Сities in Italy with airports – an overview of the Adriatic air gates

Международных аэропорты адриатического побережья Италии

Almost every major Italian city has an airport since it is a popular tourist destination. There is no problem to get to the Adriatic coast of Italy – many airlines have regular service with this region. It remains only to choose the best option, and our article will help you with this.

In considering the Adriatic airports, we will try to give detailed information about their location, the major airlines and transport communication with nearby cities. Let’s go.

Italian Adriatic Airports

The choice of the airport largely depends on the cultural program of the traveler and binding to a particular resort. Someone prefers wandering around the coast in search of interesting sights, and someone wants to lie on the beach and forget about everyday troubles.

There is no airport in Lido di Jesolo,so you can get here from the Marco Polo terminal. From Venice, you can sail here by boat or by bus in an hour.

List of the international airports on the coast

After obtaining a visa for your rest on the Italian Adriatic coast, you need to choose the best way to reach sunny beaches. You’re lucky if the airport lies low near the resort where you intend to spend your vacation. So which resort cities have airports?

  1. Аэропорт международного назначения в РиминиFederico Fellini. The man and the airport. It is located in Rimini (5 km from the city), has a relatively compact size and modest infrastructure. Base airlines: Aeroflot, Air Berlin, Ryanair, Luxair, and a dozen more. The online board is at www.riminiairport.com, the enquiry number is +39 0541 715 755. To get to the city center, you need to take a bus or a taxi.
  2. Karol Wojtyla Airport. It is located eight kilometers from the center of Bari. Base airlines include AirBaltic, Air One, British Airways, Lufthansa and several others. You can reach the city center by taxi and bus. The official website of the Bari airport (with online board) is www.seap-puglia.it, enquiry number: +39 080 574 650.
  3. Ancona Falconara.Recently, Ancona airport has undergone restructuring, has been expanded and can now accommodate flights from various European cities. Base airlines include Air France, Lufthansa, Delta, United, Alitalia, and KLM.
    Ancona is connected with other coastal cities by rail and bus service, and taxis are also available. The nearest airports are in Venice and Bologna. The city is connected with Greece, Montenegro and Croatia by ferry crossing. Enquiry number: +39 071 282 71. Official website – www.ancona-airport.com.
  4. Аэропорт Фриули в ТриестеFriuli. This international airport is located in Trieste. You can get here by international flights via London, Rome, Munich, Belgrade and Birmingham. Trieste is also connected to Milan and Rome by domestic airlines.
    The airport is 33 km away from the city center. Base airlines: Lufthansa, Belle Air, Alitalia, Air Dolomiti, Ryanair, and Jat Airways. From there you can reach the city by bus in about an hour (the pleasure will cost you 50 Euros), there is also the option to reach there by train to Monfalcone, followed by taxi transfer. Enquiry service: +39 0481 773 224. The site of the airport in Trieste – www.aeroporto.fvg.it.
  5. Pescara. This large Adriatic city boasts its own international airport – the only one in the Abruzzo region. The terminal is only 3 kilometers away from the center of Pescara. Every 15 minutes a bus drives off to the center (with the symbolic fare of 1 Euro). Pescara is connected by train with Rome, Bologna, Naples, Bari, and Ancona.
    Base airlines: Belle Air, Alitalia, Ryanair, Air Transat, and Air Vallee. Phone number: +390 895 898 95 12. Online board – www.abruzzoairport.com.
  6. Brindisi-Salento. The airport is two kilometers away from the center of Brindisi. Base airlines: Helvetic Airways, Delta Air Lines, Alitalia, Arkia Israel Airlines, and British Airways. Domestic airlines connect Brindisi with Venice, Rome, Milan, Bologna, and Bergamo.
    You can get to the city by taxi or by bus (or, if you wish, on foot). Website – www.aeroportidipuglia.it, enquiry number +39 08314117447.
By the way, Pescara is the largest tourist port in Abruzzo, which has a sea link with Croatia.
Beach lovers will enjoy the white sand and warm sea waters, although in the peak season they will have to occupy a place under the sun beforehand.

Further from shore

This section contains international airports, located aside from the popular resort areas. Aside – does not mean in the suburbs.

  • Аэропорт ТревизоTreviso. This airport is located 20 km from Venice and 3 km from Treviso. Base airlines: Air Berlin, NordStar, WizzAir, Ryanair, and Ukraine.
    The airport is focused mainly on low-cost air travel. It accommodates flights from Paris, Kiev, London, and Berlin. The online board is available on the official website www.trevisoairport.it, and the phone number for enquiries is +39 0422 315111. You can get to Venice by bus, train, and taxi. Flights are linked to buses, so you have to move quickly.
  • Marco Polo. It is a large international airport in the Venetian suburb connected to Mestre and Venice itself by regular transport links. It is a very busy place with extensive infrastructure. Base airlines: Aeroflot, Delta Air Lines, Air France, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Carpatair, British Airways, Darwin Airline, EasyJet, Aer Lingus, Meridiana fly, Air Berlin, Monarch, Brussels Airlines, Thomson Airways, and a couple more dozen. You can get to Venice by boat, bus, and taxi. The online board is available on the official website – www.veniceairport.com. Enquiry number – 041 2606111.
  • Forli. This airport is located in the town of the same name in the north of Italy. To get out of here, you need to take a taxi or a bus going to the train station. The budget-friendly option is to wait for the train. Forli’s largest airlines are Wizz Air and Ryanair.
    The Rimini resort is 60 km away from Forli. Airport website – www.forliairport.com, enquiry number +39 0543 474990.
The Italian transport network is ramified and efficient.

International Italian airports on a country map

We offer you to get to know the location of the “air gates” on the map of the Italian Adriatic.

Let’s summarize: Italy welcomes guests with a large number of international airports, but the Venetian Marco Polo is the key terminal of the Adriatic. This is where most European aircraft fly, providing the tourists with a wide room for planning. Rimini Airport is also popular, but lately there have been negative reviews about the local service and disregard for the Russians.

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