the picture is completely different.
The temperature is below zero, the time of snowfalls begins, and ski resorts begin to receive those who want to actively relax.

Selection of photos “Montenegro in November”

Prices for tours

November prices are much lower than in the peak season in the summer, which pleasantly delights:

  • For example, the price for rest in November for 10 days, depending on the number of stars in the hotel, for two will be from 1,150 Euros to 1,650 Euros and includes:
    • airfare,
    • accommodation, and
    • food.

    Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay extra for excursions.

  • For a 11-day tour with accommodation at a ski resort and the sea you will have to pay 1,370 Euros.
  • A tour in the mountains on skis will cost you 1,130 Euros.

If you go on your own

There is a category of people who prefer to travel independently without contacting a travel agency. In this case, you will have to book an air ticket yourself (from 308 to 690 Euros for a roundtrip), and search for accommodation (from 50 Euros for an apartment, from 30 Euros – for a flat, from 100 Euros – for a private house).

Hostels are the most economical accommodation option. For example, the price per day per person is from 10 Euros.

Car rental for one to three days costs from 40 Euros, and for up to seven days – from 35 Euros.

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At the end of autumn, people especially want to change the gloomy weather and shake off the grey days characteristic of our Russian climate. Therefore, it’s time to go to Montenegro.

Warm weather, fabulous landscapes and informative excursions will provide you with an excellent mood, which is enough, if not for a very long time, but until the New Year for sure!

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