Rest in October – Montenegro is waiting for its tourists

в Черногорию в октябре

A trip to Montenegro in October is still characterized by good weather. That is why you are most likely to sunbathe and even swim in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea.

If you still find it a bit cool for beach activities, you can spend your time exploring numerous sights of this country, by renting a car or joining an organized tour.

Montenegrin climate in October

The climate in the country is mainly Mediterranean, which means that summer is usually dry and hot, and winter is relatively mild and snowless.

While in Western Europe the temperature drops rapidly and drizzling rains are frequent, in Montenegro the weather is still warm in September and October.

At the end of September, for example, in the coastal cities of Budva and Bar, the average day temperature is + 26-27°C, and only at night it drops down to +15°C. It is approximately the same for the weather in Kotor.

You are sure to want to go on an excursion to the wonderful town of Kotor to get a lot of impressions. Climb higher to the observation platform, and you will have a great view of the famous Bay of Kotor. However, do not forget to take your jacket in addition to beach accessories and sunblock cream to be ready for any weather.

Despite the coming autumn, in Montenegro the early October is quite comfortable for swimming, because the water temperature in the Adriatic Sea is still +21°C.

Although in this season you may need an umbrella or a raincoat, because it may rain, you would better take warm clothes, too, because the increases in this region.

The beach season in Montenegro finishes in October.

In October, the season finishes in Montenegro, i.e. the water begins to cool gradually, but it all depends on the year, and it may differ. There may still be clear and sunny, and you can get a tan or comfortably go on a hike, or you may happen to prefer bus trips or rented cars.

In Montenegro, the end of October is warmer in coastal areas rather than in mountainous ones. The weather is suitable primarily for excursions, and it is better to study urban architecture and walk through narrow streets rather than to travel to mountainous areas, because at this time it may be rainy there.

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Prices for Montenegrin holidays in October

The cost of rest in Montenegro depends on its duration and on the category of the hotel you have chosen, but in general, as compared to the rest of Europe, the price level is good, especially in the autumn months.

In October, when the beach season is over, and there are not so many tourists, owners of many hotels and apartments make good discounts for their guests.Weekly tour for two persons in Budva will cost 800-900 euros.

Visiting Montenegro in October, you will be able to observe a sort of the season closing in national traditions. You can see the prepared entertainment program for free:

  • Watch costume marches,
  • Taste local beer and wine, and
  • Eat fish dishes.

At this time, the sirun fish is cooked right outdoors – it is fried on a rostilja and given to all passers-by. This holiday is called Day of Sirun in honor of one of the mackerel species and, unfortunately, does not have an exact date, but depends only on the weather that is very changeable in October.

Gallery Montenegro in October

Active rest at a reduced cost: tours to Montenegro in October

If a beach holiday is not your priority and you prefer to see the Montenegrin sights, it may make sense to plan your trip for October:

  • The summer heat is already receding and the weather becomes quite comfortable for outdoor activities and walks through pretty old streets.
  • In October, charter chains in Montenegro are over, and this reduces the cost of tours. It means you can buy the one at the lowest price that can be considerably lower than in other periods.
  • Hot tours can also provide you with an excellent opportunity for additional savings.

In any case, prices for Montenegrin resorts on the Adriatic coast are reasonable in other months.

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