Buying a yacht in Italy is the best choice for fans of water romance

Как купить моторную яхту в Италии

Italy is one of the world’s leaders in the production of yachts, both motor and sailing ones. Therefore, of course, you need to buy a new yacht here. Although it is also not a problem to buy a yacht in Italy with mileage in good condition since the market is constantly updated with new offers.

Sale of motor yachts in Italy

New yachts

Buying a yacht is a very pleasant thing, however, it is worthwhile to weigh everything well and estimate your potential.

In Italy, there are several manufacturers of yachts.

The Apreamare shipyard manufactures sport and cruise motor yachts. The ships of this manufacturer can be recognized by teak wood finishing, as well as by absolutely luxurious deck superstructures. The company produces comfortable yachts of 7 to 18 meters in length. The latest Apreamare models are powerful, durable motor yachts that can reach speeds of up to 30 knots.

ABATI Yachts produces classic motor yachts up to 20 meters long.

The leader in the production of pleasure boats – the legendary Azimut company – offers a collection of luxury motor Flybridge yachts with a length from 12 to 30 meters.

The S-Collection sports series is comfortable thanks to the outdoor living concept, which provides the maximum open space on the deck.

Those who want to buy a new yacht usually contact the distributor of the manufacturing company. If you wish, you can order an exclusive yacht or update a standard model on request.

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Used yachts

This category of yachts represents a rather large segment of the pleasure boats market. It is much cheaper to buy a used yacht than a new one because the prices of yachts are falling during their use very much.

Buying a used boat can be both a profitable and reliable purchase and a source of problems. The main problem is the running hours of the engine. If the seller provides inaccurate information, you may have to repair it at the most inappropriate time.

The main recommendation when buying a used yacht is its actual inspection and not a remote purchase. When inspecting the boat, it is advisable to invite a person competent in such matters.

How much it costs to buy a yacht in Italy

The prices for motor yachts in Italy are at European level. They are different and can reach hundreds of millions of euros. The price depends on:

  • yacht class,
  • its size,
  • engine power, and a number of the engines.

Approximate prices for yachts

Small seven-meter motor yachts of the Aperto series:

  • With 100 hp engine and speeds of up to 17 knots – 57,000 Euros.
  • With 300 hp engine and speeds of up to 32 knots – 103,000 Euros.

Luxury yachts:

  • The Azimut yacht equipped with two powerful engines (725 hp), 16.7 meters long with three cabins and a chic finish will cost approximately 1,300,000 Euros.
  • A larger Azimut (25 meters, 2 engines of 1,550 hp, 4 cabins for passengers plus 2 for the crew) will cost more than 4 million Euros.

When buying a vessel in Italy, you will have to pay VAT, which is often not included in the declared value, so you need to be careful when assessing your capabilities. In any case, you need to buy the best of what you can afford.

Be sure to consider what kind of travel you intend to make.

A small yacht is affordable, its maintenance is not so expensive, but it is possible to put in it a very small amount of fuel, water, and food, therefore long crossings are impossible.

Large, high-powered pleasure boats can cruise the ocean, but fuel consumption, maintenance and anchorage of the yacht will cost a significant amount.

Yacht Registration

Buy a yacht in ItalyRegistration of the yacht is possible under the flag of different states.

Many seek to register their vessel offshore, since in this case:

  • confidentiality is insured,
  • taxation and registration fees are much lower.

Registration under the Italian flag allows you to stay in the territorial waters of the EEC countries and enter the ports of these countries.

Registration is usually valid for a year, after which it is automatically renewed, but registration for several years is also possible.

The cost of the registration procedure is from 700 Euros to 2,000-3,000 Euros; subsequent annual payments are usually less. The deadline for this procedure is about two weeks, but some offshore companies offer expedited registration if you have a full package of documents. For example, on the Marshall Islands, you can arrange everything within a day.

Documents needed for registration

  • Copy of the owner’s passport or company registration documents;
  • Technical documents for the yacht;
  • List of radio equipment or radio license; and;
  • Application for registration.

The registering party shall verify the legality of the purchase of the yacht and only after that enter the vessel in its register.

If you want to use your yacht to charter it, then it must undergo additional testing by the relevant services and have supporting documents.

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Maintenance of the yacht

The yacht needs constant care; therefore, significant amounts will have to be allocated for its maintenance.

The most important thing is a secure mooring.

More than a hundred marinas are equipped in Italy for mooring. Prices are different, for example, mooring of an average yacht (14-15 meters in length) will cost from 30 to 240 Euros per day.

Repair and maintenance are needed from time to time. Ideally, it is a good idea to organize the supervision of the vessel, the cost of which depends on the price of the vessel.

If you add up all the expenses required for the maintenance of the yacht, they will be at least 20% of the amount spent on its purchase annually.

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