Souvenirs from Montenegro – what present can you bring

что привезти из Черногории

Montenegrin holidays are a perfect match for those who choose a beautiful sea, hot sun and unforgettable impressions. However, when you come back home, you want something to remind you of the bygone vacation. Besides, this is a bad tone not to bring a present from Montenegro for relatives.

Let’s see what and how much you can carry from Montenegro.

What delicious and unusual food and beverages can you bring from Montenegro?

You can bring the following food and beverages:

  • Wine. Everyone would like to get it as a present. Especially, if it is from Montenegro – the country known for its wine traditions far beyond the Balkan Peninsula.
    Of course, Montenegrin wine recipes differ from any other. Only here you can buy or taste local fruit vodka called “rakia”. These are the most popular grape wines – Vranac (red) and Krstac (white).
    Prices range from 3 euros per 0.75 liters.
    Montenegrins also like to surprise by making nuts or herbs tinctures.
  • Pršut is the best souvenir from MontenegroPršut. As well as in case of alcohol, Montenegro has its own cooking traditions. Pršut is a pork ham soaked in brine, smoked over charcoal, and dried in the sun. This technology makes meat smell amazing and taste soft.
  • Cheese. Most of Montenegro is mountainous, which allows its inhabitants to engage in cattle breeding. That is why taste and buy goat cheese to take it home. There are many varieties for almost every taste: salty, unleavened, cottage cheese, or solid elastic. It is up to you to choose!
The quality of olive oil from Montenegro is as high as the one from Greece.
  • Oil. Olive oil is also popular in Montenegro. By the way, it is said to be as good as Greek. That is why feel free to buy it if your friends prefer healthy food.
  • Kaymak. This unusual dairy product is best to buy in the local market right before the departure. It has incredibly delicate taste properties, but in order to bring it home in a good quality, ask the seller to add a little more salt to the “souvenir”.
  • Fruits. The warm climate of Montenegro is famous for its variety of fruits. In the market you can buy tangerines, oranges, kiwi, grapefruits, and much more. If you are not too lazy to carry a heavy suitcase at the airport, be sure to please your relatives with such a present.

It is not easy to export food and alcohol. However, attentive Montenegrins have taken care of that, too!

  • For example, pršut is specially packed for tourists in a vacuum to withstand the upcoming flight.
  • Kaymak, cheese, and oil have a special package.
  • You can buy wine in miniature bottles to decrease the risk to shatter it.

Tourists about presents from Montenegro

Reviews of tourists about the presentsThe tourists who have visited Montenegro will let you know what Montenegrin products are bought the most often:

  • “My son liked a toy boat … And I liked local fruits and wine, feta cheese and olive oil”..
  • “Food is the topic to mention specifically. My friends have taken laurel branches growing here like a weed. Citrus fruits are great: oranges, grapefruits, lemons, fortunella (kumquat), however, when it is a season for them”.
  • “As for me, among the variety of Montenegrin presents, I have chosen a win-win option – fridge magnets. I could not resist the homemade olive oil, cheese and pršut…”
  • “I was impressed by a great number of souvenirs. I decided to buy bijouterie that makes you dizzy”.
  • “I liked the maritime style, I love it very much. I could not resist the packaged shells collection”.

Pršut from MontenegroEvery tourist who visited Montenegro has tasted pršut. Why is it so tasty?

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What present to bring from Montenegro?

To continue about presents, there is a question: “What souvenirs can you bring from Montenegro?”

  1. You can bring national costumes from Montenegro as your presentsClothing. Bringing elements of national costumes from various countries has become a sort of tradition. If you have friends who admire such souvenirs, don’t hesitate to bring a kapu – a headdress of ethnic inhabitants – from Montenegro. This is a low cylinder with a decorated top (5 gold stripes and a black edge on the red background). Each color symbolizes certain periods of the country’s history.
  2. Bed cloths. Staying in warm lands, it is good to take care of harsh winters. Beautiful, cozy terry sheets, bathrobes and slippers are a perfect present for relatives of any age.
  3. Cosmetics. Cosmetics sold in Montenegro are not local. Nevertheless, they have been made in Europe and are of high European quality.
    In shops you will find a variety of shampoos, creams, balms, etc., which are unlikely to be found in other countries. If you know cosmetic preferences of the people you loved, such present will come in handy.
  4. Herbs. The most popular herb in Montenegro is lavender. It is packed in special colorful pads that retain their flavor for a long time. They cost from 2 to 5 euros. This is a perfect present for women.
  5. Pictures. This is a banal, but always fashionable souvenir. Small canvases (priced 10 euros) with views of the sea or the ancient Montenegrin architecture will decorate your home, as well as remind you of the great time. There are a lot of such presents in Kotor and Dubrovnik.
  6. Small souvenirs. You will have such goods as many as at any other resort. Such souvenirs are the best to bring from Montenegro as a present.
    On embankments souvenir shops sell various fridge magnets, shells, cups for toothpicks, ashtrays, bulk storage banks, oil jugs, thimbles, bright corals, bijouterie, etc.
    If you do not buy the first thing that catches your eye, you can choose something original as presents. For example, fridge magnets painted by Montenegrin artists, locally made jewelries (silvered rings, earrings with colored resin, bracelets in the old style), cups with the “commandments of the Montenegrin” in different languages, etc.

Unlike food, you can carry as many clothing and cosmetics, shells, fridge magnets and other souvenirs as you can put in your suitcase.

As you can see, there are many souvenirs in Montenegro, and they are quite diverse. It means that it will be easy for you to surprise your friends and relatives. And yeah, this is a good idea to once again remind you of a great vacation.

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