Yacht rental – the best option for sea rest in Montenegro

аренда яхты в Черногории

Recently, vacation on a yacht has become increasingly popular among the Russians. This is not surprising, since it is a great way not only to make a fascinating voyage, but also to spend time comfortably and have new impressions, and renting a yacht in Montenegro will help you with this.

After all, you can stop at any time in the place you like, swim and sunbathe in the most amazingly beautiful coves, and go fishing in the cleanest sea. You yourself choose the route, excursions, travel time and parking – depending on your mood.

Yachting in Montenegro, the most unique and beautiful country of the Balkan Peninsula, provides an excellent opportunity for such a sea adventure on the waters of the Adriatic Sea.

The advantages of yachting in Montenegro

Why yachting in Montenegro is attractive? Here are just some of the advantages of such a rest in this small but fabulous country:

  1. Visa-free regime for the residents of Russia, and given that our languages and traditions are close to each other, this will give you the opportunity to feel homish in Montenegro;
  2. The opportunity to visit not only the whole Montenegrin coast, but also such countries as Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Greece, which means amazing nature, rich vegetation, favorable climate, a huge number of attractions, as well as the availability of ski resorts if you want to change warm azure sea to the height of the mountains and sparkling snow to break the monotony;
  3. Availability of sea voyages on a yacht for middle-income people despite the fact that comfort in the cabins of the yachts is not inferior to the rooms in luxury hotels;
  4. You can rent a yacht with or without a crew if you have the necessary skills and the relevant documents to drive a yacht.

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Do you want to become a captain?

Captain of a Montenegro yacht

Tourists resting on a yacht do not need to have special documents to sail the yacht. But if you are a brave and self-confident person, then you can independently sail a yacht and feel like a real sea wolf.

This requires not only a great desire to become a skipper, but also the ability to sail the ship and the availability of an international certificate giving the right to rent a yacht independently.

You can undergo training in captain skills in special yachting schools. The courses are different: for beginners as well as for those with little experience.

It is usually proposed to undergo a theoretical course on land in major cities of Russia where the yachting schools are available, and maritime practice (intensive course) – the main part of yachting training, directly in Montenegro.

You can get international certificates in yachting schools in Montenegro.

At the end of the course, several necessary documents are issued, as a rule, by one of the international organizations, such as ISSA or IYT, namely:

  • IYT skipper certificate or ISSA coastal navigation skipper certificate giving the right to operate the yacht,
  • original international yachtsman passport, and
  • certificate of radio operator (in case of additional training).
The duration of theoretical courses usually lasts about a week, and the price ranges from 300-500 Euros. Beginners take an intensive yachting training course in Montenegro for 10 days.
The price of practice ranges from about 1,300 to 1,500 Euros.

Which vessel to choose for a voyage?

Yacht interiorThe choice of vessel for sea travel depends entirely on your preferences.

Would you like to experience the romance of the Adriatic? A sailing yacht is at your service. If you want to enjoy a leisurely rest – welcome to a motor yacht or catamaran, and if you desire to take a boat trip, sit with a fishing rod or feel like an experienced diver – choose a boat.

What are the features of a yacht charter?

When choosing a yacht model, take into account the number of people in your company. So, for 4 – 6 people it is preferable to take a thirty feet yacht, for example, Bavaria 34, Dufour 32, etc.

However, experts believe that taking a bigger yacht, up to about 50 feet in length, you will be protected from the cockling sea during a storm on the open sea, but renting it will, of course, cost more. The Benetau, Bavaria-Yachtbau, and DufourYachts yachts are the most common among experienced yachtsmen.

Sailing yacht rental

A special romantic atmosphere reigns on the deck of sailing yachts with the romance of inflated sails and the comfort of luxury cabins.

You can choose luxury models of Lagoon catamarans, with a large area of accommodation and luxurious cabins at the level of a five-star hotel, some of which are decorated with precious tree species. The sailing yachts of the Hanse and SunOdyssey series are no less successful.

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Boat rental

If you want to take a day trip around the picturesque coast of Montenegro, or just go fishing in silence or go diving in the underwater depths of the Adriatic, then a rented boat, such as RanieriSoverato, is best suited for this purpose.

Benefits of rest on a yacht

Rest on the yacht combines almost all the proposed types of rest:

  • rest on the clean beaches of Montenegro, diving and fishing among the rich underwater world with its diverse fauna, reefs, grottoes, and sunken ships;
  • visiting ancient Montenegrin towns and villages with their indescribable atmosphere of antiquity. In Budva, the Old Town, Kotor, Petrovac, and Perast you can take part in numerous music and theater festivals, carnivals and fairs that take place from May to September; and
  • ski rest in the Balkan Mountains.
Convenient mooring sites and the cozy bay of Montenegro are waiting for you along the coast.

Yacht rest in MontenegroIn any of them, you can stop, take a tour, sit in small restaurants or go shopping in local shops.

No one will be indifferent to the incredibly lush vegetation and amazing nature on the Sveti Stefan peninsula or on the islands of St. Mark, Mljet, Korcula, St. Nicholas.

Is it expensive to rent a yacht?

Prices for the rental of yachts in Montenegro depend on the year of manufacture, the length, the number of seats, comfort level and, of course, the season. Thus, the highest price for renting yachts in July – August is from 1,100 to 6,000 Euros per week. Rent of motor yachts and sailing catamarans will cost more than sailing yachts and boats.

As a rule, the total price of the trip includes:

  • air tickets, transfer,
  • yacht rental,
  • if the voyage is with a skipper, then the payment for his work (usually 700 – 800 Euros per week),
  • meals,
  • parking fees in ports (about 40 Euros – for one parking),
  • fuel, cleaning of the yacht (from 50 to 130 Euros per week), outboard motor for the boat (about 80 Euros), and
  • personal expenditures.
When concluding a contract for renting a yacht, usually, apart from the payment and prepayment, a deposit of approximately 1,000 – 2,500 Euros is charged.
If the trip was successful, and the boat was not damaged, the deposit must be returned.

Packing things for a sea voyage

Yachting in MontenegroThe things are selected depending on the following factors:

  • it is cooler at night in the sea than on land,
  • the probability of sunburn is greater because the sun shines greater in the afternoon, and the shade is smaller,
  • the humidity in the open sea is higher, and with the wind, frequent splashes may hit the vacationers, so the clothes also dry more slowly, and
  • it is often slippery and wet on the deck of the vessel.

Based on this, pick up clothes, shoes and other accessories for swimming, as well as sun protection products. Do not forget to take the medicines you need, as well as medicines against nausea.

So, when choosing a place and type of rest, think about yachting in Montenegro. Adventures and an explosion of emotions, the romance of the salty splashes, and the comfort of a five-star hotel – you can feel all this only while resting on a yacht in the Adriatic Sea along the coast of fabulous Montenegro!

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