Renting villas and apartments in Croatia for vacations

снять жилье в Хорватии

Once you’ve decided to rest independently, two questions immediately arise: in what region of the country it is best to stay and how to find accommodation in Croatia.

To answer these questions, you need to decide what kind of vacation suits you best: active, sightseeing, or beach rest. It is necessary to take into account the number of people in your vacation company, and, based on this, choose a place to stay.

Selecting accommodation for rent

The coast of this unique country is reach both in noisy entertainment places and quite secluded areas. Accommodation prices in different regions will also vary.

Both the rest and housing rental in Croatia are designed for people with different incomes, and everyone will choose what suits him/her best. In the peak season, rent can cost an average of 600 – 2,000 Euros per week, but if necessary, it is possible to find accommodation at prices ranging from 400 to 4,000 Euros per week.

As a rule, the following expenses are included in the rental price of an apartment or a villa:

  • tourist tax,
  • air conditioning,
  • water and electricity,
  • bed linen and towels, and
  • room cleaning.

Booking implies a payment in the amount of 30% of the price of the whole stay to the owners’ current account. In case of cancellation, the prepayment is usually non-refundable.

For the peak season – from June to August, it is best to book accommodation in advance, preferably in January-February; otherwise, you will have to choose from the remaining, possibly less attractive offers.

The Istria Peninsula is the most popular holiday destination.In addition to the excellent weather and clean sea, which are usually for Croatia, the climate is milder there, and there is no sweltering heat. In addition, it is within easy reach of Italy and Slovenia, which will be especially appreciated by travel lovers.

There is an excellent road junction, as well as the airport. Those who want to buy a property in Croatia should pay particular attention to that. Istria is the best suited to active lovers of sports and entertainment events.

Price of renting apartments to families with children compares favorably with the cost of tours to hotels.

For those who appreciate the sights, as well as quiet and measured rest, it is best to stay in Dalmatia. A large number of ancient cities are concentrated there:

  • Dubrovnik,
  • Split, and
  • Šibenik.

If you are set to a beach holiday, then select accommodation on the islands of Croatia. Despite the relative lack of people, it is here that the best beaches, pine groves, and vineyards are located.

Great beaches are located on the Makarska Riviera. Croatian beaches are remarkable because you can find secluded and quiet places near the sea even in the peak season.

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How to rent a house in Croatia and what type to select?

In Croatia, you can rent apartments of three types:

  1. Cozy accommodation located along the coast near the beaches. Due to the proximity of the sea, the pools are not often found here, but there are always all the necessary appliances, two or three bedrooms, a terrace, and parking for cars.
  2. Apartments in the resort cities. As a rule, they are located in old stone houses, however, they all offer excellent repair and are fully equipped with household appliances.
  3. Excellent modern apartments in private houses. Usually, during the rest of the guests, owners live nearby in the same houses on another floor.

All residential premises of this level are the separate apartments with shower and toilet, television and the Internet. Studios are especially widespread.

If you want to relax in picturesque places near the beach, in the apartments of Brela or Makarska Riviera, make a booking in advance.

The popularity of holidaying in apartments is growing rapidly among families with children since there is no dependence on the hotel’s schedule and the possibility to prepare the food your child prefers. Moreover, there is a category of moms who love to buy groceries on their own and feed the whole family. In addition, there is always the opportunity to visit many cozy restaurants with delicious national food.

The holiday in the apartments is also remarkable by the fact that while being among the residents, talking with them and visiting non-touristic places, it may seem that you live in Croatia and are part of it.

The cheapest apartments are located at 150 – 200 meters from the sea. The expensive ones, respectively, are located directly on the first line.

Well, those who want to return here again and again, can buy apartments in Croatia, since the prices here are quite acceptable, and enjoy your rest in this fabulous country at any convenient time.

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Rental and buying a villa

Renting a villa in Croatia

In the northern part of Croatia, villas are located 500 to 1,000 m away from the sea due to the numerous hotels on the first line. But this remoteness is compensated by the pools in the territory of the villas, as well as tennis courts.

In Southern Dalmatia, on the contrary, it is easy to rent a villa just 20-30 meters from the sea.

The housing of this class can be both relatively small, with two to three bedrooms and cost from 400 to 1,200 Euros per week, and chic one, with the impressive private area, with:

  • pools,
  • garden, and
  • several bedrooms and bathrooms.

Rental of such a luxurious villa can cost up to 4,000 Euros.

Lessors do not return an advance payment in case of refusal to rent.

As a rule, the villas are located near all necessary tourist infrastructure, beautifully furnished, and equipped with the necessary modern equipment, as well as with a terrace and a parking lot. You can also relax in the adjacent gardens with gazebos for a barbeque. Those who like history can even rent a villa in the form of a castle.

Yachtsmen often rent estates located on the islands perfect to combine active, beach and secluded rest. By the way, the decision to buy a villa in Croatia will be an ideal investment option.

In this case, such property will not only serve as a place of rest but will also bring excellent income, due to the number of tourists in this Balkan country growing every year.

The price of a small villa in Istria with a pool is about 350 thousand Euros, and a luxurious one near the sea will cost you a few million Euros. Net profit from the rental will be more than 35 thousand Euros per season.

Visiting Croatia at least once, you will definitely want to return again to this ecologically clean and beautiful place, especially if you relax in a villa or apartment away from the crowded resorts. Then a full and truly unforgettable vacation in this amazing country is guaranteed.

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