In Slovenia, the only thing better than mountains is skiing

Живописные горнолыжные курорты Словении известны во всем мире

Did you hear about Courchevel, Chamonix, Megève, and other alpine resorts in Austria, Switzerland, and Italy? Did you hear about the amazing beauty, magnificent ski slopes, the incredible comfort of hotels, and full impression of the embodied paradise on Earth? Well, at the same time – did you hear about the prices of all these pleasures…? Slovenia is a unique European country. Alpine slopes, the Mediterranean coast and the Pannonian lowlands, and the main ski resorts of Slovenia converged on the territory of four Liechtenstein. Here you can see:

  • mountain peaks on which snow does not melt;
  • the Mount Triglav, which became the national symbol of Slovenia and gave the name to the nature reserve of the same name;
  • crystal-clear lakes;
  • picturesque valleys;
  • fast rivers and waterfalls; and
  • low caves of fantastic beauty in which cavers are ready to spend the best years of their lives.

Climbers, amateurs of rafting, alpine skiing, and other winter sports consider the Alps as a paradise for a good reason.

The rest in the Slovenian part of the Alps has a very pleasant feature that distinguishes it from the alpine Western European resorts – a relative, but very noticeable cheapness.

Neither well-equipped slopes nor the level of service of the odious Mezhev and Courchevel do not surpass such well-known resorts as:

  • Kranjska Gora,
  • Bohinj,
  • Bled, and
  • Bovec.
Is it any wonder that Slovenian ski resorts are gaining popularity every year (including among Europeans)?
A big advantage in skiing Slovenia is the possibility of combining winter sports activities with treatment in spa complexes with thermal waters.

Advantages and benefits of resorts

  • Family recreation. Any ski resort in the Slovenian Alps can be recommended for family recreation. Each of them can offer not only “blue” (or even more spectacular, “black”) trails, but also routes for those who master skis, three hundred meters long trails, ski schools, special children’s trails with infrastructure.
  • Accessibility. Absolutely all Slovenian resort areas are accessible by transport, almost all are located near cities and tourist centers (given the size of the country, this is completely logical).
  • A wide selection of hotels. A developed network of hotels and apartments ensures the availability of accommodation for any budget and taste.
  • Compactness. Small territory of Slovenia is surely its advantage. Mountain slopes lead tourists to the sea coast or health resorts with thermal waters. During a ten-day vacation, you can visit three climatic zones, and the rest will be equally beautiful in each of them.
  • Inexpensive rest. The aforementioned financial accessibility for wide sections of the population is unneedful of additional comments.
The skiing season lasts from December to March.

There are about a dozen of different ski resorts in this country. Travel guides highlight the following as the most popular ones:

  • Maribor Pohorje,
  • Rogla,
  • Vogel,
  • Kanin – Stella Nevea, and
  • Kranjska Gora.

All of them offer the greatest variety of tracks provided for the use of equipment, the presence of the infrastructure required for a comfortable and safe rest. At the same time, Slovenia offers the most reasonable prices for beginners and experienced fans of skiing.

How to obtain a visa to SloveniaFind out here everything about one of the most picturesque places in the country – the Lake Bled. The famous balneological resort is located on the Lake Bled.

hristmas or New Year in snowy mountains

Mountain skiing in Slovenia at the New Year EveDid you decide to go skiing in Slovenia for the New Year? That is a great idea! The most popular ski resorts offer special weekly tours with the opportunity to meet Santa Claus under the Alpine trees.

The price of each such tour includes:

  • New Year’s Eve Dinner,
  • casino visit, and
  • New Year’s gift from the hotel.

All the above is an addition to the standard “accommodation-entertainment-sports-food”, etc. Indeed, prices for holidays in Slovenian ski resorts are not “draconian” ones:

  • Seven nights in a four-star hotel of Bled, from December 30 to January 6, will cost 630-680 Euros per adult.
  • Five-star hotels – from 800 Euros.
  • Three-star hotels – from 500 Euros.

Ski schools with experienced instructors for beginners, and rental equipment for skiers and snowboarders are at the tourists’ disposal.

The Maribor Pohorje Ski Resort

Skiing in Slovenia on New Year and Christmas holidays have become especially popular as a honeymoon.

Romantic and loving people speak warmly about Maribor Pohorje. The infrastructure includes:

  • slightly sloping and easy trails,
  • great hiking trails, and
  • special night trail, superbly lit for the long winter night.

Believe me you will remember this honeymoon brighter than banal bungalows on the Thai or Maldivian beach.

For ten days, tourists can relax in three climatic zones.

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is the most fashionable winter resort in Slovenia. Here is the Triglav National Park and the famous mountain of the same name is located. This resort is very popular among German and Swiss tourists (yes, despite the presence of its own mountain slopes, the latter are very good at counting money, and other things being equal, choose Slovenian slopes, leaving their own ones to the Russian tourists with fair financial opportunities).

There is a great combination of:

  • thermal spa and ski trails,
  • billiard halls and mountain frozen waterfalls, and
  • extreme relaxation and quiet afternoon nap by the fireplace.

How to choose the best place for a winter rest?

Ski resorts of Slovenia on the map

For your convenience, we have placed a map of ski resorts in Slovenia on our website.

You can plan your trip, starting it, for example, in the mountains of Bled, and ending on the sea beach of the Golden Horn, turning on the way to a couple of medieval towns of Istria.

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Have you decided to go to winter Slovenia? We approve, we insist, we wish you a great holiday and highly recommend taking care of your choice of hotel and booking in advance.

The popularity of Slovenian winter trails is growing exponentially with each season.

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