How to get to the famous Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro?

Как добраться до верхнего монастыря Острог в Черногории

The famous Ostrog Monastery is an active male Orthodox monastery located in the mountains at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.

The monastery was founded by Basil, Metropolitan of Herzegovina, in the middle of the 17th century. After his death, he was buried here and canonized. Saint Basil of Ostrog is one of the 4 Montenegrin saints.

Monastery structure

The monastery complex consists of the Lower and Upper Monasteries.

Lower Monastery

It was founded in the middle of the 19th century, it includes the Church of the Holy Trinity and monastic cells.

The Church keeps the relics of the Holy Martyr Stanko. The Turks cut off the hands to this fifteen-year-old boy when he did not want to let go of the Holy Cross.

Upper Monastery

You can get to it from the Lower Monastery through a 5-kilometre road through the forest. As a rule, pilgrims use a shorter walking path, overcoming it in 20-25 minutes.

The upper monastery was built in the rock of the Ostrog Ridge and consists of two Churches:

  • Vvedensky (18th century),
  • The Holy Cross Church (1665).

The monastery is decorated with a high bell tower, having the size of a residential building of five floors.

Еhe relics of St. Basil at the Ostrog MonasteryIn the Vvedensky Church, St. Basil of Ostrog spent 15 years in prayers. On the rock itself, its icon image is located.

The following Orthodox shrines are kept in the Church:

  • the ark with the relics of St. Basil of Ostrog,
  • prayer book of 1732, and
  • church candlesticks 1779.

Now 12 monks are being saved in the monastery.

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To get to the monastery, you need to fly to the Podgorica airport – the closest to the monastery. See information here.

Miracles in the Ostrog Monastery

According to religious pilgrimage, the monastery ranks third in the world – after the Empty tomb and the Holy Mountain in Jerusalem.

The monastery is the third largest Orthodox shrine in the world.

It is interesting that not only Orthodox, but also Catholics and Muslims come to the Orthodox monastery.

  1. The miraculous relics of St. Basil – they say that some have managed to recover from severe illnesses here, while others have found help in solving their problems.
  2. Air bomb. There are beliefs that miracles constantly happen in this monastery, both with the monastery itself and with pilgrims. Thus, during World War II, a German aerial bomb hit the church of the Holy Trinity. It broke in half, without bursting.
  3. The vine shoot grows in front of the church and is a confirmation of miracles. It appeared at the place of death of Basil of Ostrog, where there is no natural soil. It is believed that the healing water in the fountain protects against bad fortune. Anyone can take a bottle of such water with them.
  4. Iron chains are in the Holy Trinity Church.
    According to the legend, they were on one mad person who was brought to the church. He had to stay overnight near the relics of Basil of Ostrog.
    By the morning a miracle happened – he was found perfectly healthy. In the memory of this miracle, he left his chains in the church.

Selection of photo of the Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro

How to get to the Ostrog Monastery?

You can get to the monastery either by a regular bus from Podgorica or Niksic or by car.

From Danilovgrad, it is more convenient to travel by car:

  • You should drive about 15 km along E762 in the direction of Niksic to the right turn onto a narrow road.
  • Then you should get to the intersection with the Ostrog Monastery pointer.
  • Further road will climb the mountains and become narrower.
  • You should leave the car at the Church of the Holy Trinity and then go on foot.

Ostrog Monastery location on the map

The monastery is located at the foot of the Ostroshka Greda rock, 8 km from the road between Podgorica and Niksic, in the very center of Montenegro. It is located 15 km from Danilovgrad and 30 km from Podgorica.

The Ostrog Monastery – location on the map

You can get to the monastery with an organized tour from many tourist cities of the country.

Excursions in the monastery

Tours are conducted by licensed guides. Their duties include not only familiarizing tourists with the history of the monastery, but with the basic rules of conduct in the monastery.

The price of a standard excursion program is about 25 Euros per person.

The price includes:

  • visit to the Lower and Upper Monasteries,
  • fare through the Sozina Tunnel, and
  • a trip on a two-hour excursion to Podgorica.

In the memory of the miraculous place, pilgrims can buy icons, prayer books, amulets, candles, and souvenirs in the church shop.

Hotels for pilgrims

The hotel for pilgrims was built in 1742 on a cliff above the church of the Lower Monastery, and the other – in 1880. Now parishioners and pilgrims can stay there. The cost of an overnight stay is 1 Euro.

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