International airports of Slovenia – map locations

Международные аэропорты Словении

An air gate is the main way of entering Slovenia for tourists. There are three international airports in this Balkan country. Even the names of the Slovenian airports have a national flavor.

We have collected the most complete information about the airports in Slovenia – addresses, phone numbers, distances to the nearest cities, and means of transport communication. We will also tell you about the base Slovenian airlines. Let’s go!

International Slovenian Airports

Slovenia is a compact country, so there are few airports here. Slovenia’s international airports are located in three cities:

  1. Обзор словенских аэропортовLjubljana. The main advantage of the local airport is its size. Capital Airport is located in the geographical center of Slovenia. From here you can get to any resort, and it is Ljubljana that accommodates most of the flights.
  2. Portorož. It is one of the key resorts of the Adriatic coast. If you want to lie on the beach and tan to black, Portorož Airport is a great option.
  3. Maribor. This largest thermal and ski resort in Slovenia is located in the northern part of the country.

As you can see, each of the airports has its own charms.

Ljubljana Airport is known by several names, but more often it appears as “Brnik” since the same-named settlement is located 7 km away from it.


Compared to the major European airports, Brnik is considered to be a small one. At the same time it is cozy and clean, and travelers note good organization and lack of fuss.

The waiting area is equipped with everything necessary:

  • duty-free;
  • cafe;
  • souvenir shops;
  • exchange office;
  • bank;
  • restaurants;
  • travel agency;
  • postal office;
  • car rental service; and
  • parking.

Международный аэропорт БрникOfficially, the airport is named after Jože Plečnik.

Brnik is 27 kilometers away from the capital. The Brnik base airline is Adria Airways, which is part of the Star Alliance (International Aviation Alliance).

There are other basic airlines:

  • Air France;
  • Czech Airlines;
  • EasyJet;
  • Turkish Airlines;
  • Finnair; and
  • Montenegro Airlines.

You can contact the airport service at +386 04 20 61 981.

Portorož is the most compact airport:
  • taxi(the cost is about 40 Euros, the duration of the trip is half an hour);
  • regular bus (the ticket costs 4.1 Euros, and runs with the one-hour intervals); or
  • rented car (the prices start from 23 Euros).

Detailed information, as well as electronic board are available on the Brnik website at


Аэропорт в ПорторожеIn the summer, the Portorož Airport operates from early morning (8.30) until evening (20.00), in the winter the evening bar is shifted to 16.30.

The airport is tiny in size, but you will find there:

  • a car rental service;
  • a restaurant;
  • a duty-free shop; and
  • a taxi service.

The air gate is only six kilometers away from the famous Portoroz resort.

There are two base airlines – Adria Airways and Jat Airways. You can contact the administration at +386 5 617 51 40. Online boards and other useful information are available at


Аэропорт в МарибореThe local airport occupies an intermediate (in size) position between the Portoroz and Ljubljana airports. It accommodates not only international but also domestic flights.

To pass flight registration, you’ll need your passport and air ticket. The ticket may be electronic – then the passport will be the only necessary document.

The Maribor Airport is equipped with spacious parking with 580 standard parking spaces (plus 10 sectors for buses). Parking is free, but it is fenced and carefully guarded.

The exact address of the Maribor Airport is Letaliska Cesta 10. You can contact the administration at +386 5 617 17 90. The online board is available on the airport official website –

The airport itself is connected with Maribor by city train, but you can also rent a car. Tunisair is the single base airline.

Slovenian airports on the map

Note the location of the “air gate” on the map. Slovenia is a small country and any airport will suit to get to the place selected for your rest.

Transport communication between airports

You cannot get to Portoroz directly since the airport only accepts charter flights from Trieste and Ljubljana. In the case of a charter flight from the capital, you will spend an hour and a half on the flight, after which you will plunge into the unique atmosphere of the Portorož resort.

Bus service is established between Portorož, Ljubljana, the Lucija village, and the Bernardin hotel complex. The fare in the vicinity of Portorož is 1 Euro.

In general, the Slovenian internal transport network is developed quite well. Arriving to Ljubljana, you can easily get to Maribor or Portorož:

  • by bus;
  • by train;
  • by rented car; or
  • by taxi.

Поезда СловенииIf you chose the train route, you have to decide on the type of train. The trains in Slovenia are classified as follows:

  • ICS. Quality trains run daily between Ljubljana and Maribor. You’ll have to book tickets in advance.
  • IC. Long-distance comfortable trains running to the airports of neighboring countries.
  • ZV. Motor trains with air-conditioning in all cars. There are a restaurant service and a few intermediate stops.
  • Regional trains. They run on small sections of the path.
  • EC. High-quality international-class trains equipped with a telephone, air conditioning, and a dining car.
  • MV. Comfortable locomotives that will be useful to those who want to ride to a neighboring country.
Slovenian buses are very democratic.

With a relatively low fare, bus lines connect together all the towns and villages of the country. You can land anywhere you want, even if the route does not provide for a stop, which allows you to see the sights and scenic spots of Slovenia. The tickets are purchased at the bus station ticket offices or directly from the driver.

In summer, the communication between Ljubljana and the Adriatic coast becomes more intense. The railway station and the bus station in Ljubljana are very close to each other and are separated by one street.

In general, the bus is considered the most convenient and budget vehicle in Slovenia. Arriving in Ljubljana, you can easily get to Maribor and Portorož in any way you like. Have a nice trip!

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