A Brief History of Albania

The history of Albania was governed by and influenced by several empires and other countries because of its location. Located close to Greece and the Adriatic, historically Albania has been a strategic territory during many international conflicts.

Ancient history of Albania

The territory was first inhabited by Illyrians, around 2000 BC. The Illyrians came into conflict with Rome, and the Romans conquered them in 167 BC. The Romans were the first empire to take over the lands and influence the history of Albania. Then, in a brief history of Albania, the territories became part of Byzantium or the Eastern Roman Empire. In the 1300s, the Ottoman Empire took control of the land of present-day Albania. During this time, most of the population converted to Islam.

In the mid-1400s, as indicated on Wikipedia, the history of Albania made a sharp turn and the Albanians were able to gain independence from the Ottomans for a short time under the leadership of national hero George Kastrioti Skenderbeu. However, the Ottoman Empire soon regained control. Albanians have fought for their independence several times throughout the history of Albania. They achieved this briefly several times, but at the end of the 1900s, they finally became a nation-wide recognized country.

History of Albania 20th Century

In World War II, Albania was occupied first by Italy and then by Germany. In brief history of Albania, after the war, the country was ruled by a totalitarian communist regime. The country remained isolated from the rest of the world under communist rule for the next 40-plus years, until in 1992 the history of Albania changed and democratic elections were held. The first democratically elected president was Sali Berisha.

Today, the country is still in some confusion; both democratic and communist parties are fighting for power. It is very difficult to summarize the history of Albania. A country that has experienced ups and downs is a candidate for accession to the European Union, stability is gradually returning, but the country remains poor. The latest history of Albania on Wikipedia has not yet been described, but let’s hope that it has a great future.