The atmosphere of medieval Italy when visiting the sights of Rimini

Что из достопримечательностей посмотреть в Римини при посещении Италии

Rimini is a popular tourist destination on the east coast of Italy. It is often called the capital of Seaside tourism. Excellent sandy beaches stretch for 15 km. There are many unique historical monuments, museums and religious buildings in the city. It is a place of pilgrimage for those who like swimming on the beach and shopping. Nightclubs, bars, amusement parks, and sights of Rimini make this place attractive to people of all ages.

What to see in Rimini and its surroundings?

Historical buildings

Rimini is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Italy. Just a few steps deep into the city will allow immersing yourself in the atmosphere of numerous museums and monuments of middle-aged culture.

Rimini has a lot of sights.

In the summer, the city shows itself in all its glory, revealing the ancient center to the tourists:

  • The Arch of Emperor Augustus is the most visited landmark in the city facing Rome. It is the oldest surviving arch in the entire northern Italy and marks the entrance to the city.
  • The Tempio Malatestiano Church is another historical monument in the center of Rimini with a unique architectural style combining Renaissance and Gothic.It was fully restored only in the twentieth century.
    The city museum of Rimini reveals the history of the city; its guests will discover an extensive collection of unique showpieces relating to the history and culture of the city.
  • “The Surgeon’s House” on the Piazza Ferrari Square is an important archaeological complex found in 1989.
    It was presented to the city after 18 years of excavation. A huge glass dome covers more than 700 square meters, and includes the ruins of the residential area and the building where the most complete set of surgical instruments was found.
  • The Tiberius Bridge is a Roman bridge over the Marecchia River, and is one of the main sights of Rimini depicted on the coat of arms of the town. It consists of five arches.
    The bridge is considered to be so strong that it is impossible to destroy it. This is a majestic and technological structure.
  • The Malatesta Temple is an example of Renaissance architecture. It has been a cathedral since 1809.
    The magnificent facade of the Tiberius temple is enclosed in marble, thereby attracting the tourists. Seven chapels with the graves of famous city residents are located inside.
    This is the original medieval church that houses the artistic treasures of Rimini.
  • Cavour Square is a real cultural center of the city where Teatro Comunale was opened, and the monument to Pope Paul V was erected.
    The Old Fontana della Pigna fountain is located near it. It is created in the form of three ledges with a marble cone at the top.
    The facades of the three famous buildings – Palazzo Garampi, Palazzo del Arengo, and Palazzo del Podesta – face the square.

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A selection of photos of showplaces

We can endlessly list the historical sights of the city, but it is much better to see them on your own.

Travelers who are interested in history will be pleased to wander through the streets of the city with a camera and take photos of the sights of Rimini – the most beautiful city in Italy:

In addition, see the video of the sights of Rimini:

Parks and entertainment centers

In addition to the beaches and night clubs, the city offers its guests exciting activities in many parks:

    • The huge Beach Village water park has many attractions and play areas, both for kids and for those who like adventure holidays.
    • Aquafun is another and perhaps the largest water park in Rimini with a territory of more than 90 thousand square meters offering a countless number of water activities.
      Theme parties, shows and tournaments are held constantly and will not let you be bored.
    Rimini Dolphinarium will delight you with exciting programs. Shows are held daily.
    At some point, it turns into an unusual performance, where viewers can take an active part.
  3. PARKS
    • The Fiabilandia amusement park is a real fairytale world – resting place for the whole family.
      Its large area provides everything from children’s merry-go-rounds to picturesque ponds, railways and winding paths for hiking.
      Kids will have the opportunity to take photos with their favorite cartoon characters and enjoy the delicious delicacies at the local cafe.
    • The open-air Marekkya Park is the most picturesque part of the city. It offers the best conditions to rest on a hot day.
      Organizing a picnic, walking in the shade of trees on foot, and breathing in the fresh air with the aromas of local plants is a real miracle.
    • The Park “Italy in miniature” offers to explore all the main sights of the country in one place. You can make an amazing trip to Italy in one day, without leaving the outskirts of Rimini. The area of 85 hectares hosts 270 copies of the most famous monuments of architecture.
      Park "Italy in miniature " is one of the things you can see in Rimini and its surroundings
      The buildings are very realistic down to the smallest details, for example, blinds are visible on the windows.
    At night, the city turns into a large entertainment center with numerous restaurants and clubs that invite citizens to show programs.
    All places are located near popular beaches.
    Emilia-Romagna is well known for its numerous theme parks being a source of pleasure for tourists.

    There are also many interesting things here.
    After only 25-35 kilometers away from the city, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages:

    • San Marino is a tiny republic of Europe, surrounded by the territory of Italy and located on Mount Titan.
    • Gradara – this small town is located 27 kilometers from Rimini. The city is recognized as one of the most beautiful in Italy, and there are always many tourists.
    • San Leo is like a rocky island at the confluence of the San Marino and Marecchia rivers. It is located near the Feltro mountain with the fortress on the top, which attracts tourists.

See the location of sights on the map of Rimini to properly plan your travel:

Day Trips in Rimini

Below is a list of sights in Rimini you can see in one dayOf course, one day is not enough to fully explore this beautiful city. However, during this time, you can manage to run through the main city sights.

What to see in Rimini in one day:

  • Be sure to see the square Cavour.
  • Walk across the Tiberius Bridge.
  • Take pictures at the walls of the fortress Malatesta.
  • The journey will not be complete without visiting the Palazzo Brioli and the Clock Tower.
  • The real legend is the Rubicon River, which flows in the north of the city.
  • Do not forget to go to dinner in cozy cafes and buy souvenirs in local shops.
At night, Rimini turns into a great entertainment center.

Shopping in RiminiTake advantage of favorable discounts of Italian outlets. Shopping in Rimini is a great pastime when visiting Italy.

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Rimini is a major Italian city, stretching for several kilometers along the Adriatic Sea. Magnificent sandy beaches and an abundance of entertainment and cultural programs will make a trip on it unforgettable.

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