Car rental in Rimini: prices, companies, legal aspects, and tips

Аренда автомобиля в Римини

Car rental in a foreign country has long ceased to be an elite service. Going to Rimini, you can spend a little time and find acceptable conditions, suitable cars and affordable rates. It is good that there are plenty of resources on which you can book an iron horse. We will not go into the details of the Italian car rental – a separate article is devoted to this. Here we will tell you what the car rental in Rimini means, its features, compare the prices, select cheap options, and tell you about car rental companies.

Rimini: how much does it cost to rent a car?

Rent a car in RiminiAs many believe, traveling by a rented car is for the wealthy wanderers. We hurry to dispel this misconception.

The following factors influence the pricing at car rental offices:

  • class and make of the car;
  • rental period;
  • engine capacity; and
  • rental place (it is more expensive at the airport).

Also do not forget about the cost of fuel, mileage, damage excess and other nuances. The car rental price may vary depending on the company to which you turned. Paradoxically, car rental in Rimini becomes advantageous if you need a vehicle for a long time.

The longer the rent term is, the more advantageous the conditions are.

Adherents of independent travels resort to the rental service – this way of moving allows you to individually plan your program, avoiding boring tourist routes. In addition, the traveler no longer depends on intercity trains, overcrowded wagons and always-late transport.

Rental companies usually require a security deposit which is paid either on site (if you rent a car in Rimini itself) or on the company’s website (if you have used the booking service). This amount can be 150-1,000 Euros.

Car rental prices in Rimini - what is included in the priceThe car rental price will include:

  • rental price (depends on the period);
  • damage insurance;
  • unlimited mileage;
  • damage excess (from theft);
  • third party liability insurance;
  • local VAT;
  • airport tax (if the car is rented there);
  • road assistance (24/7); and
  • full tank of fuel.

During the peak season, the average price starts from 71 Euros/day.

Car rental at the airport will cost even more – about 95 Euros. The most popular model is Volkswagen Polo. Here are some more examples (depending on the model):

  • Ford Ka – 34 Euro/day;
  • Chevrolet Impala LS – 44;
  • Toyota Camry – 90; and
  • Suzuki Jimny – 101.

The information has been obtained on the resource specializing in all kinds of comparisons. What about the budget-friendly options, the reader will ask? That’s what.

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Where is it cheaper?

Cheap car rental in RiminiWe continue to use various sites since we are interested in cheap car rental. With a detailed comparison, the picture looks very optimistic – there are many options for 30-50 Euro/day.

Here is the information that was collected on

  • Citroen C1 (four-seater, air-conditioned) – 32.3 Euros;
  • Volskwagen Polo (5 seats) – 36;
  • VW Up (4 seats, automatic transmission, air-conditioned) – 40.6;
  • Volkswagen Golf (manual transmission, 5 seats, air-conditioned) – 41.5;
  • Peugeot 107 (manual transmission, 4 seats, air-conditioned) – 46.6;
  • Fiat Panda (manual transmission, air-conditioned, 4 seats) – 46.7; and
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta (manual transmission, 5 seats, air-conditioned) – 47.

How to rent a car in RiminiThe car rental scheme in Rimini is as follows:

  1. Search for a suitable website and enter the date of the upcoming trip in the form.
  2. Pick up the class and make of the car that suits you.
  3. Fill in the form intended for drivers (personal data should be there).
  4. Complete your reservation by making a prepayment.
  5. Wait for the voucher – you will need it on the spot.

Rent a car without a damage excess

Features of Italian driving are as follows: the streets are narrow, it is easy to scratch a car, and drivers often ignore traffic rules.

The following case is described on one of the forums: tourists parked the car for the night in Rome (in a stone gorge), and in the morning it turned out that the parking place had become a fair. Artichokes and tomatoes were piled right on the hood of the car. Travelers had to drive away arrogant traders, and then take the car out of the alley. On the way, our compatriots touched the scooter of one of the merchants – the owner reacted calmly, he did not even try to move the scooter to the side.

The conclusion is simple – it is better to overpay for insurance, but save yourself from renting with a predatory damage excess franchise. Full insurance costs 10-30 Euros, but it saves the traveler from potential troubles.

An important point: the insurance will not cover the damage to the car caused by you being in a state of intoxication.
Such is the harsh Italian law.

Without departing from the airport

The airport is traditionally the most popular car rental point. The explanation for this lies on the surface – who wants to scour the unfamiliar city and, communicating with the locals in broken Italian, find out the location of the nearest rental company?

Renting a car directly at the airport is the most economical and quickest way to travel.

In the case of pre-booking, the trip will not cause problems at all. Just keep in mind that you will have to pay an additional fee set by the airport administration.

You will need the following documents:

  • Rent a car at Fellini AirportCredit card. An important condition – it should bear the driver’s name. Most companies accept American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.
  • Driver’s license. Throughout the EU (Rimini is not an exception), the driver’s experience must be at least one year. No serious accidents should be recorded.
  • Rental voucher. Usually, it is sent by email (48 hours after the transaction is closed). You need to print the voucher and take it with you – it will be required at the airport.
  • Other documents. Read carefully the rental terms of your agency. Sometimes the standard list may include non-standard items.

What about the national driver’s license?

We smoothly approach the features of the European companycracy. If you received your license in one of the EU countries (for instance, in Latvia or Estonia), there will be no problems with rentals.

Renting a car with a Russian driver’s license is impossible in principle since the document was received outside the European Union. The traveler will need an internationally recognized driver’s license with the national driver’s license attached. Otherwise, the maximum possible loss is invalidated.

There is an age requirement – the driver must not be younger than 21 years old. Some agencies raise the standard to 23 years. In general, in Europe, young drivers are not in favor – an additional tax (or fee – as you like) is levied on them.

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Reading a contract carefully

In order not to get into deep water, carefully read the contract offered by the agency. It should include the following clauses:

  1. The subject of the deal (the car you are renting).
  2. Description of the car (make sure that the equipment includes a first-aid kit, spare tire, GPS, if necessary – a mounting system for the child).
  3. List of defects (indicated schematically or in the form of a description).
  4. Mileage (if this indicator increases, a surcharge may be required from a tourist). Often, unlimited mileage is indicated in the contract, but there are cunning companies stipulating a limit of 200-300 kilometers per day. The rest, as you understand, must be paid at a rate.

Rental Company

Rent a car from AvisBelow is the list of the largest and most reputable rental companies whose offices are located in Rimini:

  • Avis;
  • Europcar;
  • Budget;
  • Sixt;
  • Hertz.

Hertz company rents not only passenger cars but also vans. The office is located on Flaminia, 409 and not far from the Fellini airport.

However, the AVIS service is the best one for several reasons:

  • affordable prices (30-35 Euros – daily rate);
  • ease of communication with staff (in the office, managers understand German, Russian and English);
  • branched network (rental offices are located in most Italian towns);
  • the possibility of online booking;
  • private parking at the airport; and
  • no prepayment and no credit card confirmation.
In some offices, 80-100 Euros are reserved on the card, but they are returned to the driver later.

Four tips as a special treat

  1. Heading to a major city, you should worry about booking a parking space in advance since they are simply not enough in Italy.
    Park properly – otherwise local carabiners will drive a tow truck and move your car to unknown distances. On average, parking pleasure costs 1-3 Euros.
  2. Be vigilant with parking machines – the hellish mechanisms do not like to part with the change. Stock up on cons
  3. Fines in Rimini (and throughout Italy) are exorbitant by our standards. Improper parking – 35-70 Euros, speeding – 131-535 Euros.
    If a policeman has stopped you, sit in the car. Do not even dream of settling the matter with a bribe – you will be subjected to the hardest legal prosecution.
  4. If small children travel with you, take care to equip the salon with child seats. It will cost you 10-15 Euros per day but believe me, local fines are worse.

Let’s summarize.

In Rimini, there are enough offices that provide cars for travelers. The choice is very large, and it is easy to find budget-friendly options. In large agencies, the fleet inspires with respect – there are both cheap minicars and hefty offroaders.

For an ordinary trip, it is better to take a small hatchback or a compact city car. A reliable and comfortable sedan is suitable for family travel.

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