Chartering a yacht in Slovenia – another reason to fall in love with this beautiful country

Как взять в аренду яхту в Словении

Slovenia is a country with access to the Adriatic Sea, and although its coastline is only 47 km, a yacht rental is very popular in Slovenia.

Yachtsmen often use Slovenia as a start for their Adriatic journey. It has comfortable marinas and ports, where you can charter a yacht and stay for a while.

Yachting trips around the Slovenian Adriatic are available all year round since there are very picturesque landscapes and clear sea water.

There is a mild Mediterranean climate on the coast, and there is no sweltering heat in summer and cold in winter. The winds on the Adriatic are moderate and there are no strong storms providing all conditions for quite easy and affordable yachting.

How to charter a yacht in ItalyAre you dreaming of surfing the sea on a snow-white yacht, getting a breath of their salty taste? Yacht charter in Italy – the best opportunity to make this dream come true. Those who have not yet decided where to better go on vacation should find out where to have a good rest in Slovenia right here. You will not regret choosing a trip to this country.

Where to moor?

Slovenia sustainably uses its very small coast with beautiful modern marinas where you can:

  • stay on the yacht;
  • refuel;
  • replenish stocks of products; and
  • use postal, banking or medical services.

Of course, a marina is a place where yachtsmen and just vacationers on yachts can get to know each other to share their impressions and news.

Slovenian Marinas

  • Portorož,
  • Izola, and
  • Koper.
Portorož and Isola are the port cities with the equipped marinas right in the ports.
In Portorož, this is a fairly large berth, where up to 1,000 yachts can moor at the same time.
Izola simultaneously accepts up to 600, and Koper only 80 yachts.

Ships come from everywhere. Many are attracted by local beauty, and many attractions around, like in Venice which is not far away.

Where to get a yacht?

In Slovenia, you can charter a yacht in Portorož and Izola.

As a rule, the choice is large, and everyone can choose what he likes and will suit both by the needs and the size of the wallet. Contacting a yacht agency, you can arrange a yacht charter, and go on a trip.

Many modern tourists prefer to choose and book a yacht in advance, so as not to waste precious vacation time.

To do this, there are many companies operating via the Internet, which not only book and give you the opportunity to pay the charter in advance but also select several options for yachts that meet your requirements.

For example:

  • Internet service
  • Yacht Travel Club company, and
  • Sailing Europe charter agency.

On the websites of these companies you will find a large selection of charter yachts allowing for:

  • brand selection,
  • selection of technical characteristics, and
  • the size of the yacht.

If you do not understand the characteristics of such vessels, have no yachting experience, but really want to try, the company employees will select the necessary vessel for you when you tell them your financial capabilities and plans for the trip:

  • where and for how many days you go;
  • how many people will be on the yacht?

Yacht Travel Club can offer not only a charter but also a travel itinerary.

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Yacht charter terms

A yacht charter can be with a skipper, with or without a crew.

If you are going on a sea cruise, then the one who will sail the yacht must have a certificate.

You can get training and obtain a document for the right to sail a yacht, right in Slovenia, in the yacht clubs of Portorož or Izola. Such a certificate will also be recognized in Croatia and Italy.

When you want to devote all the time to rest or none of the crew members plans to acquire yacht sailing rights, then rent a vessel with a skipper. Possible options are as follows:

  • with the crew,
  • with a cook and other service personnel.

Of course, this will significantly increase the price. By the way, Slovenia is famous for its skippers.

Most often, a yacht is chartered for a week, this is the standard term for a small but quite saturated cruise on the Adriatic. Although other rental options are available, for example, for a weekend or a few days.

A prerequisite for the opportunity to charter a yacht is a deposit, which is left directly on the spot before sailing. This deposit is necessary to cover the cost of repairs in the event of inaccurate handling of the vessel.

If the yacht is in good condition at the end of the charter period, the deposit is fully refunded. The deposit amount depends on the price of the yacht and the term of its operation.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Slovenia?

Chartering a yacht in Slovenia

The prices of the yacht charter are different, although in Slovenia they are among the lowest.

The minimum price per week is 1,500 Euros, although in the autumn-winter period you can also find offers for 1,200 Euros. For the money, you will be offered a small (10-meter) sailing yacht which can accommodate 8 people.

A 17-meter comfortable motor yacht will make you feel more confident on the waves, but you will have to pay more for it. The charter of a seven-seater yacht can cost from 10,000 to 15,000 Euros or more per week.

When chartering a yacht, pay attention to the safety and availability of rescue equipment. If they do not inspire confidence, it is better to take a more expensive yacht, but with everything you need:

  • Life raft;
  • Boat;
  • Full set of life jackets; and
  • Special emergency equipment.
Approximate costs for yacht charter
Weekly charter from 1,500 Euros
Skipper services per day from 100 Euros
Cook services per day 100-200 Euros
Refundable deposit not less than 1,000 Euros

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