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From Croatia to Venice by ferry – schedule, cost and transportation benefits
Паром из Хорватии в Венецию - знакомимся с расписанием и в путь

Many wanderers consider it a crime to visit Croatia and not to visit Venice. The reason for this is the regular ferry transportation from Croatia to Venice.

You can get into the water city not only by ferry but also by catamaran.

You should plan your trip in advance, choosing a route, interesting sights along the way, and learning about shopping opportunities. It is also worth finding out about prices and schedules – our resource will help with this. Useful and up-to-date information about a ferry journey from Croatia to Italy is waiting for you, get prepared for your rest in advance →

Renting a car in Croatia – how to get the maximum pleasure from traveling around the country
Как арендовать авто в Хорватии

Croatia is full-to-bursting point with interesting places – ancient castles, medieval towns, mountain routes, and national parks. It is impossible to see everything, but the car rental will significantly simplify the task. We will tell you what car rental in Croatia is, study local prices, list agencies and explore their offices, and consider insurance policy options. Bonus – features of moving around the country and subtleties of traffic rules. Let’s go! If you are dreaming about a comfortable and advantageous trip around Croatia, then turn your attention to car rental in this country →

Croatian airports by the sea – all the amenities for a good rest
Загреб - международный аэропорт в Хорватии

Croatia is a small country: with a population of only about four and a half million people and the area of 56 thousand square kilometers, and there are as many as seven international airports all of which were built in the 60-70s of the last century when the current sovereign Croatia was part of Yugoslavia. In 2000, the revival of the tourist business began, and with it, the Croatian international airports experienced a rebirth: now they are gradually starting to meet the high requirements of the Western standards. How to get to the international airports on the sea in Croatia, the features, map, and infrastructure of airports →