Where to relax in Croatia: going to the country of ancient ruins and pebble beaches

Хорватия: где отдохнуть

Croatia is a country adapted for travelers with a developed infrastructure and practically untouched nature. Here, people who seek solitude and tranquility will enjoy relaxing. The resort season covers all summer months in Croatia and also extends to May, September, and October.

Locals are welcoming, hotels are immersed in greenery, and the exhausting heat will not spoil your vacation.

We will take a tour of the best resorts in this country, spot the places with the most affordable prices, and also find out where to go with children.

Where is it better to rest? Sea vacation in Croatia

The country has eight resorts recognized by Europeans as the best ones.

We will look at some of them in more detail – considering the issue of where to rest on the sea and not only by months. For now, we limit ourselves to the listing with brief accompanying information:

  1. Šibenik. With its rocky and fine pebble beaches, it is great for family holidays.
  2. Dubrovnik. This place will suit the lovers of rich excursion programs and ancient sights. Beaches:
    • rocky,
    • pebble, and
    • concrete.
  3. Split. Unique mineral resorts are located here. The beaches are the same as in Dubrovnik.
  4. Istria Peninsula. Tourists come here who have decided to cunningly combine a beach holiday with excursion tours in Italy. The beaches are the same as in Split.
  5. Hvar Island. This corner of Croatia is the best place for:
    • extreme young people,
    • divers,
    • underwater photographers, and
    • fishermen.

    In addition to pebbly and fine pebble beaches, you can also find sandy ones.

  6. Brač Island. Holidays here will be unhurried and calm. The beaches are pebbly and sandy.
  7. Krk Island. Respectable resort attracting yachtsmen and family tourists.
    Pebbly beaches have a gentle sandy descent which is an undeniable advantage for those who take a small child on a journey.
  8. Korčula Island. Another mecca for divers and amateurs of water sports disciplines.
    The beaches are mostly sandy and pebbled ones.

There are some features of summer rest in Croatia:

  • It is suitable for people who do not tolerate heat since it is absent here; and
  • the sea is warming gradually.

The article is for the lovers of early Adriatic rest and those who are crazy about the mellow season.

Below we will try to consider options for everyone.

Where to rest in June?

Experienced travelers advice choosing the southern regions of Croatia in May and June since the water temperature becomes comfortable at that time. Therefore, it is not worth going to Istria, but Dubrovnik will suit you perfectly.

So, let’s go over the “June” resorts:

  • Dubrovnik. Many people call this city a state in a state.
    Tourist season is the longest one here, and the sea is incredibly warm. The climate is Mediterranean and mild enough. The unique ancient architecture was the reason why Dubrovnik had been included in the UNESCO list.
    The local port is adapted for mooring of cruise liners. The ancient ruins and medieval atmosphere are a great advantage
    The disadvantage is concrete and rocky beaches, so it’s not worth going there with the kids.
  • Brela. This resort city is considered one of the best on the Adriatic.
    Single tourists will like many kilometers of pebble beaches, but they are not suitable for family travel. Hotels can boast the highest level of service, but you will have to book a room in advance because everything is jam-packed here during the peak season.
    The Fishing Nights Festival gathers crowds of tourists from all over Europe. The ruins of the Herceg Tower stretched out on Mount Biokovo also deserve attention.
  • Vodice. Modernity and antiquity wonderfully fit within this resort.
    It is worth coming here for:
    • historical sights,
    • warm sea, and
    • music festivals.

    Local hotels cover a range of budgets:

    • luxury villas,
    • apartments, and
    • budget hotels.

    Key sights:

    • the Chericev Toran triangular tower,
    • Okit Mount, and
    • Church of the Holy Cross.

    Despite the fact that Vodice is located in Northern Dalmatia, the water will be quite warm here.

Where it is better to rest with a child: in Croatia or MontenegroGoing on a trip to the Adriatic, many parents wonder where it is better to relax with a child: in Croatia or Montenegro so that both adults and kids can relax. If you choose the second option, the answer to the question where to rest in Montenegro with the children is here. An excellent choice for a full-fledged family holiday at affordable prices!

In July

By the middle of summer, even the most northern Croatian resorts are warming up, so the choice is expanding significantly.

  • Šibenik. Another resort of the north of Dalmatia. As many as three national parks are located there, and the infrastructure has almost reached European standards.
    In Šibenik, historical sites are closely intertwined with natural beauty:
    • labyrinthine medieval streets,
    • embankments,
    • pavements, and
    • churches.

    All this makes up the unique atmosphere of the old town.

    The advantage is a rarity of sandy beaches and the restaurants forever closed in the evenings.

  • Brac. This island is the third largest in the Adriatic.
    Brac is extremely beautiful with its:
    • vineyards,
    • pine forests, and
    • olive groves.

    The famous quarries for the extraction of white stone (of which the Diocletian’s palace in Split was built) are located there.

    Typical “island” situation allows you to relax from the noisy cities and populous resort.

    Gourmets will be delighted with Brac cuisine.

    You can only reach the mainland by ferry.

  • Krk. It is the largest Adriatic island. It has a lot of interesting sights, such as:
    • ancient city-fortresses,
    • vineyards,
    • monasteries, and
    • amazing karst caves.

    The rugged coastline has formed many bays and coves, in which pebble and sandy beaches hide.

    The island is connected to the mainland through a beautiful bridge.

    The benefits of rest here include:

    • inexpensive family taverns,
    • delicious cuisine, and
    • developed children’s infrastructure (swings, slides, and specially equipped beaches).

In August

Last summer month is the hottest and most humid one.

We will advise the north of the country for those who intend to go in the middle of the month since the sweltering heat will begin to subside closer to September.

  • Istria. This peninsula is very close to the Italian territory. This advantage is enjoyed by local tour operators who regularly organize tours to Italy. The most popular excursion routes include:
    • Trieste,
    • Venice, and
    • Plitvice Lakes.

    The beaches here are not as comfortable as in the central regions of Dalmatia, but the August climate is more pleasant.

  • Split. This resort belongs to the region of Central Dalmatia.
    In August, it is quite hot here, but the pine trees growing along the coastline give shade and a unique aroma. The entrance to the sea is gentle, contributing to family tourism.
    The town of Podgora is nearby – it is famous for its mineral springs.
  • Rovinj. This town is located in the west of Croatia and has earned a reputation of the most fashionable Croatian resort. Rovinj is located within the Istria peninsula.
    Romantic couples love this place for:
    • sleepy streets,
    • night discos,
    • natural beauty, and
    • unique ledges of medieval streets.

In September

Dubrovnik in SeptemberThe heat subsides and the mellow season begins in Croatia. So, it is time to look for sunny places closer to the south.

  • Hvar Island. It is the sunniest place on the Adriatic. Very exotic plants grow there, such as:
    • rosemary,
    • lavender, and
    • oleander.

    We recommend Hvar to sports enthusiasts, namely:

    • divers,
    • tennis players, and
    • golfers.

    The atmosphere here is relaxed and quite secluded one.

    Unfortunately, the nearest airport is located in Split, from where you will have to travel by water taxi or ferry.

  • Umag. It is another sports and entertainment center in Croatia.
    The resort boasts:
    • tennis courts,
    • equestrian center,
    • playgrounds for basketball and mini golf.
  • Zagreb. The Croatian capital is a great place for an autumn vacation.
    In September, the International Theater Festival is organized there. Also, the doors of 30 art galleries, 16 theaters, 12 museums and many different restaurants are open for you

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Croatian resorts for inexpensive rest

It’s time to find out where the budget resorts are located in Croatia, and we will reveal a little secret that the majority of them are located there.

  • Pula. The oldest settlement, once ruled by Rome.
    Cottages, mini-hotels, and three-star hotels prevail here. So, the accommodation will be cheap enough.
  • Zadar. The place is attractive for:
    • rock climbers,
    • divers, and
    • speleologists.

    The abundance of rocks, caves, bays, and waterfalls is the business card of Zadar.

    The accommodation here is not expensive, but it is better to look for a room in the private sector.

  • Rabac. The charm of the fishing village attracts romantics and family tourists. Three- and four-star hotels dominate there, so the stay will be pretty budget-friendly one.

Travelling to Croatia – where to have rest with children?

With all the amenities of Croatia, it is very difficult to find a suitable place to relax with a small child. The reason lies in the predominance of rocky, concrete, and pebble beaches.

When choosing a children’s resort, try to impose the following requirements on it:

  • comfortable accommodation;
  • the presence of a sandy beach and a hollow slope to the water;
  • mild climate;
  • quality meals;
  • favorable ecology;
  • the proximity of the beach to the place of residence; and
  • the availability of children’s entertainment (animation, playgrounds, etc.).

If your budget is limited, we recommend resorts located in Istria.

Porec and Medulin are a good solution for a holiday with children.

Resorts of Dalmatia, located to the south, will cost more but will lead your child to incredible delight.

Also, pay attention to Dubrovnik.

General conclusion:Croatia is perfect for tourists with various budgets. Elderly wanderers and young people, as well as athletes and extreme lovers will find something to do here.

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