Immigration to Slovenia – a great choice for middle-class Europeans

Плюсы и минусы иммиграции в Словению

Immigration to Slovenia for temporary or permanent residence is one of the ways to achieve a compromise between the desire to live in a civilized European country and average financial opportunities.

Immigration to Slovenia: the pros and cons

Let’s take a look at how immigration to Slovenia is carried out: the pros and cons of travel in this country are worthy of careful study, as it is not so well known to those who seriously think about radical changes in their lives.

As in other EU countries, business immigration is one of the ways to move here and receive a residence permit, and a few years later to become a permanent resident and citizen. This is a good opportunity to give impetus to the development of your own enterprise in terms of effective tax policy and strictly enforced legislation.

In addition, immigrants are entitled to:

  • visa-free travel in EU countries;
  • work;
  • medical care according to the European standards and their children also receive the possibility of free study in schools, colleges, and universities of Slovenia.
Slovenia has a fairly high standard of living.

If we include a favorable political environment, a high standard of living and a wonderful environment, it becomes clear why in recent years the number of Europeans who want to move to the very center of Europe – a miniature and very beautiful country of Slovenia – has significantly increased.

These are obvious advantages of immigration, but are there any negative points?

The most noticeable disadvantage is the high cost of real estate, due to the ecology, proximity to the sea and increased interest in opening and running a business in the country.

When making an entry to Slovenia, the taxes, as well as the prices of food, clothing, and services are quite high.

Some immigrating Europeans complain about small distances between cities and some crowding, although the country’s population is only two million people. Here, in fact, all the few cons of immigration to this European country.

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Conditions and subtleties of business immigration

Business immigration is moving to the country not only for temporary and permanent residence but also for opening your own company under certain conditions.

Where to start from? First of all, you need to prepare documents for registration of D.O.O. – Limited Liability Company (LLC).

  1. Business immigration to SloveniaConditions for individuals
    The prerequisite for opening an enterprise is the registration of the Slovenian TIN with the assignment of a personal identification number (EMSO), for which the following documents must be submitted to the relevant authorities of the country:
    • a copy of the founder’s passport, where his/her name and surname, address, date of birth and place are indicated;
    • Slovenian penal clearance certificate; and
    • name and legal address of the registered company.
  2. Conditions for legal entities
    In addition to a copy of the pages from the passport and the name of the registered company, the founder, which is a legal entity, must provide:
    • the original extract from the court decision or registry confirming registration translated into Slovene. The translation is performed by an authorized official translator not earlier than three months prior to the submission of the documents;
    • the legal address of the company, as well as a letter of permission from the owner of the building where the company is located.
The minimum authorized capital of the company is 7,500 Euros.

After the paperwork is completed, the amount of 7,500 Euros is deposited, which can then be used at the discretion of the founder for the company’s needs.

Six months after the registration and upon reaching a profit level of 2,000 Euros or more, you can get a work permit and a temporary residence permit for a period of one year. It can be renewed at will.

For those who do not want or cannot wait six months after registering a company, there is an option to purchase a ready-made company that was founded a year or more ago.
However, at purchase, you need to very carefully examine all documents relating to business activities and financial statements to eliminate problems in the future.

What is needed to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia?

By purchasing a ready-made company or after waiting half a year after opening your own one, you can apply for a residence permit. The list of documents, required for this, is as follows:

  • Documents to obtain a residence permit in SloveniaPenal clearance certificate. It is issued at the place of residence, shall be translated into the Slovene language, and is certified by an apostille (ibid.). The validity of the document – no more than three months.
  • Paid medical insurance (the amount of insurance coverage shall be at least 30,000 Euros).
  • The amount of funds to stay at the rate of the Slovenian minimum wage per person per month.
  • Duplicate of the marriage certificate obtained no earlier than six months ago, translated into Slovene, and certified by apostille. The validity of the document – three months.
  • Copies of birth certificates of children with an apostille, translated into Slovene. Their validity is also for three months.

The duplicate of the marriage certificates and copies of birth certificates should be submitted only by the immigrants who are transporting a family.

When and how can I get a residence permit?

You can apply for a permanent residence permit after five years if during this time the following conditions were met:

  • the opened company successfully worked and made a profit;
  • taxes and other obligatory deductions should be fully paid; and
  • within five years, the immigrant was absent in the country for no more than nine months (or six in a row).

Family members of the immigrant who already has the status of a permanent resident of the country, when leaving for Slovenia under the reunification program, can receive a permanent residence permit only after two years. Prior to that, they have the status of temporary residents, which is extended a year later.

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