Renting a house by the sea in Montenegro: a dream and reality

аренда дома в Черногории

Independent rental in Montenegro

Every summer during the peak months all hotels on the Montenegrin coast are crowded. For those who do not want to stop in such crowded places where life is in full swing twenty-four hours straight, another option will fit more.

For an annual rest with a family or with a group of friends in Montenegro, long-term rental of a flat, apartment or a separate house is much more attractive. In the future, an agreement for renting a property for a long period will assist in obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro. In the case of long-term rental of housing, you can obtain a good discount.

Get a residence permit in Montenegro by renting housing for a long time.

Step-by-step tips for housing rental:

  1. Determining the place of residence in the country. Budva Riviera is the most popular place. Here you can rent a flat or apartments in the city or directly on the seashore from 50 Euros per day.
    However, the cost of renting in this area is higher than at other resorts in the country for the same area. In the Bay of Kotor, cottages and villas located in very picturesque places overlooking the sea are more often rented for100 to 300 Euros per day.
  2. Looking for accommodation in advance. Having decided on a place of rest, it is worthwhile to find accommodation in advance. An Internet search will be of great help. For a commission, numerous tourist sites will help you to easily pick up a house or apartment in accordance with all the conditions, organize a transfer from the airport to the house, and will introduce you the surrounding sights.
    If you do not want to look for something yourself, then you can stop there. A different story is when you want to rent a house from the owner in which case you will have to spend a little more time searching for a suitable house, but this will allow you to significantly reduce costs.
  3. Prepayment. Finally, the choice is made, all conditions with the owner of the house are stipulated, plane tickets are in your pocket, and unforgettable days of rest in a picturesque place of Montenegro with family or close friends are waiting for you. To guarantee that the booked accommodation will not stand idle in the high season, the owner has the right to request an advance payment of 20-30% of the rental price.
  4. Does it worth to select housing on the spot? If you prefer unexpected solutions, then you can find housing upon arrival in Montenegro. Reaching the destination, you will not be left on the street anyway.
    But it may take more than one hour to find an apartment or a house, and it’s not very convenient to look for a house with luggage in hand. In addition, at the height of the season, all good options will not be available, and the choice will be limited to the houses staying , without guests for whatever reason.

Renting a flat in MontenegroAre you interested in renting an apartment in Montenegro? Find out detailed information about renting apartments in this country.

If you have a property, then you can start selling an apartment in Montenegro at the peak of the season. Here you can find everything about how to sell it profitably.

Before plunging into the gentle waters of the Adriatic, do not forget to register to pay the tourist tax, which must be done in 3 days. The amount depends on the region of the country and ranges from 0.25 to 1 Euro per person per day.

According to the law, these fees are tax deductible for the property owner. After paying the tax, the tourist will obtain a so-called “white card” – a card with his/her data, as well as the address of the rental housing and the rental period.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is best to draw up a white cardb by yourself, in the nearest office of the regional tourism organization by providing only your passport.

Do not forget to register in three days to pay the tourist tax and get a white card to avoid misunderstandings with the owner.

If you managed to rent a house or arrange rental in Montenegro without intermediaries, you should inform the property owner about the receipt of your white card because he/she will have to pay the tax.

This card is not required during the rest. The white card will be requested only upon ground crossing the country’s border and, possibly, at the airport upon returning home.

The penalty for the lack of white card is 150-220 Euros. You will have to pay for it in the nearest branch of a bank. Bear in mind that the plane will not wait for you.

Holidaymaker’s dream is to rent a house on the very seashore

Renting a house by the seaToday, both Europeans and Russians are actively digesting Montenegro resorts. Sometimes it is easier and cheaper to rent a house by the sea in Ulcinj or a room in Budva than in Crimea or Sochi.

So, it remains to make the right choice and go on a summer vacation to this part of the Adriatic coast.

Renting a yacht in MontenegroDid you decide to go fishing and are interested in renting a yacht in Montenegro? Find out everything about the benefits of yachting in Montenegro.

Budva is the best city for fishing in Montenegro where ideal conditions are created for good fishing.

If you want to go fishing on the far shore, then find out how to rent a car in Montenegro at the following link What is needed for this?

If the constant sound of the waves, the smell of the sea, fishing in the morning or evening dawn attract you, then houses and apartments on the first coastline are at your disposal.

What it means:

  1. The sea will splash almost under your feet, and your house will be no more than 50 meters from the beach.
  2. The most popular cafes, restaurants, shops, and playgrounds are concentrated in the same line. So, there is no need to go far for entertainment.
  3. To live a stone’s throw away from the surf line, you should take care of renting a house on the sea in Montenegro at least six months before the summer begins. At the peak of the season do not even think about finding free places here.
  4. Houses on the coast are an expensive pleasure. The price of rent is compensated by picturesque views, silence and gentle sea almost at the doorstep.
  5. Having rented a house on the Sveti Stefan Island or in its vicinity, you can quite accidentally meet someone from Hollywood or Russian celebrities.
The Sveti Stefan city-hotel is one of a kind in the entire Mediterranean. This place is considered to be the most prestigious for recreation and is ideal for those who like Montenegrin beaches.

How to save on vacation? Simply rent a house without intermediaries!

Renting a house by the sea without intermediariesFinally, a few words about how to have a good rest, gain strength and unforgettable impressions, and still be able to save money by even renting a house on the coastline:

  • Plan your rest in advance. It is easier to live according to plan than in constant time trouble. Decide on the vacation in advance and book a house in Montenegro six months before the intended trip.
    In this case, it will be possible to reduce the rental price by 20-30%. If you agree with the owner on renting the house next year during the holidays, the price will be even lower.
  • Go as a big company. You can save on renting if you plan to travel with your family or a large company. Each vacationer must pay for a place in the hotel, whereas in the case of renting a house, the payment rate is fixed and rarely depends on the number of tourists moved in.
  • Choose a non-crowded place. You should not go where the mainstream of tourists goes. You can choose a less crowded and therefore more affordable place. For example, a house rented in Bar will be 10-15% cheaper than the one in popular Budva.
  • Rent a house a little further from the beach. In the end, you can rent a house 300 meters from the sea. It will cost 4 times cheaper than on the first line.
  • Rent a house for a long time. If you want to relax, then do this at full throttle. Renting a house on the sea for a period of more than a month suggests a good discount. If renting a house for the whole summer or even for half a year, the price will be even lower.
Save on rent – book your accommodation in advance.

Gone are the times when rest on a trade union voucher was considered to be the ultimate dream.

Today there is an opportunity to spend the money earned on the type of rest that will allow fully improving your health, providing an opportunity to go where you wanted to be since your childhood, and will leave vivid impressions.

Now, all Montenegrin resorts are rightfully considered to be the best place for this.

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