Adriatic Riviera of Italy: review about the popular Italian resorts and real estate by the sea

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Rest in the resorts of the Venetian Riviera: choosing the right tour and hotel
Отдых в Италии: Венецианская Ривьера

The Venetian Riviera is located somewhat north of the Adriatic Riviera. Rest here is characterized by a touch of sophistication and refinement.

Local resorts are distinguished by an abundance of ancient monuments, five-star hotels, and beaches decorated with Blue Flags. This creates the relevant cost of traveling here.

Together we have to find out the location of the Venice Riviera, walk through its main resorts, sunbathe on the beaches, and live in hotels. Authoritative opinions of experienced tourists will help you make the right choice.

Let’s go to one of the most gorgeous places to rest in Italy is the Venetian Riviera with its warm sea, sand, hotels and amusement parks →

Luxury holiday in Lignano: open Italian Florida on the recommendation of Hemingway
Пляжный отдых в Линьяно Италия

The relatively small size does not prevent Lignano from being considered the main tourist center of the Venetian Riviera.

In fact, this is an eight-kilometer beach (more precisely, a beach complex) with extensive infrastructure. This resort area is located halfway between Trieste and Venice – on the Adriatic coast.

We have to search for a resort on the Italian map, an excursion to local beaches and an overview of accommodation. We’ll look at Pineta and Sabbiadoro and come to know the traveler reviews.

A picturesque region of Italy – Lignano – will offer you gorgeous beaches, hotels, villas and apartments, restaurants and bars, shops and elegant boutiques →

Rest in Lido di Jesolo: going to the best resort of the Venetian Riviera
Отдых в Лидо-ди-Езоло

The favored north of the peninsula – the cradle of Lido di Jesolo, one of the best resorts in Italy.

The Alps protect Lido from windy and stormy weather, and the shallow sea is used to warm up to 25 degrees.

We will plunge into the “land of sleep” of Lido di Jesolo, having tried to find it on the map beforehand, review photos of local landscapes, and talk about the organization of tours.

Finally, we will present you the top five hotels in the town and reviews by experienced travelers. Rest in Lido di Jesolo is an ideal variant for the tourists who value calm, almost home atmosphere combining the Italian province and modern civilization, welcome to Italy →