Rest in Lido di Jesolo: going to the best resort of the Venetian Riviera

Отдых в Лидо-ди-Езоло

The favored north of the peninsula – the cradle of Lido di Jesolo, one of the best resorts in Italy.

The Alps protect Lido from windy and stormy weather, and the shallow sea is used to warm up to 25 degrees.

We will plunge into the “land of sleep” of Lido di Jesolo, having tried to find it on the map beforehand, review photos of local landscapes, and talk about the organization of tours.

Finally, we will present you the top five hotels in the town and reviews by experienced travelers.

Sunny Italy: the resort of Lido di Jesolo

The town stands on the Adriatic coast, and is a quiet place, completely deprived of standard tourist bustle.

The swimming season in these parts starts from the end of May – it is then that the sea surface warms up to the required temperature.

If you like peaceful family pastime, the rest in Lido will fully meet your expectations. This does not mean that young people will be bored here – there is also an extensive layer of nightly entertainment for this category of tourists.

The streets of the town are narrow but rather well-kept, they stretch mainly along the coastal line.

The chic villas of the locals are the main detail of the urban landscape.

Here you will find a provincial Italian atmosphere, calm and unhurried one, with an elusive touch of something homely.

The resort is divided into four zones:

  1. Pineta. Blooming meadows and shady groves have spread out here.
  2. Faro. It is the edge of the vast maritime spaces. Yachting is thriving here, and water sports can be enjoyed.
  3. Cortellazzo. The resort is famous for its seafood-based cuisine.
    You can taste all this beauty in cozy taverns located there.
  4. Centro. This is the place for lovers of shopping and beach holidays.

As you can see, resort areas have a clear specialization which should be taken into account when planning a “cultural program”.

The most burning question is how to get to Lido di Jesolo.

The resort has spread out in the Veneto area. Lido is located at a distance of 30 kilometers from the famous Venice and Marco Polo Airport, which has international status.

You can reach the resort in two ways:

  1. By bus. Departure – from the Venetian Piazza Drago station.
    You will arrive at the bus station located on Picchi Square in the heart of the town.
  2. By boat. Arriving at the airport, go straight to Punta Sabbioni – Venetian boat terminal. A boat moving in the direction of Lido runs from there every half hour.

You can move around the Lido on foot, but there is an alternative option – renting a vehicle.

Lido has a car, bike, and scooter rental offices.

Venice has a regular service with Lido.

Looking for Lido di Jesolo on the map of Italy

Upon arrival to the town, you will understand that you cannot do without a map. Fortunately, it is provided completely free of charge in local information offices.

It will not be difficult to explore the map of the Adriatic coast to find the location of Lido di Jesolo.

A selection of the resort photos

Lido di Jesolo is an extremely beautiful city. Although the Jesolo settlement was known to the ancient Romans, the resort has recently attracted a tourist audience.

Taking a look at the photos of local attractions and natural beauty, you will understand why Lido is considered the resort gem of Italy.

Tour organization

For those who need not only warm sea and bright sunshine, we have prepared a list of places of interest worth visiting in Lido.

Note that the geographical location of the resort allows local travel agencies to delight guests with entertaining excursions to nearby cities:

  • Padova,
  • Venice,
  • Florence, and
  • Verona.

Here is a list of urban monuments of history:

  • Porte de Cavallino is a small island that served as an analogue of customs for medieval Venetian authorities.
  • Ruins of the “Tower of the Mists”. From the 11th century, this fortress guarded trade routes.
  • Il Cristo Church boasts a unique altar cross.
  • Torre del Caligo is a tower covered with ancient legends.
  • Ponte Monumento Bridge is decorated with obelisks of soldiers who fell in the fields of the First World War.

Children will love the following places:

  • Tropicarium park;
  • shark exhibition;
  • amusement parks;
  • Gardaland (a kind of analogue of Disneyland); and
  • Aqualandia water park.

Evening life is concentrated in the area of the central street of Lido, where most of the stores, restaurants, taverns, discos, bars, and pastry shops are concentrated.

The killer features of the resort are festivals and theatrical events held on the main square.

Daily life is localized on the beaches with:

  • 15 kilometers of gorgeous sand,
  • developed infrastructure,
  • clean ecology, and
  • bright sun.

Local beaches offer a classic range of entertainment:

  • water skiing;
  • windsurfing;
  • diving;
  • catamarans;
  • volleyball; and
  • sand sculpture competitions.

Note for the fair sex: Lido di Jesolo has the longest shopping street in Europe, overgrown with an incredible amount of:

  • boutiques,
  • shopping centers, and,
  • supermarkets.

We now turn from the description of resort beauty and numerous “interesting things” to the tours – the practical component of our article.

It is not difficult to pick up a tour in Lido.

Many tour operators will send you to this remarkable town. The only issue is the price.

Prices for rest are dictated by belonging to the Venice Riviera. The cost of the voucher traditionally depends on the level of service in the hotel of your choice, as well as on the season and the beach line.

The average price range of tours is 1,500-2,000 dollars without taking into account airplane tickets. At the same time, it is worth counting on a three-star hotel.

Eight-day accommodation at a 4-5-star hotel will cost more than $ 2,400-3,000, and that is not the end of the line.

However, the connoisseurs of “freeload” should not be discouraged – there are hot tours for them. If you are lucky, you can grab a voucher for 600-800 Dollars.

Lido cannot be attributed to the cheapest resorts of the Adriatic.

Top 5 Hotels in Lido di Jesolo

Review of the best hotels in Lido di JesoloWith a wide range of entertainment and the highest level of service, Lido di Jesolo, as expected, is considered to be an expensive resort.

We picked up the top five hotels, in which it is not only appropriate but essential to stay. Exemplarity, of course, leaves an imprint on the price lists.

The farthest hotel stands three hundred meters from the surf line.

The hotel complexes themselves are replete with:

  • gymnasiums,
  • health centers,
  • mud and hot tubs,
  • massage parlors, and
  • biotherapeutic rooms.

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The presented selection is a good example of the best price/quality ratio.

Let’s go!

  1. Hotel Sheila. Service level – 4*:
    • modern comfortable rooms;
    • private beach; and
    • free internet access.

    Each room is equipped with:

    • TV,
    • air conditioning, and
    • satellite broadcasting.

    There are terraces and balconies.

    The bar serves breakfast.

    The infrastructure includes:

    • tennis courts,
    • sports complex,
    • mini golf courses,
    • garage, and
    • free parking, and swimming pool.
  2. RIVAMARE. This 4-star hotel is ranked among the most modern, thoughtful, and comfortable complexes in Italy.
    In 2009, the management carried out a large-scale reconstruction, and the interior took its current form. The hotel has its own private beach equipped with free sun beds and umbrellas (only within the pool). The rooms are equipped with:
    • air conditioning,
    • safes,
    • balconies,
    • mini bar,
    • internet,
    • phone, and TV.

    Sports activities:

    • sauna,
    • gym,
    • bicycles for rent, and
    • massage (all free).


    • kids club and pool,
    • restaurant,
    • parking,
    • 2 bars,
    • TV room, and terrace.
  3. BRIONI MARE, 4*. The rooms in this hotel are cozy and spacious, and the staff are helpful and welcoming.
    Each room is equipped with:
    • balcony,
    • filled mini bar,
    • safe,
    • air conditioning,
    • bath,
    • satellite TV, and
    • Internet.

    On the territory there are:

    • pools,
    • paid parking,
    • bars,
    • jacuzzi,
    • restaurants,
    • sunbathing terrace, and
    • TV room.

    Young guests will enjoy the room for games.

  4. AMBASCIATORI PALACE. The main features of this 4-star hotel are live music and an extensive entertainment program.
    It is located in Mazzini Square.
    The rooms have a standard set of:
    • air conditioner,
    • TV,
    • safe,
    • balcony, and
    • phone.

    Private sandy beach with free sun beds and umbrellas.


    • reception,
    • restaurant,
    • bar,
    • paid parking, and
    • garden.
  5. Hotel Cesare Augustus. 4-star hotel with private sandy beach.
    Guests can enjoy:
    • pool,
    • free parking, and
    • panoramic putting green.

    The restaurant serves international and Italian dishes.

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Reviews of wise travelers about the rest in Lido di Jesolo

  • Review of Marina from Krasnodar about her vacation in Lido di JesoloMarina, Krasnodar:
    Local taverns and theatre festival stand out in our mind. It is a soulful town with its own atmosphere, so it’s worth going there.
  • Kondrat’s review about the Lido di Jesolo resortKondrat, Irkutsk:
    I lived at Hotel Sheila. It is expensive by the standards of other Adriatic resorts, but Italian gloss and impeccable style are felt in all things. The staff was friendly, and the view from the balcony was great.
  • Ilona’s review of her trip to Lido di JesoloIlona, Novosibirsk:
    My child climbed all the amusement parks, and it was impossible to pull him out of Gardaland. Lido is a great place for family rest.

Let’s summarize.

Lido di Jesolo is an expensive resort that holds the leading place on the Adriatic coast of Italy. To get the most pleasure from the rest, you’ll have to come down with your money.

Children, independent wanderers, noisy rave young people – everyone will find here what he or she was looking for.

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