Water rafting – what is it?

Rafting is a competitive sport to raft downstream through rapids using an inflatable raft. Rafting is an extreme sport, which is very difficult and risky, requiring coordinated team cooperation in unison. Rafting is also an extremely popular pastime practiced in many countries of the world.

Raft and equipment

A raft is a large inflatable boat, usually for a group of 6 to 8 rowers. Rafts are made of synthetic materials, such as urethanes, which are durable and easily glide over stones. They consist of several inflatable chambers, so if one of them is pierced, the others will still have air to keep the rowers afloat. The rafts have the same basic design with an upturned nose and tail and a pair of inflatable tubes passing through the bottom of the boat – where the rowers sit.

What is the rafting equipment? If you go to a tourist rafting, you will be provided with everything you need, but if you want to get your kit, here is what you need:

  • a wetsuit;
  • light and airtight shoes;
  • a life vest; and
  • a helmet.

Crew: who can go rafting?

  1. In sports rafting, a crew is a close-knit team working harmoniously. Each member is a highly qualified expert/enthusiast. All the members of the group know the route, which allows you to work autonomously in a team.
  2. During commercial trips, the crew, as a rule, experiences water rafting for the first time, therefore, an experienced navigator who leads the boat is required. The crew works together, executing his instructions.

Where can I go rafting?

The complexity of the rafting depends on how difficult the river is to navigate. Around the world rivers are rated on the International Scale of river difficulty, which consists of 6 classes. Number 1 is the simplest and number 6 is the most dangerous one.

Here are the most popular places:

  • Katun – Altai Republic;
  • Cheremosh – Ukraine;
  • Chuya – Altai; and
  • Bzyb – Abkhazia.

The two best options for rafting in Turkey are: a beautiful and exciting, but safe and easy descent along the Köprüçay River near Antalya, and wild and dangerous rafting in Turkey along the Toruh River near Erzurum, which is only for experienced athletes.

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