Sights of Zagreb – a walk through the capital of Croatia


What is Zagreb? It is the capital of Croatia, a city of museums and monuments of architecture, a city of parks, walks, and excursions. This is a great place for rest and entertainment.

Before the trip, the bulk of tourists and travelers get acquainted with the peculiarities of the place where they plan to go.

Map of Zagreb’s sights

Surely there is something to look at. But it is better to start their study with maps of the city. It is especially convenient to look through the capital sights on the interactive map with all interesting objects plotted:

Why is Zagreb interesting?

  • Monuments of architecture,
  • Streets and squares,
  • Museums, and
  • Natural and city parks,
  • Cozy cafe,
  • Souvenir shops, and Products of local craftsmen.

Zagreb consists of two parts: the lower town (Donji Grad) and the upper town (Gornji Grad), which are connected by the funiculars. It began its work at the end of the 19th century and is considered to be one of the shortest, but steep funiculars in Europe.

Being in the capital of Croatia, be sure to visit the following places:

  1. Zagreb Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a symbol of Zagreb, a building of amazing beauty.
    For the first time, this cathedral had been erected at the end of the 11th century, later it was restored several times, renewed, and rebuilt.
    Now it is a neo-gothic building striking in its grace and grandeur.
    Two 105-meter towers, which are called twins, attract special attention. The interior of this temple to match its external splendor and its unique body is considered to be the best in Europe.
  2. St. Mark’s Church is rightly considered to be a visiting card of the capital.
    This small building is particularly notable for its roof, on which images of two coats of arms are lined up with multicoloured tiles: the city itself and the Triune Kingdom of Slavonia, Croatia, and Dalmatia.
  3. The center of the Old Town is the square named after the Croatian commander Josip Jelačić, where tourists and musicians gather. There are many restaurants and cafes around the square, in which, by the way, local people spend quite a lot of free time.
    The shopping street Ilica originates from this square of the Old Town.
    The National Theater and the Archbishop’s Palace are located nearby. From the top of the Lotrščak Tower, you can see almost the entire city: there is an observation platform.
Tourists from all over the world come to the colorful festivals of Zagreb.

Many museums of Zagreb provide an opportunity for tourists to get acquainted with the history of the city, with collections of paintings and other objects of art created few hundred years ago and modern ones.

Even a partial list of Zagreb museums is very impressive:

  • Mimara Museum,
  • Art Gallery,
  • Zagreb City Museum,
  • Historical Museum,
  • Ethnographical Museum,
  • Museum of Natural Sciences,
  • Technical Museum, and
  • Archaeological Museum.

There is also a unique museum – the Museum of Broken Hearts, which was created by a pair of former lovers. It contains exhibits that are variously connected with stories of parting and unhappy love.

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Sightseeing tours of Zagreb

Travel companies, tour offices, and private guides offer different options for excursions to this very interesting city.

There are several offers, including:

  • classic walking tours,
  • bus sightseeing tours,
  • city tourist bus and tram, and
  • cycling excursions.

During the sightseeing walking or bus tours the guide will tell about the history of the city, show the most interesting places:

  • Of course, the tour starts from the historic center of the city, which is nestled between two hills.
  • You will walk along the central square of Josip Jelačić, the Heroes of Croatia Square on the Nicole Jurišić Street.
  • Be sure to get acquainted with the symbols of Zagreb: The cathedral and the magnificent church of St. Mark.

The walking tours include not only classic sightseeing. Interesting and thematic options: “Do you speak Croatian?” or “The female side of Zagreb”.

Zagreb is located at the crossroads of all transport routes in Croatia, so you can easily get to it, both by train and by car.
The international airport is only 17 km from the capital.

Public transportation for tourists

Zet (Zagreb public transport network) implements a project specifically for tourists in the hop-on and hop-off system.

From April to the end of September, open-air buses ply the city. Having bought a ticket for such a bus, a tourist can go out and re-enter it anywhere on the route during 24 hours.

Buses depart from the Kaptol Square and go not only along the old part of the city, but also along the New Zagreb, and enter remote parks.

There is also a free tourist route – a tram that runs through the center of the city, starting from the Josip Jelačić Square.

Blue Bike Tours

When you want to see everything not from the window of a bus or a boring car, of course, it is better to walk around the city on foot. However, this will take a lot of time and effort.

A bike tour can be an excellent alternative. For some, it may be exotic, because many residents of megalopolises rode a bicycle for the last time in their childhood. Experienced instructors will help you recollect how to drive a bike, adjust and customize it for you, if necessary.

Zagreb sightseeing tour by bikeWhat does the Blue Bike offer?

  • Renting a bike for independent walks;
  • Guided tours of the old and new part of the city for about three hours with a guide;
  • Journey through the urban neighborhood (part of the journey takes place on the bus, part – on the bike);
  • Individual bicycle tours.

Bicycle tours around the city begin in the center, from the square of Josip Jelačić. A small group gathers there and goes for a ride.

Zagreb is located in a hilly area, so for lovers of adrenaline, the Blue Bike project offers mountain bike rides through the wooded hills of the Medvednica National Park. On Saturdays and Sundays, a visit to the cave Veternitsa is added for those who want.

You can get adrenaline rush on the medieval cycle tour, which runs through the picturesque environs of the capital, and includes a visit to:

  • Zagreb TV tower on top of the Slem mountain,
  • the chapel of St. Jacob, and
  • medieval castle on top of one of the hills.

The journey ends in the same square of Josip Jelačić.

Under the Croatian law, you must register at the place of residence within 24 hours.
Lack of registration threatens with a fine and can spoil the impression of being in one of the oldest cities in Europe.

What else can you see in Zagreb?

As in any European city, the nightlife is in full swing here. Bars, clubs, and restaurants offer various options to spend time not only during the day but also at night. Live music, a wide range of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, interesting entertainment programs. Visit:

  • Zagreb Golf Club located on the picturesque bank of the Sava River. Here is a great field for games, rental equipment and a good opportunity to socialize and relax with friends.
  • Ground Zero Billiard Club, which often holds demonstrations of masters and billiards competitions.
  • Casinos. Those who like to try their luck can do it in casinos, most of which are located in large hotels. The Golden Sun Casino holds a costume ball every month.
  • Shopping. Of course, many modern tourists are interested in shopping. Modern shopping centers are hard to surprise us now. Zagreb also has plenty of them.
    There are also master jewelers who create unique and very interesting items made of silver and gold. Morchich jewellery is especially popular – pendants, brooches and other products in the form of a bust of the Moor with a turban.
Do not miss the chance to appreciate the taste of traditional local dishes – prushut and kulen.

All this is only a small part of what the capital of Croatia can offer tourists.

Do you still think about whether to go to this city?

See photos of Zagreb’s sights:

Admire its streets and architectural ensembles and museums, plunge into the nightlife of this city, read reviews from other tourists, and you will understand: this is a place that is worth seeing for yourself.

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Reviews about sights of Zagreb

Tourists who visited the capital of Croatia, we are waiting for your real “live” reviews in the comments to this article below.

The vast majority of the people who had visited the capital of Croatia told about the most pleasant impressions of the trip. Zagreb is a comfortable, clean and quiet city, despite the crowds of tourists.

Communication with the local population usually does not cause any problems because the Croats – friendly people, besides the vast majority of them speak English.

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