Luxury holiday in Lignano: open Italian Florida on the recommendation of Hemingway

Пляжный отдых в Линьяно Италия

The relatively small size does not prevent Lignano from being considered the main tourist center of the Venetian Riviera.

In fact, this is an eight-kilometer beach (more precisely, a beach complex) with extensive infrastructure. This resort area is located halfway between Trieste and Venice – on the Adriatic coast.

We have to search for a resort on the Italian map, an excursion to local beaches and an overview of accommodation. We’ll look at Pineta and Sabbiadoro and come to know the traveler reviews.

Italy: Lignano resort

We must immediately warn you: Lignano is one of the most respectable and expensive Adriatic resorts. It is here, surrounded by extensive park areas, the main children’s camps of the country and the most luxurious hotels are localized. An example is the Adriatica Wellness Center with an adjacent water park and a chain of first-class beaches. If you compare the level of hotel service with Lido di Jesolo, then this figure will be higher there. All beaches are well-equipped, which makes them part of the “privileged” group of the Adriatic.

The entire resort area is conventionally divided into three sectors, which we will write about below.

The local climate is characterized by Mediterranean gentleness and moderation, which contributes to beach holidays.

It is quite warm in summer, but the sweltering heat is absent (air temperature averages 28-30 °C). The water warms up to 23-25 °С.

Cartography: how to get to Lignano

Lignano is located in northeastern Italy and belongs to the Friuli-Venezia Giulia resort region headed by the Udine administrative center.

The distance from Lignano to Venice is 90 kilometers. The local landscape is characterized by the following features:

  • sandy beaches;
  • woodlands;
  • mountains; and
  • cozy lagoons.
Venice is the closest major city for Lignano.

The simplest solution is to get on a plane and calmly fly to the international Venetian airport. From there you can take a bus or ferry.

The railway station is located nearby. The resort itself is quite compact; therefore, urban transport is not popular there. Someone prefers to rent a bike, but most tourists walk on foot. If you don’t like long walks, you can rent a car or call a taxi.

Lignano on the map of Italy

As noted above, Lignano refers to the Venetian Riviera. To imagine the location of the resort relative to other regions of Italy, please look at the map:

Studying local beaches

A beach holiday in Lignano is truly magnificent.

8 kilometers of a unified coastline is the main feature of the resort. This is a fairly long beach area, licked up to perfection by industrious Italians.

This territory is divided into three components:

  • Lignano Riviera;
  • Lignano Pineta; and
  • Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Riviera is considered the quietest and secluded place of the resort. Here you can:

  • heal in the thalasso centre;
  • drink from a healing source;
  • workout; and
  • join one of the informative excursions.

From all sides, Pineta is surrounded by pine arrays. However, Sabbiadoro is recognized as the most glamorous part of the town. This is where fans of shopping and expensive entertainment gather.

From the point of view of the purity of the sea, of course, Riviera is the best place.

However, tourists note here the abundance of algae in the morning. Algae swim also in Pineta. Contact with them threatens with minor burns and redness.

Also, experienced wanderers note some deterioration in the purity of the sea – the water becomes more turbid over the years.

Typical tours

Many tour operators organize trips to Lignano.

These tours are different in nature, namely:

  • shopping tours;
  • excursion tours;
  • thematic tours; and
  • beach tours.
The average cost of the tour (per 15 days) is 1,300-1,400 Dollars. At the very budget option, you can keep within 900-1,000 bucks.
The most expensive options cost five thousand dollars (and this is not the limit).

The price of the voucher depends on a number of factors:

  • area of residence (the first coastline is more expensive);
  • hotel class (number of stars);
  • the number of days spent in the hotel;
  • additional services; and
  • seasonality.

Hotels in Lignano are mostly expensive – 4-5*.

The price of the average voucher will include:

  • meal (not available in the apartments);
  • group transfer from the airport to Lignano and back;
  • medical insurance;
  • representative services; and
  • flight tickets.

Also, you cannot do without the mandatory  surcharges:

  • fuel surcharge;
  • travel abroad insurance;
  • consular fee; and
  • infant boarding pass (if you travel with a child younger than a year).

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Lignano Sabbiadoro – the glamorous heart of the Riviera

This old town is literally buried in green squares. At the same time, Sabbiadoro is a fairly young resort, aimed at lovers of noisy nightlife.

Here, at every corner you will see:

  • music bars,
  • night clubs,
  • discos.

Also, the infrastructure includes:

  • pizzerias;
  • snack bars;
  • cafes;
  • exclusive boutiques;
  • shopping centers; and
  • water attractions.
Sabbiadoro is a paradise for family travelers.

The wide beach strip with a gentle descent, as well as picturesque country landscapes contribute to such popularity. The Marano Lagoon is the key natural attraction of the town.

Junior Park was created specifically for younger guests, offering tourists the following:

  • fountains;
  • lakes;
  • qualified teachers; and
  • a wide range of children’s entertainment.

It is also worth visiting the Gulliverlandia park.

As for the local cuisine, seafood dishes, vegetable salads, pizza, homemade cheese, and an extensive wine list dominate.

Going to Lignano Riviera under full sail

Let’s project to the most respectable corner of Lignano. The local infrastructure is aimed at prosperous travelers and includes:

  • sports fields;
  • golf courses;
  • thermal springs;
  • wellness centers;
  • private villas; and
  • residences.

The quietest beach corner of the Riviera is equipped with three thousand umbrellas (their rent may vary significantly) and boasts a lot of active fun:

  • fitness club;
  • gyms;
  • water skiing; and
  • beach parties.

Lignano Pineta – in the footsteps of Hemingway

Rest in Lignano PinetaThis sector is immersed in subtropical pine forests and is closely associated with bohemian recreation.

The main street is littered with:

  • shops,
  • restaurants; and
  • bars.

Yet there are two points that attract travelers with their special atmosphere and uniqueness. We are talking about the Sea and Hemingway theme parks.

The classic of American (and world) literature adored spending free time in Lignano Pineta. Hemingway dubbed this corner “Italian Florida” and tirelessly sang it in his essays.

Another important landmark – the access road designed by Marcello D’Olivo – is in the center of the park complex. This object is included in all architectural textbooks.

The beach sector of Lignano Pineta has a zonal structure and consists of nine sections.

Each zone is equipped with:

  • sunbeds;
  • umbrellas;
  • beach houses; and
  • chairs.

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Let’s start searching for accommodation

There may be different options of accommodation in Lignano. Let’s try to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the common types of accommodation.

  • Apartments. You can rent a good apartment in Lignano for reasonable money. Apartment mini-hotels are gaining popularity. A typical room in such accommodation includes:
    • double bedroom,
    • living room,
    • kitchen, and
    • all necessary amenities.

    A great option is to rent an apartment in a guarded condominium.

    Only one disadvantage is the lack of an all-inclusive system.

  • Villas. Villas. In Lignano, you can find houses for every taste – from luxurious three-storey villas to modest one-story houses. Most villas in Lignano are designed for 3-5 people. It will be cheaper to jointly rent such housing. Vacation at the villa will suit family tourists and noisy youth companies. If you carefully search – you can find houses whose owners offer an additional range of services:
    • washing,
    • cooking, and
    • tours.
  • Hotels. Lignano has a wide range of mini-hotels and hotel complexes. There are budget options (1-2 stars), but 4-5-star hotels are more common.
    Rooms must be booked in advance since in the peak season visitors from all over Europe come here. The best hotels noted by our tourists include:
    • Hotel Pasha,
    • Hotel Italia Palace, and
    • Hotel Rossini.

For independent tourists, the villa will certainly be the best option, and apartments will be the best budget-friendly option.

Lignano – travelers reviews

  • Sara’s review on her vacation with a child in SabbiadoroSara, Budapest:Last summer we went to Sabbiadoro with the whole family. This holiday is definitely not cheap, but the children were delighted. They want to visit Gulliverland again.
  • Review of Olivia about her trip to VeniceOlivia, San Francisco: Algae slightly string up. Everything else was super. You can ride around, go to Venice. Everything is close, just a beauty.

The results of our virtual journey are as follows: a wealthy holiday-maker who is ready to pay decent money for a quality vacation should go to Lignano.

Renting an apartment is the best option.

The trend with algae is slightly depressing – we can only hope that the local authorities will cope with the problem.

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