The tourism in Montenegro — a vacation on the Adriatic shore

О туризме и отдыхе в Черногории

This country seems to be created for tourism: thick forests descending the down the slopes, roaring mountains rivers, crystal clear lakes, and azure waves of the sea crashing against wide sandy beaches.

Rarely can you find a country that can offer such magnificent views. Add to that a pleasant climate (moderate continental in the north and subtropical Mediterranean on the shore) and utmost ecological friendliness — and you will see that there is just no better place for a vacation.

Each year more and more tourists come here. Before those were only the citizens of bordering countries, but now you can meet here people from all over the world.

An increasing number of tourists prompts construction of new hotels and renovation of the existing ones. There used to be a local classification of hotels (LUX, F, B, C), but at present it is being replaced with the international star system.

The social infrastructure is also developing fast, making your stay more comfortable and diverse. Numerous wellness centres, stores, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants with delicious cuisine and quality wines will saturate your stay here!

Montenegro resorts can be classified into three categories: seaside, therapeutic, and skiing.

  • Budva is the touristic heart of the country and an attraction for fans of social and active life. Bars, casinos, tennis courts and sports grounds wait for those who do not limit themselves to beaches only.
  • The resort area stretching from Budva to Petrovac is called the Budva Riviera, and not without a reason. There are numerous resort towns, islands and good beaches. The shape of the coastline is rich in cosy bays with very warm water.
  • A beach vacation goes well together with interesting guided tours. Montenegro’s culture and history are curious interweavings of Western and Eastern trends.
  • Wellness resorts are Igalo and Vrmac.
  • The fans of winter activities should pay attention to skiing resort Zabljak. All the resorts in Montenegro have good pistes, modern ski lifts, and ski schools for beginners.

Basic tourist information about Montenegro:

  • Visa: no visa needed for the citizens of Russia.
  • Currency: Euro.
  • Time: -2 hours with Moscow, -6 hours with Krasnoyarsk.

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