Resorts of Albania: the most popular holiday destinations for any tourist

Resorts of Albania

No one knows how, but the resorts of Albania have become no less popular than Spanish, Italian, Croatian, and Greek resorts. Albania is not inferior to neighboring Montenegro and Greece in the number of vacationers. Albania is a safe, hospitable, exotic country with clean beaches and gentle sea. The nature is beautiful and unspoiled, the prices are affordable; there are many unexplored places and dozens of popular breathtaking resorts.

Beach Holidays in

Albania is a small mountainous state with a developed tourist infrastructure. Therefore, every traveler will find the desired type of vacation. The main beach resorts of the country are Durres, Saranda, and Vlore. There are also a lot of small towns located along the coast. There are many options for relaxation – for every taste and budget.

Resorts in Albania can be divided into categories:

  1. For a relaxing family holiday with children. These are the bays of Ksamil and Vlore with numerous entertainments for children of different ages and with a developed infrastructure.
  2. Youth. These are Saranda and Durres with beach parties and numerous noisy clubs.
  3. Tranquil resorts. These include villages forming the Albanian Riviera. This is a special area, which includes tourist coastal villages from Pasala to Lukove. The most famous are Dhermi, Borsh, Himara, Lukove, and Qeparo.

Based on the reports of travellers who have been to Albania, we can state that the cleanest and the most beautiful sea is in the south of the state. This is the territory where the country borders with Greece, namely the island of Corfu.

In the north, Albania is washed by the Adriatic Sea, and in the south – by the Ionian Sea. Depending on the location, the color of the water is different. In the north, it is blue, in the south it is of an azure hue.

The best resorts of Albania

Albania has a warm Mediterranean climate, so the air temperature never drops below 0 degrees. In the summertime, it can reach +30 degrees, but a cool, moist breeze from the sea compensates for this, as a result of which it is much easier to tolerate heat.

Tourism infrastructure is developed on the coast. The country has everything for a comfortable beach holiday for any company. On the long and wide coastline are the best pebble and sandy beaches. They are always clean and well maintained. Near the beaches, there are many attractions that will appeal both to children and adults.

As tourism in Albania is only gaining popularity, the prices for accommodation and services are reasonable. Local people are good-natured and welcoming. Walking along the streets, tourists will appreciate the national cuisine when visiting a cozy cafe, a dining room or a restaurant. So where will you go for an unforgettable vacation?

The top “Best Resorts of Albania” are:

  • historical center – Tirana;
  • settlements for a beach holiday – Durres, Saranda, Vlore;
  • small villages of Shengjin and Ksamil.

Tourists also often visit Berat, Gjirokastra, Pogradec, Fier, Korce, and Peshkopi.

Tirana – the capital of Albania with a centuries-long history

Tourists get acquainted with Albania starting with the capital. There are the main historical and archaeological sites of the country in Tirana. There are many buildings of the Soviet era, there is architecture in Italian, Balkan, and Turkish styles.

The city was founded by the Turks, who built shops, saunas, a mosque, and a bakery at the intersection of trade routes. Life had been in full swing here – fragments of the Byzantine fortress and the Roman building of 3-6 centuries testify to this.

Tirana starts from the central square of Skanderberg. East of the capital are Daiti Mountains. The massif and rolling hills restrict access to the sea. Tourists go to other cities in the country for a beach holiday.

An eastern bazaar, striking in its color, adjoins Skanderbeg Square. You can contemplate and get acquainted with the local mentality in this area as in no other corner of the country. The market sells food and souvenirs. Prices are too high – you need to haggle.

You can rent accommodation in Tirana in numerous hotels with different numbers of stars. To immerse into the local atmosphere, it is worth taking a walk through the residential quarters of the capital, located further from the center.

In the 21st century, Tirana started to develop actively and turned from a gloomy city into a resort settlement. The capital consists of 11 districts, most of the attractions are concentrated in the center. They are easy to get around on foot. The best hotels that are developing and becoming affordable for tourists are also located here.


To continue exploring the culture and history of the state, tourists go sightseeing to:

  • National Historical Museum on Skanderbeg Square;
  • Et’hem-mei mosque, built in the 18th century – the building is distinguished by a beautiful minaret and an unusual dome;
  • the clock tower adjacent to the mosque, which has been preserved since the 19th century;
  • the archaeological museum – an institution where you can find out the most detailed and reliable information about the history of the state;
  • Petrela Castle;
  • National Art Gallery with numerous artworks;
  • residence of Enver Hoxhy;
  • the legendary Tyran “Pyramid”;
  • martyrs’ cemetery on the territory of Deshmoret-e-Kombit Boulevard, which is also an observation deck.

Having learned the peculiarities of the mentality and some historical information, tourists go on a beach holiday to other cities of the country, which are located on the coasts of the Adriatic and the Ionian seas.

The resort city of Durres

The resort city of Durres Albania

It is the second-largest city in Albania, located in the north of the state. It is washed by the Adriatic Sea, there are many clean sandy beaches along the long and wide coastline. It is easy to reach the sea from any part of the city – buses run regularly.


Durres has a lot of wonderful and interesting attractions: endless beaches begin south of the port; tourists go to the Golem area to admire beautiful sunsets. There are not many entertainments on the coast, but the sea is clean, the bottom is sandy, the coast is slightly sloping. Merchants walk along the beach serving drinks and snacks. The conditions are suitable for families with children.

From 8 p.m. the embankment turns into a promenade – from 8 p.m. until the morning cars are prohibited. Tourists and locals start the evening promenade. The procession lasts until 11 p.m., and later on, Durres falls asleep. There is no nightlife in Albania except for some youth resorts.


Durres is interesting for families with children, lovers of sightseeing, cultural recreation and youth. Numerous nightclubs with discos and noisy parties are available for young people in the city center.

There are also supermarkets, clinics, banks, fitness centers, and beauty salons. Entertainment facilities and hotels are open all year round – you can come to Durres any time. You can book a room in two to five-star hotels. Elite housing is rented in Cherret, where a charming colorful fishing village is located.


The settlement began to exist in 627 BC. At different times, people of different nationalities and estates ruled it: the Romans, Ottomans, Italians, Corinthians, and Byzantines. Each people left original architectural monuments created in their style. As a result, there are many attractions in Durres:

  • The most attractive for tourists is the Roman Amphitheater, built in the 2nd century BC with a crypt and a chapel with ancient frescoes and mosaics.
  • Walls of a Byzantine settlement built in the 6th century. In the 14th century, they were fortified with several Venetian towers. One of them hangs over the sea waves. It is a bar now. This is a favorite vacation spot for modern youth.
  • Roman aqueduct.
  • Mount Dajti is 2,600 m high. You can go there by cable car and enjoy the panoramic views.
  • Kruje town with a fortress.
  • Shkoder – a town on the lake with a fortress.
  • Fatih Mosque of the 16th century – the construction adorns the main square of the city.
  • Roman baths with a “fish pool”, baths, frigidariums and caldariums.

Resorts in Albania are very popular among vacationers with kids due to the mild climate, shallow, calm sea and developed infrastructure.

Saranda – one of the top best resorts in Albania

The village of Saranda is popular among Albanians and tourists from around the world. Located in the south of Albania, opposite the Greek island of Corfu, it is washed by the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. Guests stay in hotels of various levels of comfort.

Beach vacation

Wide sand and pebble beaches stretch along the long coast. This place is for lovers of a quiet and relaxing beach holiday.


Saranda is the most European city in Albania. This is due to the strong influence of neighboring Greece. Most of the locals are ethnic Greeks.

There are hotels on the coastline, cafes, restaurants, shops, and nightclubs. The village is famous for its high-quality olive oil of domestic production.

In catering, chefs prepare seafood, fish, meat, pizza, and a variety of local dishes. The food is tasty and of high-quality – local chefs are very serious about their business and their reputation is very important for them.

Hotel rooms and houses overlook the neighboring island of Corfu. You can go there daily by ferry. Most tourists come in the summer – during the swimming season, which is typical of a Mediterranean resort. In winter, many establishments are closed.


There is only one historical architectural landmark in Saranda – the ruins of the ancient city of Butrint. This is an open-air museum and archaeological park, and tourists like to walk along its walls.

Visitors can see the ancient theatre, baths and can touch the grandiose parts of the past. When you go beyond the ancient walls of the park, the tour goes on, – travelers go sightseeing to other eras. They can see the aqueduct of the Romans, the church, and the fortress.

In the vicinity of the village there are other places popular with vacationers:

  • The resort town of Borsch which is located next to Saranda. It is characterized by beautiful landscapes and an amazing blue sea.
  • Greek island of Corfu.
  • The Blue Eye is a water source with azure water.
  • “Silver City” or Gjirokaster – UNESCO World Archaeological Heritage.
  • The ancient city ​​of Fojnike.
  • Lekursi Castle.

Vlore – Albanian Nice

Vlore Albania

This is a large resort city in the south of Albania, located at the intersection of the Ionian and the Adriatic seas. Vlora is a favorite vacation spot for older people. Senior citizens love the city for its mild climate and quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Beach vacation

On the Adriatic coast, beaches are covered with fine sand, and on the Ionian Sea, there are pebbles. The beaches are separated by cozy bays. Around the beaches, there are olive and citrus groves that fill the area with magical aromas. Nearby the beaches there is a nature reserve.

The seawater is clean, clear and warm. Bottom lowering is gradual, it is easy to come into the water. Fine pebbles and soft gentle sand cover the bottom of the sea. The conditions are suitable for families with kids. Those who want unity with nature go to the wild rocky beaches located far away.


There are three – five-star hotels for vacationers. You can rent apartments overlooking the sea. The infrastructure is developed at the highest level, its pleasant to have a walk around. The roads are well paved, the streets are paved with cobblestones, transport links are established.

Tourists willing to relax from the hustle and bustle go for a walk to the mountain slopes among coniferous plantings. There is clean, fresh air and untouched nature.

You can have a snack in numerous restaurants and cafes. Hotels, catering facilities and other tourist infrastructure facilities are open all year-round.


Vlora has a rich centuries-old history, as evidenced by architectural monuments. Tourists will be interested to visit the following sights:

  • The ancient Illyrian city ​​of Apollonia.
  • Ardenica Monastery.
  • Ancient Greek Bulis – an amphitheatre where you can check the acoustics. The structure is built in such a way that even whispering can be heard in the back rows.
  • Numerous churches.
  • Fortresses of the 11th century.

Ksamil Resort – Albanian Bahamas and Seychelles

This is a popular resort village on the Balkan Peninsula, located near Saranda – in the south of the state. In ancient times, it was called Hexamil. Now it is considered to be like the Seychelles.

Beach vacation

Ksamil is one of the best resorts in Albania due to the delightful clean white beaches. The city is located on the coast of the Ionian Sea. The water is clean, clear, and turquoise-blue. The beach is combined – there are both pebbles and fine sand.


There are no high buildings in the resort but many cozy hotels for families and small hotels. There are fish restaurants serving dishes made exclusively from freshly caught fish.


The nearest attraction is the city of Butrint, located 15 minutes from Ksamil.
It is easy to get to the Greek island of Corfu, located a couple of kilometers by sea.
Ksamil is part of the eponymous national natural park. It is a bay and the southernmost resort in Albania.

Shenjin – a cosy resort on the border with Montenegro

Shenjin Albania

The last on the list of the top tourist resorts in Albania is a tourist center in a cozy bay. Shenjin is located in a cozy bay in the north-west of Albania. In the past, it was a fishing village.

Beach vacation

Shenjin is a long white sandy beach on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Coniferous forest borders the coast, further on there are mountains. The conditions are suitable for travelers who prefer an eventful and interesting vacation.

The resort will appeal to vacationers with children. Tourists come to rest in the summer. At this time, you can swim, sunbathe in the sea and go sightseeing. The aromas of the forest harmoniously combine with the sea air.


On the beach and in the city, there is everything for a tourist to have a comfortable rest. There are shopping and entertainment centers for people of different ages. You can rent accommodation in numerous hotels of different levels of comfort.

Tourists stay in hotels, family-type accommodation and campsites. There are sports grounds and playgrounds, attractions, and entertainment facilities for children. Adults can go fishing.


In Shenjin, there are many natural and historical attractions that you can visit on your own or join a tourist tour:

  1. Illyrian city ​​of Shkodra.
  2. Rozafa Castle.
  3. Lezhe City.
  4. Skadar Lake.
  5. Franz Joseph Island.
  6. Ulcinj and Viluni lagoons.
  7. Large national parks.

Resorts in Albania are developing cities with constantly improving infrastructure. Vacationers come to the country for a beach holiday, architectural monuments and attractions. The state is distinguished by good ecology, numerous nature reserves and national parks.

The beaches are clean, the water in the seas warms up to the optimum temperature, the climate is mild. Fresh breeze mixes with mountain air and aromas of coniferous trees. There are all necessary conditions for a comfortable family and youth holiday in Albania.