Ski resorts in Croatia – a trip to a winter fairy tale

Горнолыжные курорты Хорватии - зимняя сказка

A small country on the Adriatic coast is considered to be one of the best summer resorts in Europe. But few people know that in the winter, the magnificent snowy mountains and the main ski resorts of Croatia equipped no worse than in Switzerland or Austria are waiting for tourists.

Skiing in Croatia – famous resorts for the whole family

Croatia has recently become a resort for winter sports enthusiasts, and since then it has only been stepping up the pace of improvement of slopes and the building of mountain hotels.


The map of the trails on Sljeme – the well-known ski resort

The closest to Zagreb is the Sljeme ski resort which is 10 km from the center of the Croatian capital.

It is located on the slopes of the mountain of 1,033 m in height, in the Medvednica natural park zone.

Quite shallow descents attract here primarily those who are not very confident on skis and want to better master this wonderful sport.

Do not fear for children. There are trails on Sljeme where you can easily put a 3-year-old kid on skis.

All trails have marking and color designation, as follows:

  • White is the longest one,
  • Green is the most difficult one, and
  • The red one is used during international competitions in alpine skiing.

Three lifts located at different heights bring tourists up. One of the tracks is equipped with artificial lighting so that it is possible to dissect the frosty air on it at night.

The ski season in Croatia lasts from November to May.

But for a snowless winter, snow cannons are stored up to cover the track with white snow.


The oldest ski resort with shallow slopes and the longest descent. A 5 km biathlon trail is also located there.

In the future, Сelimbasa will be equipped with a modern lift and the installation for the production of artificial snow.

The level of resort service here has not yet reached international standards, but everything is still ahead, while tourists continue to inhabit the winter mountain slopes. This Croatian resort has a great future.

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The famous and popular resort is located one hour from Zagreb and has the best infrastructure of all the winter resorts in Croatia.

Being located at the foot of the Velika Kapela Mountains, Bjelolasica has on its territory several hotels styled after the Alpine chalet, a restaurant, and a cafe.

Experienced instructors will conduct training on the slopes for beginners. There are two children’s slopes, equipped with everything necessary for skiing of little skiers.

More complex trails of various lengths serve as a place to train for the Croatian Olympic team.

How to get to Bjelolasica
The nearest airports are:
  1. Zagreb 136 km, driving time – 2 hours; and
  2. Ljubljana 158 km, driving time – 2 hours 40 minutes.

Like on Sljeme, nightly descents are available in Bjelolasica, the lack of natural snow is compensated by snow cannons.

For those who have not taken ski equipment with them, there is a rental service where you can rent everything you need for outdoor activities. At a ski school, you can get training and go down from the mountain on your own.


It is the youngest and fastest growing winter resort, located near the port city of Rijeka.

The Croatian government is very attentive to the development of tourism in the country, knowing well that all investments in this industry will return to the state’s treasury a hundredfold.


  • Platak resort has 7 ski trails, one of which is for children;
  • The top of the ski slopes is at an altitude of 1,363 meters.

The resort is equipped with several ski slopes, including those for children ones. The necessary infrastructure is being created, the bars, restaurants, hotels, old buildings are being rebuilt, and new ones are being erected.

The main highlight of the Platak resort is the view of the glittering expanse of the Adriatic Sea from the very top of the route.

Since the resort area is being constantly developed, the lift may be used only in specially designated places, and you have to walk a lot.

This is only at this resort where, in addition to skiing, sledges are offered to tourists for descending from the mountain.

Ski tours: quality, prices, and reviews

The prices in all the ski resorts of the country are quite democratic. At the same time, the service is at the highest level.

Hence, the most optimal combination of price and quality attracts people from many countries, including Russia.

The mountains in Croatia are not very steep; with fairly even gentle slopes, which are suitable for skiing of even the most inexperienced beginners, especially children.

Fresh air, picturesque winter landscapes will perfectly complement family rest on the New Year’s holidays. Walking through the snow-covered forest, warm home evenings near the fireplace will make the New Year a unique one.

Tours to Croatia are offered in different countries. The prices are quite reasonable, ranging within 500-1,000 Euros, depending on the class of the hotel and the amount of entertainment offered.

In the case of purchasing a last-minute tour, the price may drop to 450 Euros

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Ski resorts in Croatia are starting to confidently assert themselves in the field of European tourism. You should pay attention to them and go on a trip to a winter fairy tale with the whole family.

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