Yachting in Italy – an unforgettable voyage on a sailing or motor boat on five seas

Аренда яхт в Италии

Italy is an amazing country for many reasons at once. Yacht charter in Italy is very common. People come to this country to buy or charter a yacht, and to do yachting itself.

Yachting in Italy

Italy has everything to do yachting: from the five seas washing its shores to the leading positions in the production of luxury yachts.

According to statistics, each 68th Italian has a yacht.

About a hundred marinas were built along the coastline for mooring and servicing all of these vessels. They include fashionable and glamorous moorings, as well as quite unpretentious ones.

Yachting areas in Italy

  • The coastline of the Ligurian Sea, starting from Tuscany, and up to the French Riviera.
  • The surroundings of Venice. This is the most visited city in Italy, which can be reached on a yacht. However, the mooring is the most expensive there.
  • Region of Sicily:
    • The Aeolian Islands,
    • Egadi Islands.

    Here strong winds blow in the daytime, completely subsiding at sunset.

  • The Tuscan Archipelago.
  • Suburbs of Naples.

What attracts yachtsmen?

The length of the coastline is 5,000 miles, that is, having a ride along Italy on a yacht, you can:

  • visit many of its cities;
  • go on excursions; and
  • participate in local events.

Ideal places for free swimming are the southern and eastern coasts, although real yachtsmen will be bored here. But there are many beautiful sandy beaches there.

The western and northern coast is very attractive for yachting. Here are the islands, rugged coastline, and beautiful landscapes, there is where to apply your sailing skills. At the same time, there are no dangerous obstacles; detailed maps have been drawn up, which makes it easy to plan a route.

Italy attracts a huge number of sailors from around the world. Of course, like any other European Union country, it requires a visa to be issued so that foreign citizens can stay on its territory.

However, it is quite possible to enter Italy on a yacht without a visa. Under the international maritime law, any vessel can enter the port without a visa for 72 hours to resupply and repair. Many yachting travelers enjoy this right.

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Most Italians love to travel to the resorts of the Venetian Riviera. Indeed, a beach holiday is one of the best here.

Where you cannot enter on the yacht

In Italy, there are several protected natural areas where you cannot:

  • fish;
  • collect sea plants and shells.

You cannot approach there on a yacht closer than 1-2 km to the shore.

If you want to go ashore, then you can swim in a boat without a motor. The entrance is closed to large groups of tourists, but individual visits or small companies can visit such places.

The protected areas include:

  • Tuscan and Egadi archipelagoes,
  • Cinque Terre area, and
  • Ventotene Islands, Ustica.

Yacht charter in Italy: prices

The best time for yachting in Italy is from April to October.

In these months there is the greatest demand for charter yachts, which can be rented along the entire coastline. In principle, the charter is possible all year round.

Charter options

Chartering a yacht in Italy

  • With or without skipper;
  • Sailing yacht, motor or sailing yacht with a motor;
  • Different charter terms; and
  • A variety of sizes and classes of yachts.

When chartering a yacht with a skipper, everything is clear: he is a professional and has the necessary skills and documents. When chartering a yacht without a skipper, you will have to own the certificate to operate the pleasure craft.

In order to feel more confident, it is better to charter a bigger yacht. It will be more comfortable to stay on it, and you will feel less pitching.

Ships may vary widely by comfort. Simple and affordable yachts are unlikely to have air conditioning, which can bring certain problems during the voyage.

It is also worth thinking carefully about which yacht to rent: motor or sailing one?

The motor undoubtedly simplifies the control of the vessel and gives more freedom during the voyage. However, it makes a noise that will be felt constantly on a small yacht. In addition, chartering a vessel with an engine is more expensive, since it requires expensive technical equipment. Do not forget that the engine requires fuel, that is, additional costs are there.

Where to get a yacht?

You can charter a yacht in the ports and marinas of Italy:

  1. On the Adriatic Sea:
    • Venice,
    • Trieste.
  2. On the Ligurian Sea:
    • Baratti,
    • Genoa,
    • Cala Galera.
  3. On the Tyrrhenian Sea:
    • Rome,
    • Naples, and
    • Salerno.
  4. In Sardinia.
  5. In Sicily.

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How much is the charter?

Yacht charter prices depend on:

  • the number of days,
  • yacht class, and
  • season of the year.

In the peak season, prices are much higher than in the off-peak season, the difference can be from a few hundred to 1,000 Euros or more.

Approximate prices:

  • Yacht charter – from 1,000 Euros per day;
  • Charter a sailing yacht – from 3,000 to 4,000 Euros per week;
  • Boat charter – from 500 Euros per day;
  • Motor yacht charter – from 1,400 Euros per day;
  • Additional services – 100-200 Euros per day (this may include: services of a skipper, cook, steward, outboard engine, cleaning of the yacht and many others at the request of customers);
  • Refundable deposit – 3,000-4,000 Euros.

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