Montenegro’s youngest town — Tivat

Город Тиват - главный аэропорт Черногории

One of the youngest towns of Montenegro is Tivat. It had been hardly developing until the end of XIX century but burst to life later.

The main airport of Montenegro is located here, in Tivat, so this is where almost all tourists start their acquaintance with the country. Construction of this airport stimulated the development of the town’s infrastructure.

Regardless that Tivat is relatively young, the town has quite a number of sights worth a visit:

  1. The Botanic Gardens. Tivat is proud of this beautiful place with exotic trees, bushes and other plants from all over the world. The specimens were mostly brought by sailors.
  2. The Renessans Buce. It is a marvelous summer house in the heart of Tivat.
  3. The Island of Flowers. This place is home to many sacred sights that will etch in your memories.
  4. The Island of St. Mark. Long ago around a hundred of cottages were built here for the Paris Club.
  5. However, the main point of interest here is the splendid Plavi Horizonti beach.

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