Sailing regattas in Croatia: competitions and trips across the Adriatic for everyone

Хорватия: парусная регата

Yachting in Croatia is a passion since once having taken part in a yacht trip or regatta, a person will want to repeat them over and over again. But why not to be passionate about yachting? This is very exciting, and the impressions are extremely bright.

If, in addition to traveling, you want to add the competitive spirit, then you have a direct route to the sailing regatta.

The regatta on the Adriatic Sea is a very interesting event, and at the same time it is safer than a regatta in other water areas despite the rugged coast and many islands, and еру currents making yachtsmen constantly be in good shape. However, there are no strong storms here, so you can feel confident

Sailing regatta in Croatia

The largest number of sailing competitions in the Adriatic Sea takes place off the coast of Croatia. There are many yacht clubs and agencies that offer yacht rental, parking, yachting training and competitions are organized for yachtsmen.

What is the difference between regattas?

  • Type and class of the yacht;
  • Professional qualifications;
  • Crew members;
  • Type of distance;
  • Distance length; and
  • Rules of the competition.

A yachtsman or a ready-made team choose the type of regatta that suits them best.

Almost anyone can take part in sailing competitions in Croatia, there are special regattas for beginners, where the main task is training in yachting, and there are those where real old sea dogs compete.

All sailing regattas on the Adriatic are held in the warm season, starting from the end of March to October. Some of them take place at the peak of the season, some – at the beginning or at the end thereof.

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  • Firstbyfirst Regatta opens the season and takes place in early April.
  • Yacht Captains Cup and May Regatta – the end of April – the beginning of May.
  • Euroregatta is held in early May.
  • Vishe Radugi Cup takes place in June.
  • The Champions Cup is held in October.
  • Russian Adriatic Regatta takes place twice: at the beginning of the season (regatta at the end of April – beginning of May) and at its end (end of September – beginning of October).

The entire list of regattas is quite large, several dozen of them are held by the Croatian coast.

In addition to the official regattas organized by organizations of yachtsmen, there are also corporate competitions. For example, the BFK group of companies, manufacturers of plastic windows, organizes the Window Cup regatta for employees of the window industry, which takes place in June.

Not all regattas aim at competitions.

The Russian Adriatic Regatta Company, organizing a trip under the same name, attracts yachting enthusiasts with the opportunity to:

  • make a fascinating tour;
  • communicate with like-minded people; and
  • recharge your batteries from the most beautiful views of the Adriatic.

This regatta is convenient because it is not necessary to take part in the competitions. Those desirous can compete, and everyone else – just enjoy the journey as part of the flotilla. The Russian Adriatic Regatta starts in the Sailing Europe marina which is located near the city of Split.

For those who do not want to just ride a yacht, and eager to show all their knowledge, apply tactics and fight for victory, the sports cruising regatta for the Sailing Academy Cup called 201 Mile is perfect.

201 Mile is held at the very beginning of April, its participants gather in Biograd. It will go hard with the beginners since the distance is divided into several races, which are full of rounding points and require:

  • reconfiguration of the yacht,
  • sail change, and
  • serious struggle for victory.

Each of the regattas has its own characteristics. Somewhere a cup is awarded for a victory, and somewhere a money prize is awarded to a winner. In this case, you can even justify the costs associated with participation.

Companies organizing regattas try to attract attention with interesting programs. For example, the Karina Regatta is an event with elements of a pirate quest.

In addition to competitions close to real sports, the organizers offer fun parties and surprises.

Professional skippers sail yachts, so anyone can participate. It is only necessary to go through a small “educational program” and try to follow the instructions of the skipper precisely in order to adequately cover the distance.

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Prices and participation conditions

Each particular regatta can have its own special conditions. For example, in some of them, only members of the relevant club can take part, or yachtsmen must have certain qualifications and certificates.

To participate in an amateur regatta, desire and payment is enough.

What is included in the regatta participation fee?

How to become a member of a regatta in CroatiaStatutory payments:

  • Yacht rental,
  • Insurance, and
  • The cost of organizing the regatta.

Optional (depending on the conditions of the regatta):

  • Skipper services,
  • Organization of entertainment,
  • Videography, and
  • Prizes to participants.

Costs that are not included in the fee:

  • Visa application.
  • Flights and transfers.
  • Onboard expenses:
    • products,
    • fuel,
    • riding payment.
  • Refundable deposit (deposit for the yacht).

The price of participation in the regatta may vary depending on many conditions. The standard price is 1,500 Euros per participant, although there are offers for 1,000 Euros, sometimes there are special offers when the price is even lower. Possible team participation and payment of 5,000-6,000 Euros per yacht.

The refundable deposit for participation in the regatta is most often 3,000 Euros. Although the amount may be more or less, depending on:

  • competition conditions, and
  • cost of the yacht itself.

How to get to the regatta?

Today it is quite easy to do this. You just need to book a place for yourself, and in most cases, it is done through the Internet.

Participation by the whole team is also possible, and then you will know everyone on the yacht during the trip. Individual participation is also interesting, it is an opportunity to be in the company of other people and take a break from the annoying environment.

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