How to buy an apartment in Montenegro: prices and specifics of the real estate

купить квартиру в Черногории

Many people who want to buy an apartment in Montenegro or a house in a country with a mild climate, warm sea, and incredibly beautiful landscapes have been interested in real estate in recent years.

However, before your dream comes true, you need to decide on the location and find out the prices and the procedure of purchase.

Apartments in Montenegro

To choose an apartment in this country, you need to decide on its purpose right away:

  • Apartment for vacation – preference should be given to real estate located in the resort areas on the coast.
  • Apartment for permanent residence – an apartment in the area with developed infrastructure will be perfect.
    Before you buy an apartment, you can ask about the future of the area where you chose the property. Perhaps you should not overpay for a developed tourist city but rather opt for a quiet area which is expecting a large-scale development.

Many people decide to buy an apartment in Tivat because it is one of the most popular cities in Montenegro for the sale of real estate at the moment.

The Tivat airport is the decisive point when buying an apartment.

This is not only due to the Mediterranean climate but also to the location. The airport, which is located 4 kilometers from the city, is the decisive point for foreign buyers because they can get to their home in Tivat very quickly from anywhere in the world.

This area resembles a fairy tale due to Vrmac mountains and the Adriatic Sea coast next to it.

Reviews about the ski resorts in MontenegroTourists visit the ski resorts of Montenegro in winter. If you prefer outdoor activities, you should think about buying an apartment in Kolasin and Zabljak.

Which city by the sea to choose for buying an apartment in Montenegro?

It is easy to guess that most tourists prefer to buy apartments by the sea, most often in the developed cities: Bečići, Budva, Petrovac, and others.

  • Budva is one of the most popular cities among foreigners who decide to buy real estate in Montenegro. This is because it is a well-known and comfortable resort with a developed infrastructure.
    All you need to buy an apartment in Budva is find an experienced realtor and conclude a deal – the state does not interfere with the purchase of housing by foreigners, so you will obtain the right to the chosen property without any problems.
  • Bar is another excellent option for acquiring an apartment located on the Adriatic coast. It is famous not only for the warm climate and clean beaches but also for the large port in Montenegro, which you can use to visit Italy.
    Many foreigners prefer to buy apartments in Bar to enjoy the city sights and historical monuments.
  • Bečići attracts buyers with a developed infrastructure, water parks, clubs, restaurants, and leisure parks. Many foreigners decide to buy an apartment in Bečići in order to relax on the incomparable Becici Beach, recognized as the best on the Adriatic coast.
  • Buying a house in Sutomore in MontenegroSutomore is no less popular for future owners of apartments in Montenegro. This small town is located a few kilometers from the capital, Podgorica.
    Buying an apartment in Sutomore is a perfect option for anyone who is tired of the bustle and big cities. Creative people and those who are tired of busy noisy megacities like to relax and live there.
    There is nothing more pleasant than walking through the quiet little streets, visiting the beach, and relaxing in a bar or a restaurant.
  • Petrovac. Many families with children who decide to move to Montenegro choose apartments in Petrovac, a city with a developed infrastructure and a large number of shops, supermarkets, and playgrounds.
    Buying an apartment in Petrovac will suit those who are keen on active sports because it is best developed in this city.

Options of inexpensive apartments in Montenegro

Back two decades ago, it was enough to sell an apartment in the regional city of Western Europe and afford comfortable apartments in Montenegro. However, times have changed now, and prices have significantly increased, but you still can save some money.

You should not consider options in developed resort cities to buy cheap apartments in Montenegro. Prices there are quite high compared with the cost of real estate in other regions of the country, despite the European rule for developers to not charge more than 20% extra.

Sale of apartments in the new buildings by the sea by the developersInexpensive apartments for sale in Montenegro by the sea can be found in undeveloped areas with poor infrastructure. However, such a purchase can be successful if the region is expecting further development – you just have to wait a bit.

Sometimes residential complexes built in undeveloped areas may lack all the necessary communications. In this case, the apartments are sold at a low price to attract people and foreign investment.

Prices for apartments in Montenegro

The first thing of interest for a foreigner who decided to buy an apartment abroad is the property price. The cost of an apartment in Montenegro depends on the district it is located in and the size of the living space.

The highest price for real estate is in Budva, a city that can offer absolutely any entertainment. You can choose an apartment in high-rise or low-rise buildings, regular or elite.
The estimated cost of one square meter in the new building in Budva is 1,400-1,500 euros. Prices for apartments in Milocer, Bečići, and Bar slightly differ.

The cheapest way is to buy an apartment directly from the developer because its premium is 15-20%, and it increases to 30-40% when the property is sold through an agency.

How much an apartment in Montenegro on the coast costs:

  • the average price of housing with an area of ​​35 square meters is 80.000 euros,
  • 44 square meters in the pre-owned market will cost 50.000 euros.

Montenegro – hotel with the own beachWhile you don’t own a home, you can find hotels in Montenegro with a private beach.

Resorts in Montenegro with sandy beaches are very popular

The end of the beach season in Montenegro is in the fall – find here whether the weather in Budva in September is good for vacation by the sea.

How the apartments in Montenegro are sold

The process of selling apartments in this country is quite simple, but many experts advise to find a reliable realtor who will control the deal.

It is better to hire a realtor to conclude a deal to buy an apartment.

Acquisition of an apartment in Montenegro should begin with choosing the right option and opening an account in a local bank. After this, the procedure is the same:

  1. Deposit and preliminary agreement. If you choose an apartment in Montenegro from the developer or in the pre-owned market, then a 10% deposit is paid, sometimes the amount may be slightly higher.
    When the money is handed over, the seller has to issue a contract (a preliminary agreement) and the receipt of money. Apartments in the new building or in the pre-owned market (it does not matter) are purchased only with the participation of a lawyer.
  2. Final contract. When it is signed, the buyer receives a document on the property ownership and an extract from the registry. All these actions are carried out only in the building of the local court in the presence of a judge and a lawyer.
  3. Final payment. Once the contract is certified by a court seal and signed by both parties, the buyer has to wire the money to the seller’s account within 30 days. If this does not happen, the seller has the right to terminate the deal and keep the deposit.

To acquire an apartment on the Adriatic coast is the dream of many foreigners. However, it is worth reading reviews from other people before buying an apartment in Montenegro. This will help prepare for difficulties and make the right choice of the city.

Olga and her husband – review on buying an apartment in MontenegroOlga and her husband had long dreamed of an apartment by the sea and chose Budva – the resort city in Montenegro.
There were many options, but prices were not as low as friends told them. As a result, they purchased a two-bedroom apartment in a new building.
The process of registration of the sale took a while, but our customers had no doubt in the purity of the deal.

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