Shopping tours in Rimini – a paradise for low-cost shopping amateurs

Шоппинг в Римини Италия отзывы туристов

There is a good reason why tourists select the Italian resort town of Rimini. It is the perfect place to swim, sunbathe, see the sights, and combine all this with fascinating shopping. It is impossible to leave Rimini without shopping since the city is a paradise for shopaholics.
Italy – shopping in Rimini – prices are unusually low – these words are holy to them.

Where to shop in Italy?

To turn shopping in Rimini into an unforgettable pastime, you need to know the addresses of the shops where you can find the goods of interest.

Markets are not very developed in this Italian town, so you can safely go shopping in supermarkets.

For those traveling for the first time, the addresses of the most popular stores in the city and its surroundings can be useful for shopping in Rimin.

In the central part of the city there are:

  1. In the center of the D’Augusto Street, you can visit the Coin department store. It sells fashionable clothes suited to every fancy. In Coin, you can find designer clothes of the most famous brands and clothes from less popular designers. There is a supermarket on the first floor of the store.
    Many boutiques are located next to the Coin department store.
  2. On Via Gambalunga there is a huge shopping center Luisa Rimini, and small shops Massimo Rebecchi and Bottega Brandina.
  3. On Via Mentana, you should definitely pop into Gioielleria Sergio Tamburini and Superdry.
    On Via IV Novembre, there is Escada + Escada Sport – a very popular store among our compatriots.
  4. On Piazza Tre Martiri you can shop at Furla Boutique and Stefane.
  5. Stores of famous designer brands are concentrated on the Cavour and Tre Martiri Squares. Real shopaholics believe that the range of designer clothes in them is just as good as in Milan.
  6. A spontaneous market appears on Cavour Square on Wednesday and Saturday, where you can find a lot of interesting things at pleasantly impressive prices.
  7. You can find many inexpensive shops walking along the sea along the Viale Regina Elena Street. It will take several days to get around them all. Here you can visit a huge and very popular shopping center Le Befan with 130 stores of popular mass brands. Le Befan holds many different events, exhibitions, and shows.
    There you can go to the cinema, dine in a restaurant, or just have a snack.
    You can reach Le Befan by free shuttle bus.
  8. Next to Le Befane, you can go to the Sabattini shop selling popular inexpensive clothes of not very famous brands.

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Best Shopping in Rimini – Outlets

Bluerain up Outlet is located on Via G.Garibaldi 79, in the very center of Rimini. It sells various inexpensive clothes from famous Italian designers. As with any outlet, you can find great discounts of up to 70 %.

If you need shoes, it is best to buy them in the famous shoe Vicini Outlet, located on the outskirts of Rimini. The outlet sells shoes for events and for every day.

In Rimini, you can buy branded clothing with a 70% discount.

You can also visit shoe spacchi, where shoes are sold at manufacturers’ prices.

It is better to go to Cattolica to buy extravagant youth clothing.
You should also visit the outlet at the factory selling fashionable bags and various accessories. Trolleybuses and trains go to Cattolica.

Features of shopping in Rimini in November and October

Gros Rimini is a favorite place of merchants who buy quality clothes here at very competitive prices. For this, they cooperate and organize shopping tours in Rimini to stock up in the warehouses of Gros Rimini, where more than a hundred warehouses are located. Each of them is no different from a full-fledged store.

Here the goods are sold not only in bulk but also in retail. You can go from the city to the warehouses by bus number 8, running from the railway station.

Shopping in Rimini in November

Going shopping in Rimini in November, you should know that at this time the tourist season is already closed, so there will be no problems with rooms in hotels.

The price reduction on absolutely everything will be a nice bonus for those who came to shopping in Rimini in October-November. So the prices are much lower than at the peak of the tourist season.

In November, quite often there are discounts on a wide variety of goods, but at this time of year, it is better to shop in outlet stores offering year-round discounts.
If you decide to buy items from the new collections, November is a great time for such purchases.

In November, you can buy clothes from famous designers at much lower prices than in Europe

The range of goods is just huge!

Shopping in January

January is the best time for shopping in Rimini.

It is very difficult to return from January sales without purchases. Chic discounts of 30 – 70% are valid in each outlet. You can buy even branded clothes with discounts of up to 70 %. Although sales last several months, all the good things are bought up in January

In the boutiques in the city center, you can never see ads for sales, even in January only regular customers buy up discount items in them.

How is shopping escort organized?

What is the shopping escort in RiminiIt is very difficult to drive around all the warehouses and factories by yourself.
Therefore, you should contact local companies that offer free trips or look at the map where the necessary shops and outlets are located.

Shopping support in Rimini is very well developed. Buyers are taken there for free, because “shoppers” who take tourists to shopping places get interest from the buyers’ purchases.

The travel program is formed on the basis of customer requests and the types of goods they need to buy at low prices.

In order to make the right purchases, you need to choose the “right shopper” who is competent in purchasing issues, understands prices, and finds the right products at very affordable prices.

What can you buy?

In Rimini, a variety of very high-quality goods are sold at low prices, especially during sales seasons.

To make the necessary purchases in Rimini, you must select the “right shopper.”

In Rimini, you can buy fashionable inexpensive, but high-quality clothes, very delicate and chic lingerie, beautiful, well-made shoes, which are then worn for several years, without taking them off.

Shopping in Rimini is very popular among tourists since the prices for high-quality clothes are very low there!

In this city, tourists buy jewelry, crystal, various household items, and cheap antiques. Tourists bring their favorite foods from Rimini: delicious Italian wines, high-quality olive oil, Parmigiano cheese, Italian grappa, and Parma ham.
Pasta of Italian brands are very popular.

Those who are used to buying the latest collections of famous brands need to go to Milan or other major cities for shopping. Such things are difficult to find in Rimini in the summer season and in the season of discounts.

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