Yacht charter in Croatia: options and prices for the charter of sailing and motor ships

Хорватия: отдых на яхте

Yachting is an experience that cannot be replaced by anything. If you try once, you will definitely do it over and over again. The Adriatic Sea and the coast of Croatia are the most suitable places for yachting. If you have always dreamed of making a voyage in the sunny Adriatic area, then yacht charter in Croatia is for you.

Yachting in Croatia: what is it good for?

Croatia is a small but very interesting country. Here is the cleanest sea, many monuments of history and architecture, and magnificent landscapes. All this attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. One of the best ways to spend time in Croatia is a trip on a yacht.

Holidays and weekends on a yacht

Holidays on a yacht in Croatia will provide an opportunity to stock up on impressions for many months in advance. It seems that the Croatian coastline is specially created for yachting:

  • A huge number of routes to explore the local beauty;
  • Pure water;
  • The interesting coastline, and many islands;
  • 40 modern well-equipped marinas;
  • Closeness from strong storm winds; and
  • Mediterranean climate with a short winter on the coast.

Boat trips on the Adriatic in the area of Croatia are available most of the year, and for those who wish, all year round.

Swimming does not seem boring, there is where to apply the skills in yachting, and really dangerous situations do not arise.

On a yacht in Croatia, you can go where the wind blows. Of course, if you just want to take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the beauty of nature, be sure to get in the way a picturesque island, where you can go out, take a walk, arrange beach activities.

If you need to combine leisure with an acquaintance with the history and modernity of Croatia, then it is worth map a route. In this case, be sure to visit:
  • Old Dubrovnik inscribed on the World Heritage List;
  • Split, and;
  • Zadar.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to bypass all the islands of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Training in yachting

If you want to rent a yacht and make an independent sailing on it, you need to have the appropriate certificate.

You can obtain an international certificate in advance after completing the yachting training. It is quite possible to do this in Croatia just before the trip. You can take yacht and captain courses on the handling of a pleasure boat in a week or two.

Depending on the category you receive, they will cost from 650 to 1,000 Euros. There are several categories of yacht handling certificates, the most popular and demanded of which is “B” category providing the right to handle a pleasure boat with a displacement of not more than 30 tons without a professional team, that is, independently.

Rest on the Venice RivieraVenice Riviera is one of the favorite leisure areas for tourists from all over the world. It is represented by clean and well-groomed beaches, developed infrastructure, and fabulous Venice. Prefer to relax on the Adriatic? Then learn where to rest in Croatia right here. It is always better to plan a trip in advance.

Pleasure craft charter

Yacht charter in Croatia is one of the income items for residents of this country with a developed tourist business. There is no problem to rent a yacht or a boat. Services in this area are provided at a high European level, and prices are markedly lower than, for example, in Italy.

Chartered yachts are equipped with everything necessary for life. On the yacht you can:

  • cook food,
  • relax, and
  • take a sunbathe.

Of course, the yacht has:

  • electricity,
  • cold and hot water, and
  • sanitary facilities.

On small yachts there is one lavatory, on large yachts, there may be several ones.

Which yacht to choose? It depends on your goals.

A motorboat will fit for a day trip.

It is mobile; you can quickly get from one place to another.

Renting a sailing yacht implies not only mobility (although the speed is much less), but also the romanticism of the sails, and the silence in the forest, and the possibility of having a certain degree of energy independence, as you can sail until the food reserves are exhausted.

A sailing motor yacht charter will be a compromise solution. Large crossings without a tailwind can be done using the engine, and part of the way – under sail.

Where to rent a yacht in Croatia? Such places include:

  • Rovinj,
  • Pula,
  • Biograd na Moru,
  • Trogir,
  • Split, and,
  • Dubrovnik.

In these cities, there are ports where you can charter the ship you like. In addition, you can organize a yacht charter through the websites of companies providing this type of service. In the peak season, it is better to book the vessel in advance.

Possible rental options

  • Without skipper,
  • With skipper,
  • With the crew,
  • Ready-made tour,
  • Flotilla travel, and
  • Participation in the regatta.

Thus, you can rent a yacht on your own, with your family, or with a company and go on a trip.

If a company of like-minded people could not be gathered, then rent a yacht with a ready-made tour.
That is, you will find yourself on board among the new ones for you, and strangers. You don’t have to make a route yourself; you can completely devote yourself to the rest

Flotilla travel is a very interesting option for a vacation or weekend, and participation in the regatta will add adrenaline because the competitive spirit is inherent in many lovers of sea travel.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Croatia?

Yacht Charter in CroatiaThe price for chartering a yacht in Croatia is one of the lowest in Europe and on the Adriatic coast.

The general rules of a charter always imply the payment of a deposit, the so-called refundable deposit. The amount is usually at least 1,000 Euros, depending on the value of the yacht. When the trip is completed and the ship comes back to its base, the deposit is fully refunded if there is no damage.

In addition to the charter, the mandatory costs include a fee for cleaning the yacht at the end of the charter. This fee can be 80-150 Euros and depends on the size of the yacht.

Renting a small boat without a skipper for a week will cost you 800 Euros.

The approximate cost of a weekly charter of a yacht in Euros is as follows:

  • Small yachts with a length of 8-13 meters – from 800-900 Euros in low season to 2,400 Euros in the peak season,
  • Yachts with a length of 14-15 meters – from 1,300 Euros in low season to 4,400 Euros in the peak season.

Holidays in Slovenia: yacht charterYacht charter in Slovenia is one of the most luxurious holiday options. Bright sun, warm sea and a fair wind, nothing can be better! Outdoor activities enthusiasts prefer yachting in Italy. The country is washed by five seas, the climate is perfect, and the infrastructure is on a higher level. The mellow season is the best time to relax. Where to relax in Italy on the sea in September?  http://adriaticsea.blog/locate/resort-ita/otdyh-na-more.html.

Chartering a motor yacht is more expensive, it will also be much more expensive to charter a large yacht equipped with the most modern equipment and having an expensive interior trim. Weekly charter can reach 20,000-30,000 Euros.

A week is a standard and most requested charter period for a yacht in Croatia; however, you can rent a vessel for any period, for example, for a weekend or daily. Chartering a yacht for a day can cost from 150 to 1,500 Euros, depending on the class and cost of the yacht.

As with any service, the client can count on discounts even in the peak season. Early booking, advance payment, various promotions can reduce the cost of chartering a yacht by 10%, and sometimes even more.

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