Budva, Bar, and Podgorica: treasure boxes for shopping in Montenegro

Основные города Черногории для шоппинга - Бар, Будва, Подгорица

It is not a secret that a good rest without good shopping is impossible for many modern travelers. This is why we try to learn more not only about the historical and cultural attractions of the destination but also about the shopping attractions there. Let’s find out what shopping in Montenegro is like.

Of course, everyone is interested in a certain side of shopping:

  • Sophisticated young ladies, residents of busy megacities, crave for new clothes to replenish their wardrobes.
  • Young moms dream of inexpensive but quality clothes for their offspring.
  • Gourmets and bon vivants strive to taste the cream of the local cuisine and bring delicious gifts to their loved ones.
  • Some love ethnic souvenirs, national costumes, and musical instruments.
  • Others are obsessed with jewelry…

In short words, shopping is a matter of preference and money.

Let’s talk about the lovely seaside country, which has won national love and tapped into the top ten most visited places in the world in recent years – Montenegro.

It is known for its temperate warm climate that is good for health, clean beaches, delicious food, and friendly prices. What about places and cities where you can bargain and spend your well-earned penny?

Shoppers prefer 3 cities in Montenegro: Podgorica, Bar, and Budva.

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Shopping in Podgorica: capital joys of Montenegro

Podgorica is the capital, so it can offer all sorts of entertainment, attractions, and cultural institutions, along with shopping centers, boutiques, and shops.

  • Like Champs-Elysées in Paris, Hercegovacka and Njegoseva streets in Podgorica are full of the most interesting shops, where even the most demanding shopper can find something to their liking.
    The local boutiques specialize in original branded clothing of most well-known Italian brands, trendy accessories, shoes, and handbags from the latest collections at a quite attractive and affordable price.
  • Those who prefer mega malls are recommended to get a tour to Delta City, Palada, or Mall of Montenegro. It’s a real shopping mecca for those who are not satisfied with two or three stores and ready to wander around the showrooms day and night, trying on hundreds of things in front of gigantic mirrors and taking selfies for Instagram.
    More than 70 retail outlets beneath the same roof, dozens of cafes attracting with chilled wine and live music, cinemas, children’s playgrounds, and sports clubs for adults, disco clubs and 24-hour free parking – what else does a modern professional shopper need?
    In short, the Podgorica malls are even better than the Parisian Galeries Lafayette, because the latter has no related entertainment and parking spaces in the city center.
  • Of course, there are small souvenir shops, street kiosks and many small markets, including clothing markets in Podgorica, where less demanding and information-savvy tourists can buy clothing from Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese manufacturers. Prices there are low, and so is the quality. However, it is just a matter of taste…

Shopping in Bar: Montenegrin luxury ports

Food market of Bar – shopping in MontenegroA wonderful, port and salty city on the seaside, Bar is a treasure box for avid shoppers:

  • Bar favorably differs from other meccas by the fact that it is directly connected with its closest neighbor – a trendsetter, attractive, and many-sided Italy. A regular operating ferry brings all kinds of luxuries from Ancona and Bari.
    Therefore, you can enjoy the lowest prices and the latest collections here. You can find anything you want, but especially shoes, clothes, leather goods, jewelry, and, of course, the freshest seafood (if it is about one of the most attractive components of international tourism – culinary).
    When shopping in Bar, fashion lovers can easily choose new clothing: from panties to caps, from shoes to fur coat, which is not at all as expensive in Montenegro as, for example, in Greece, by the way. Collections of past seasons can be bought at a knockdown price.
    Sweet sounding for fashion-followers, the names of Armani and Prada, Ferre and Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace… You will find all this and many other things in boutiques and shops of Bar, which are concentrated on Vladimir Rolovic street.
  • Aside from Italian clothing, you can buy excellent quality textile products from local manufacturers. Montenegrin knitwear and eco-leather, a high-quality substitute of the genuine, are especially famous. Jackets, coats, vests, skirts, as well as bags and suitcases made from it, cost from 40 euros per item, look just as good and are worn for as long as genuine leather.
  • One of the Bar specialties is an incredible number of outlets where you can choose sunglasses from almost any company in the world.
  • The markets of Bar are also notable. The Topolitsa food and souvenir market works non-stop, and Stari Bar is only open on Fridays and Tuesdays.
    Unique goat cheese, delicious dried carp, olives and sweets, Montenegrin wines and grape brew, as well as a language mixture, colorful national costumes and a subtle atmosphere of the oriental bazaar, willy-nilly acquired from Turkish “guests”, are what attract thousands of locals and tourists to this place.

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Shopping in Budva: tourist souvenir places in Montenegro

Finally, Budva is the largest tourist, beach and resort center of Montenegro. There are the best hotels and popular nightclubs – it is a youth and entertainment paradise.

Professional shoppers prefer Podgorica and Bar.

However, there are not many shops and brand boutiques here to meet the demands of avid shoppers. The professionals prefer going to the above described Podgorica and Bar.

Most of the fashionable outlets are located on Mediterranean street located at the entrance to the Old Town. You can find all the same masterpieces of Italian fashion designers, bags, shoes, silver, and gold products with semiprecious stones.

The street kiosks with cheap Asian-made clothing can be found here and there. Many shops sell quite tolerable and inexpensive perfumes.

A few words should be said about discount sales, which shopaholics adore.
There are 2 global annual sales in Montenegro, during which prices fall by 30, 50, and even 70%.
  • Winter discounts last from mid-January to early March.
  • Summer discounts last all August and most of September.

This time is sweet for professional buyers.

How to please your loved ones after coming back from Montenegro?

Aside from wardrobe upgrade and Italian designer clothing, you can bring a lot of original items from Montenegro that can become unforgettable souvenirs, that will remind you of a pleasantly spent holiday.


  • Make sure to taste the vines of Montenegro – Vranac, Krstačdry red wine called Vranac made by a secret recipe, squeezed from grapes of 3 varieties;
  • Krstač – semi-dry white wine that goes well with local seafood;
  • domacha – home-made grape brew;
  • factory-made grape vodka: Krunak and Loza;
  • all kinds of liqueurs from nuts and herbs;
  • fruit vodka: šljivovica and kaĭsievacha;
  • confectionery that tastes and looks like Turkish delight;
  • goat cheese – in particular, Njeguši;
  • Prsut – smoked ham;
  • dried carp;
  • monastic honey;
  • olives and olive oil.

National souvenirs

  • original handmade jewelry made using the original technique of the finest silver wire and semiprecious gems;
  • like the Tatar skullcap or the French beret, the Montenegrin cap is also world-famous. Red, black, and gold, it is decorated with an awe-inspiring two-headed eagle. Unfortunately, unlike tourists, the local population associates this souvenir with mourning and its colors with blood, slavery, and war;
  • Figures of old spouses is a national souvenir of Montenegrosymbolic figures of old spouses dressed in national peasant costumes are sold in all sizes: from fridge magnets to large interior dolls;
  • ceramics is one of the respected crafts preserved to our days. Crockery and decorative plates with painted local sites, lacquered and with ornamental patterns will create a unique ethnic flavor in your home;
  • woodcarving is respected and honored here. Skilled craftsmen carve out all sorts of figurines, decorating them with mother of pearl, multi-colored minerals, and relief images;
  • religious pilgrims bring incredibly beautiful hand-painted orthodox icons, healing balms, ointments, and oils from Montenegrin monasteries;
  • local women preserved the skills of the most complicated embroidery. You can find wonderful tablecloths, towels, and even garments in the souvenir shops, decorated with embroidery in national colors.

Prsut from MontenegroThe best gift for yourself and your loved ones is prsut from Montenegro! This is an excellent delicacy, which will perfectly “survive” the flight.

In winter, you should definitely visit the ski resorts of Montenegro: Žabljak see here, and Kolašin.

Not only trendsetting France or high-tech Japan can attract shoppers today. Small sunny Montenegro is comprehensively beautiful and by all means attractive!

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