What is the best country for rest in the Adriatic: Croatia or Montenegro?

Страна, где дешевле и лучше отдыхать с детьми - Черногория или Хорватия?

Are you going to rest on the Adriatic but cannot choose – Croatia or Montenegro?

It requires a detailed comparative analysis, involving prices, comfort, attractions, and other highlights.

If you are traveling with a child, a factor of fitness of beaches and hotels for small travelers is also an important one.

Today we compare Croatia and Montenegro. We present only the facts, and the final choice depends on your preferences.

General comparison

The flow of tourists to Montenegro and Croatia is becoming more affluent, with travelers from Europe dominating. Each of them has its own criteria for choosing a place for rest, including based on the following:

  • the cheapness of rest;
  • quality of service;
  • beach rest;
  • the attitude of locals;
  • entertainment program (excursions, nightlife, culture); and
  • infrastructure development.

We will make a comparative review based on criteria that the majority of travelers consider to be the key ones.

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Where is it more interesting?

Where is it more interesting: in Montenegro or in Croatia?If you book a tour based on the cognitive features of the country, you should not worry: both states have an extensive cultural heritage.

Croatia boasts the following sights:

  • Diocletian’s Palace;
  • the Dubrovnik city-museum;
  • Colosseum in Pula (the example of Roman architecture).

Montenegro has the following monuments:

  • semi-abandoned Perast (picturesque islands and Venetian palazzo are located nearby);
  • medieval Kotor;
  • Budva (the old town here is pretty spoiled by the shops of merchants);
  • Herceg-Novi (local fortress was hit by an earthquake).

Nightlife is not eventful in both of these countries. When selecting the accommodation, stay away from heavy concentrations of coastal bars and restaurants.

Most travelers seek to get to this region of the Adriatic because of natural beauty. Lake Skadar is the pearl of Montenegro, where the birds are not afraid of people’s visits.

Croatia boasts a few pleasant places, such as:

  • waterfalls of the Krka River;
  • Plitvice Lakes; and
  • Dalmatia.

Summing up, we conclude: in Croatia, there are more significant historical monuments, as well as more natural attraction. So, Croatia wins with a small margin.

Why Montenegro?

  • The convenient geographical location of Montenegro makes it easy to travel around Europe: you can go to Italy by the Bar-Bari ferry, it is quite possible to get to Vienna by car in a day, not to mention Serbia and Albania.
  • Visa-free entry.
  • Remarkable ecology: back in 1991, Montenegro was proclaimed the first ecological state in the world. About third of the country is covered by national parks.
  • Widest variety of nature. Montenegro is often called the country of six continents. These are the sea and the snowy peaks of the mountains, the “mountain eyes”, as well as the Skadar Lake, pastures, black karst, transparent streams, thickets, as well as the virgin primeval forest.

Degree of comfort

It is believed that Croatia is a country close to the European standards, while Montenegro reminds about the socialist times. This is partly true: the Germans invested serious money here, and the tourist business started in Croatia much earlier.

But is there really a noticeable failure?

  • Montenegro. Tourists go to the Adriatic primarily because of a relaxing beach rest. In Montenegro, a lot of accommodation options are near the coastline. In addition, there is a wide choice of beaches: pebbly, concrete, and sandy ones.
  • Croatia. It is problematic to stay near the adequate beach since there are few housing options, and it is in great demand. In addition, Croatian beaches can hardly be called well-furnished ones – this is either because of the complete absence of an adequate strip or concrete platforms only.

However, there are enough areas in which Croatia dominates, namely:

  • hotel service level;
  • service salons;
  • the richness of excursion programs; and
  • tourist infrastructure.

Note that August is the hottest month in both countries. It is best to go to Croatia and Montenegro in early autumn – in September.

It turns out that comfort is a relative concept. The advantages and disadvantages in the countries in question are balanced, so that is a lively draw.

What place is more budget-friendly?

Where is accommodation cheaper: in Croatia or Montenegro?For the majority of visitors to our resource, the question – where the rest is cheaper: in Croatia or Montenegro? – sets choices.

The time has come to compare the prices to lay the future budget.


In this region, you will have to immediately forget about the all-inclusive systems loved by our tourists. This hotel principle is in its infancy in both countries. Accommodation most often implies:

  • apartments;
  • villas; and
  • mini-hotels.

Montenegro is the undisputed leader in terms of living. Since there are more options, prices are significantly lower than in Croatia. However, at the peak of the season, the difference ceases to be felt.

Accommodation in Montenegro is cheaper than in Croatia.

In addition, the Croats are constantly rebuilding new hotels and hotel complexes, so the price gap is less noticeable with every passing year.

Food and beverage

In Montenegro, you can eat tasty for 10-15 Euros (some people manage to do this for 5 Euros per two persons), but Croatia will offer dinners by 30-40% more expensive.

Why Croatia?

  • Favorable conditions for the purchase of yachts and the most popular sea routes.
  • The work on the state program for the development of the Main Urban Plan is being completed, being focused on the development of all types of tourism. In this case, the main direction is the development of VIP tourism, such as, for example, in France, in contrast to Turkey, Egypt, and Montenegro.
  • Another important direction in state policy is the creation of the organic food industry in the country that meets the highest standards.
  • Wines are not inferior in quality to European ones. The Mediterranean cuisine of Dalmatia has a generally recognized effect on the increase in human longevity.
  • The quality of life in this country by many criteria has long got up to and overtaken the countries of Europe.
  • Stable political and economic situation.
  • Low prices for goods related to food, wine, and industrial consumer goods.

Other indicators

  • Tours. Croatia – 40-70 Euros, Montenegro – 15-20 Euros. Distances in Montenegro are shorter, and this is an added bonus for inland outings.
  • Flight tickets. Prices are about the same.
  • Accommodation. Now let’s talk about specific figures. Croatia – 800-900 Euros (week), Montenegro (at the peak of the season) – up to 1,100 Euros. Here is the relativity.
  • Tour cost. In Croatia, you can rest for 720-1,180 Dollars (this includes the flight), in Montenegro – for 750-1,180.

What do we get? With a fairly equal price range, Montenegro comes forward with a slight margin.

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Rest with a child: Montenegro or Croatia?

So, where is the best place for rest with children: in Croatia or in Montenegro? When planning a rest with a child, we pay attention to the following factors:

  • ecology;
  • the quality of the beaches;
  • children’s entertainment;
  • children’s infrastructure in hotel complexes; and
  • prices.

Montenegro is definitely leading in terms of the first indicator. The child needs a sandy beach and a gentle descent into the sea, and Croatia definitely cannot boast of it.

There is an amazing phenomenon in terms of prices: Croatia is cheaper. The difference is about 80 Euros, but for many, it is quite considerable.

Resting with children is better in the countries that care for little guests. We are interested in:

  • playgrounds;
  • water parks;
  • water slides;
  • babysitting services; and
  • other children’s entertainment.
Croatia offers a quality European service and reasonable prices for tours.

Here, Croatia is bursting forward with its extensive European-style infrastructure.

Result. Croatia leads in terms of service, quality of accommodation, prices for tours, but is significantly inferior in the fitness of beaches, food prices and some other parameters. With a tiny margin, Montenegro wins.

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