Travel by car to Italy: planning the cost and preparing the documents

Автопоездка в Италию

Sunny cozy towns of Italy, stepwise terminating to the sea, have attracted independent travelers for a long time. The price of the flight is roughly comparable to the cost of a car tour, but the second option can turn a vacation into a true adventure! We will talk about the intricacies of traveling with children and collecting the necessary documents. Let’s go!

Planning a trip to Italy by car with children

Going on a trip with young travelers, it is worth thinking about the route so that there are more stops in the motels.

The younger the child, the more difficult the trip.

We have developed an algorithm of actions concerning the paperwork and booking of accommodation especially for family wanderers.

Travelling to Italy by car with childrenThe first overnight stay can be in Białystok. Experienced travelers recommend paying with a card, and staying at the NALEWAJKO Motel near the gas station. The night will cost you 180 Zlotys (three guests), and the hotel has a cafe.

The next overnight stop will be in the Czech Republic where you will have to pay 90-100 Euros for it.

Practical issues: distance, fuel and cost of pleasure

There are an infinite number of route options and cost estimates when traveling to Italy.

The cost of travel may depend on the following factors:

  • distance (composed of segments of the selected route);
  • selected motorways (toll or free);
  • the availability of ferry crossings (entails additional costs);
  • the number of overnight stays and the hotel level;
  • fuel consumption;
  • the number of days of travel; and
  • the number of passengers.
We’ll immediately make a reservation – it makes no sense to go alone.
First, it is boring.
Secondly, do you know how much to go to Italy by car? It is 3,000 kilometers, you will be exhausted by fatigue, since it is problematic to cover such a distance without a second driver.

Such trips are the lot of friendly companies and family tourists, so we will provide a calculation for three people.

People who had a chance to survive an independent car tour bring more impressive figures.

We came across a case where the journey ran into bucks: 2,800 Euros. Mileage was 6,500 km, and the average fuel consumption – about 7.1 liters per hundred kilometers. The people paid for gasoline 380 Euros. True, if you spread this amount for three, it will not be so scary.

If you drive carefully and do not violate traffic rules, there will be no accidents on the road. But the road is an unpredictable thing, and the fines in the European Union are stunning. Therefore, it is better to have with you some reserve money just to be safe.

By the way, the Polish traffic cops do not disdain profitable compromises: having received a fine of 200 Euros for any minor speeding, you can escape with one hundred, by putting it in the pocket of the road guard.

Let’s summarize.

An independent trip to Italy by car costs approximately 1,300-2,800 Euros. To these costs, you must add the preparation of the required documentation.

In order not to get tired, book your accommodation and find the second driver. Also study the European traffic regulations in order to avoid penalties. Enjoy your journey!

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