Weather forecast in Zagreb in September: the month of the grape harvest

Croatia is full of life 12 months a year. Whether the weather in Zagreb is suitable for travel today depends on your preferences. The weather in Zagreb varies greatly by month. Cold temperature lasts for about six months, and the rest of the time the weather in Zagreb is warm and sunny. Although rain or snow is likely during most of the year.

The warmest weather in Zagreb is set in mid-July for 14 days, with the maximums regularly around 30.6 ° C, and at night the temperature rarely drops below 19.8 ° C.

Weather in Zagreb depending on the season

  • Spring. Humidity and temperature combined make this season moderate. Maximum values ​​range from 24.7 ° C to 10.6 ° C. Spring is the second season for tourist load.
  • Summer. In the summer months, the weather in Zagreb is very comfortable. There is a moderate amount of precipitation these months – from 4 to 7 days per month. The summer months are the busiest for tourism, so accommodation prices might be higher than usual.
  • Autumn. The daily maximums in temperature drop range from 24 ° C to 7.3 ° C. It feels cold, given the humidity and the wind. The flow of tourists is gradually slowing down. Due to the weather hotel accommodation can be affordable.
  • Winter. Looking at the weather forecast in Zagreb for a week, you will see that it is too cold for travel at this time. The average maximum for this season is between 11.1 ° C and 4.3 ° C. It is rainy or snowy: from 5 to 6 times a month.

What isс?

April and September are considered the most favorable time for visiting Zagreb since these months the weather in Zagreb is pleasant and not hot with longer days. This makes Zagreb an ideal refuge for travelers, giving them more time to explore local attractions, warm in the sun and enjoy an active holiday. Such weather in Zagreb for 14 days is ideal for a cruise to the city.

September is the month when the peak of the madness season ends and the children return to school and their parents go to work. The weather in Zagreb is now pleasant and conducive to travel.