Secrets and tricks of choosing excursions in Montenegro

Цены на экскурсии в Черногории: маршруты и направления

Rest in Montenegro attracts visitors from all over the world largely because this country provides a rare opportunity to combine different types of rest. Swimming and sunbathing are perfectly combined with therapeutic procedures, and they, in turn, do not interfere with long walks and excursions.

Despite the small size of this mountainous country, plan your trip for not less than ten days if you seriously intend to get acquainted with the beauty and unique monuments of Montenegro.

Otherwise, you will have to choose between the beauties of nature, cultural and historical heritage, and sightseeing routes to neighbouring countries (all of the above and something else is possible in Montenegro…).

It is almost impossible to choose between:

  • old towns and the cities,
  • nature reserves,
  • mountain slopes, and
  • secluded villages, where the ancient customs of Montenegro are preserved…

To achieve the excursion bliss, you should know some things. Read carefully and memorize them.

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The right tour starts with the right agency

  1. Do not hurry! Do not hurry to purchase excursion vouchers and tickets immediately after landing at the airport. Even if they promise you the whole of Montenegro for a week and twenty Euros, with food and hotel included – do not hurry.
    In Montenegro, in general, no one is in a hurry. Make it your holiday habit, and decide to travel after one or two days of acclimatization. Look around.
  2. Do not buy from private owners. Never in any place in Montenegro buy tickets for a tour from private owners. Pavilions and booths of varying degrees of wear still mean that tickets are sold legally, and “manual” guides and agents often disappear immediately after selling tickets to you.
  3. About margin. The margin on the cost of the tour (and in Montenegro, it is almost identical in all agencies) means only that this agency has decided to earn more and more quickly. It does not promise any additional insurance, exclusive service, or super-scenic trails.
  4. Study the program. In addition to the final destination of the trip and the name of the excursion, you should also carefully read the list of places and sights where you will be taken during the trip. It can last 10-12 hours, but sometimes the routes differ considerably.
    The difference of five to seven Euros, in case of inattentive reading and comparison, will suddenly leave you without a good half of all the beauties that you could see.
  5. Package Contents. If the trip is long, more than 4-5 hours, be sure to check with the agency if food is included in the price of the tour.

“Why do we need geography? The baker will bring us where we choose…”

Bus station in Budva

If this is not about you, and the best excursion – the one that you have initiated on your own, Montenegro, without a doubt, will be almost the best choice. Moreover, this is how Western tourists travel around Montenegro in their intimate group. Here it is not so much about linguistic difficulties, as about the love for organized processions traditional for post-Soviet citizens.

We are wrong again and this is not about you? Then choose a direction, get on a regular bus regularly moving from point A to point B, and do not forget to learn more about that place where you are going to admire.

Bus transport is well developed in Montenegro, and it is close to an ideal one.

The fleet of vehicles is new and fully air-conditioned, the roads are beautiful, and the network of routes is spread throughout the country.

A small nuance: Montenegro is a mountain country, and the roads between settlements were laid as ergonomically as possible. There are no spare and additional detours. Therefore, your regular bus and someone else’s excursion bus will go on the same road, but you will sit on your bus for a much smaller amount.

It is most convenient to go on the tour from the bus station of Budva (located in the city center):

  • The northernmost point of Montenegro – the town of Igalo, and the southernmost one – Ulcin are about two hours away.
  • If you travel across the country, then in an hour or more you will reach the old capital, the city of Cetinje.
  • Podgorica, the modern capital, is an hour and a half away.

Next, we will very briefly tell you about what is definitely worth seeing in Montenegro, and the prices for excursions there.


Visiting and walking in Budva is the mandatory program of a tourist visit to the old European city, including :

  • medieval narrow streets,
  • sandstone houses, which now house cafes and travel agencies, souvenir shops and law firms, and where the families of sailors and merchants once lived.

However, part of the old houses is still inhabited, and this creates an incredible effect of moving five centuries into the past.


The ancient capital of Montenegro, the history of which starts from the 15th century, attracts tourists with ancient buildings, interesting exhibitions (the Museum of Njegos and the Ethnographic Museum are especially popular). Religious people believe that pilgrimage to the Cetinje Monastery, where the right hand of John the Baptist and part of the Holy Cross are kept, is indispensable.

The rhythm of life in Cetinje is even more relaxed and unhurried than on the coast. It is worth looking here for the sake of understanding non-resort and non-marine Montenegro.

The price of a day trip per one person is about 20 Euros.

Bar and Ulcinj

Ancient olive tree in BarA visit to these two cities is often offered as part of one tour:

  • Bar is a large seaport, very old one (first mentioned in chronicles in the 9th century AD).
    The port continues its activity now, but tourists willingly overlook the ancient ruins, and even those who have nothing in common with travel business bring guests to the olive tree, which, according to the legend, is even older than Jesus Christ.
  • Ulcinj is the oldest settlement on the Adriatic. Colkhis immigrants founded it in the 5th century AD, and for 17 centuries the city has changed its name, rulers, and even conditional location more than once.
    However, the strategic importance of the hill crest, which is between two bays, was appreciated by all who ruled the city. The most ancient stones in the foundation of the fortress belong to the Illyrians.After them, the city was ruled and owned by the Greeks, Byzantines, Romans, and it was called Colkhinium, Dulcinum, Oltcinium, Lcin, and Olcin.
    The last two names are from Serbian texts dated from around the 12th century.

The total price of this tour, including the price of travel and guide services, is 28 Euros.


Monument of A.S. Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova in PodgoricaThe modern capital of Montenegro makes a completely different impression. The city was called Titograd before the change of the political system, and now it is the largest settlement in the country with a population of about 100,000 people.

Monuments of nature

Unquestionably and universally visit the natural canyons in Montenegro, as well as the Boka-Kotorska fjord, the only fjord south of Norway.

There is a special tour to the canyons of two rivers, Tara and Morača. Its price also includes:

  • visiting the ancient Morača Monastery founded in 1252,
  • a detailed examination of the Đurđevića Tara Bridge – unique in its architectural and engineering solution, and,
  • such trifles as travel, entrance ticket to the national park, and a lunch at a local restaurant of traditional cuisine.

The total price of this tour is 55 Euros per person.

The Bay of KotorThe Bay of Kotor is the most beautiful place in Montenegro. Here are the best sights in the country.

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Adriatic cruises

Montenegro is a unique, picturesque, and marvellously good country at any time of the year, but many tourists are attracted by the opportunity to ride beyond its borders. From here you can make voyages across the countries of the Adriatic coast to:

  • Serbia,
  • Italy,
  • Venice,
  • Croatia (in Dubrovnik),
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, and
  • Albania.
  1. From Montenegro to Croatia. The trip to Croatia, Montenegro’s closest neighbour, will be the cheapest one. You will have to pay only 30 Euros for one day walk through Dubrovnik.
    However, although Croatia grants visa-free entry to the Russian citizens, some formalities take place.
    In order that the rest not to be interspersed with communication with government agencies, we recommend making this trip using the travel agency services.
  2. The relics of Saint NicholasTours to Italy. In this direction, the visit is allowed only to Bari famous for its temple of St. Nicholas the pilgrimage to which takes place year-round. You can get to Bari by ferry from the town of Bar. The price of the excursion is from 180 to 400 Euros, depending on the seat on the ferry.

However, we suspect that, after visiting Montenegro, you will have your own unique and special route to your favorite places of the magical country.
We will be extremely grateful if you leave a story about it on the pages of our site.

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