Croatia: information about the country

Visa to Croatia for Russians in 2019: How to get shengen
Visa to Croatia for Russians in 2019

It should be mentioned that Croatia is the former Union Republic, which was formerly part of Yugoslavia. Now it is a well-known independent state in the south of Central Europe. To visit Croatia, Russians need to get a visa. Visa to Croatia for Russians in 2019: How to get shengen? Read more

Interesting facts about Croatia

Although Croatia is quite small geographically and it seems that it can be traveled in a week, it is not for nothing that it is called the romantic heart of Europe. Croatia has its own Aces in its sleeves, and it will surely charm you with its little interesting secrets! In order to get the maximum pleasure from the trip, we suggest that you read the list of facts about this wonderful country.

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From Croatia to Venice by ferry – schedule, cost and transportation benefits
Паром из Хорватии в Венецию - знакомимся с расписанием и в путь

Many wanderers consider it a crime to visit Croatia and not to visit Venice. The reason for this is the regular ferry transportation from Croatia to Venice.

You can get into the water city not only by ferry but also by catamaran.

You should plan your trip in advance, choosing a route, interesting sights along the way, and learning about shopping opportunities. It is also worth finding out about prices and schedules – our resource will help with this. Useful and up-to-date information about a ferry journey from Croatia to Italy is waiting for you, get prepared for your rest in advance →