Albania: how to get to this country

Нужна ли виза в Албанию для российских туристов

Summer in Albania


Visa to Albania: how to get to the countryAlbanian airports are famous for their own world view – in the absence of a local visa you may not be allowed on the plane.

The best way to avoid this is to present to the insolent people a printout made on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania – the detailed rules for crossing the border are presented there. The printout from the TIMATIC resource (an official reference book that airline representatives are required to follow) is also suitable.

So, you fly to Albania in the summer. You should have a passport, the “age” of which is more than half a year. At the border, a free visa stamp will be affixed.

If you travel with your child, please be sure to have the passport and the birth certificate. A necessary condition is the child travel consent of the second parent.

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No direct flights? Fly through Montenegro!

There are no direct flights to Albania.

Tourists travel to Tirana via Montenegro and other Western European countries. The easiest way to get into the country is to fly by plane by transferring to another flight in one of the European cities.

How a Russian can get to AlbaniaThere are several companies that have established regular communication with Tirana:

  • Adria Airways (Slovenia);
  • Austrian (Austria);
  • Alitalia (Italy);
  • Lufthansa (Germany);
  • Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air (Greece);
  • Turkish Airlines (Turkey).

The above-mentioned Turkish Airlines make flights to Tirana via Istanbul. Alitalia will arrange for you a transit through Italian cities.

Do you understand the common logic? By purchasing a ticket in advance, you can reduce the flight time to 1-3 hours. The price of the flight will depend on the transfer duration – the shorter the more expensive.

The high season has its consequences – it is almost unreal to get from Moscow to Tirana.

You can get to Tirana via Rome or Milan for a penny – about 20-50 Euros.

Another tricky route is through Britain. Two transfers – in Manchester and Rome – are waiting for the brave ones. However, the price of the flight is about 80 Euros.

By bus – through Montenegro, by ferry – through Greece

Planes do not fly to Tirana through Montenegro, be ready for the bus (partly) journey.

To start, go to Budva or Podgorica by regular flight. Arriving there, you can reach the Albanian border either by bus or by taxi.

Important disclaimer: taxis reach only the border (without crossing it).
Therefore, you should cross the Albanian border on foot and then take a local taxi.

As a special treat, we prepared the most exotic way to travel to Albania – the ferry crossing.

Durres is a key place in this scheme. You can get there by ordinary ferries from Bari (50 Euros, 9 hours) or Ancona (70 Euros, 19 hours).

Visa to Albania: ferry to VloreWe recommend using a high-speed ferry linking Albanian Vlore with Italian cities:

  • Ankona;
  • Brindisi;
  • Bari;
  • Trieste.

From Bari to Durres, you can get in just 3 hours, while paying 60 Euros – it is a substantial saving.

The “Greek” option is also pleasant one – you can sail from the Corfu island by ferry, and in the summer months ships equipped with air wings ply between Corfu and the Albanian Saranda.

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