Rest in the resorts of the Venetian Riviera: choosing the right tour and hotel

Отдых в Италии: Венецианская Ривьера

The Venetian Riviera is located somewhat north of the Adriatic Riviera. Rest here is characterized by a touch of sophistication and refinement.

Local resorts are distinguished by an abundance of ancient monuments, five-star hotels, and beaches decorated with Blue Flags. This creates the relevant cost of traveling here.

Together we have to find out the location of the Venice Riviera, walk through its main resorts, sunbathe on the beaches, and live in hotels. Authoritative opinions of experienced tourists will help you make the right choice.

Italy: a trip to the Venetian Riviera

The region in question is located in northeastern Italy. Incomprehensible and mystical Venice is the Heart of the Riviera, around which other resorts are grouped, such as:

  • Sabbiadoro;
  • Lignano;
  • Bibione;
  • Lido di Jesolo;
  • Caorle;
  • Trieste; and
  • Mestre.

Venice Riviera on the map

These towns are located close to each other, so nothing prevents to stay in one of them, and then methodically explore the entire coast.

To facilitate the task, we provide here a detailed map of the Venice Riviera.

Most flights and bus routes running to this fertile land converge in Milan. Alitalia and Aeroflot have established regular flights there.

You can reach Venice in other ways – for example, order a charter to Trieste or Treviso. You can immediately start a cultural program with Venice – it has its own airport.

Transits between the towns of the Riviera take 30-60 minutes.

The northern winds have no power over the local coast because the Alps block their way. Because of the mild climate and unobtrusive warm autumn on the Adriatic, the influx of holidaymakers does not dry up until October.

The sea here is shallow, calm and clean, and the swimming season starts in May. The water in the shallow water warms quickly, and in July-August, its temperature can reach + 30 °C.

During the day it is about 20-26 °C, so the sweltering heat threatens no one.

Looking for suitable tours

Many tour operators offer rest on the Venetian Riviera. It is not difficult to choose the right hotel and the price of the tour.

Do you want a luxury service in a five-star luxury hotel – here you go! If you want to save money – the company will pick up a simpler hotel (3 stars) or send you on an exciting bus ride around Europe.

By the way, in recent years, complex bus tours have been very popular. Having gone to such a journey, you can sum it up in 1,000 Euros, while visiting a number of the largest cities in Europe.

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A lot of Venetian entertainment

The province of Veneto and its surroundings offer a lot of entertainment for every taste.

We list the main ones, starting with excursions:

  • sightseeing tours to Rome and nearby cities;
  • visiting the sights of Venice;
  • a trip to Lake Garda and to Verona;
  • one day tour to Florence; and
  • tours to Naples, Florence, on the island of Capri.

Tired of long walks through the narrow Venetian streets, you will want to eat. You can do this in the following restaurants:

  • Florian;
  • COVO.

The list is endless:

  • restaurants,
  • boutiques,
  • shopping centers, and
  • night entertainment facilities.

The entertainment infrastructure of the Riviera is extremely extensive, so you won’t be bored.

There are a lot of sports entertainment, as well as entertainment for children, for which theme parks (Gardaland).

Here everyone will find something to do:

  • elderly and family tourists;
  • youth; and
  • passionate of water sailing and diving.

The main resorts of the Venetian Riviera

Resorts of the Venetian RivieraIt is time to go over to specific examples and back up our reasoning with facts.

You can read more about articles on resorts of Lignano and Lido di Jesolo by clicking on the links.

We will focus on the resorts, which have not been described in detail before.


This resort area stretches between the Marano Lagoon and the mouth of the Tagliamento on a peninsula 90 km east of Venice. This is a natural extension of Lignano, the neighbourhood of which has overgrown with ancient pine forests.

The beaches of Sabbiadoro are covered with golden sand, and the microclimate here is surprisingly clean and even healing.

Sabbiadoro is considered to be a youth resort due to its entertainment infrastructure, comprising:

  • bars;
  • night clubs;
  • restaurants; and
  • coffee shops.

Some travelers call this place the City of Squares.

In addition to the main alley, picturesque public gardens and parks, Sabbiadoro has enough of the lost squares decorated with traditional coffee houses.


To get to Bibione, you will have to drive off 80 km from Venice to the north.

The ancient settlement of Bibione, considered to be the residence of the famous Hunnic leader Attila, was the predecessor of the town. Tradition says that it was here that the “destroyer of Europe” hid its innumerable treasures. Later, the ancient city disappeared in the depths of the sea, and people founded Bibione nearby.

Now the resort attracts tourists who want to improve their health.

The thermal springs of Bibione Thermae are unique ones.

The microclimate of the town is formed by the proximity of the Adriatic and the pine groves. Bibione beaches are wide sandy stripes with a gentle descent.

Children will like:

  • aquarium,
  • amusement park,
  • aquapark, and
  • zoo.

These features make Bibione one of the leading centers of family recreation.

In general, Bibione is an island connected with the mainland of Italy by a long bridge. This resort is notable for its water activities such as:

  • yachting;
  • paragliding;
  • diving; and
  • windsurfing.


Ancient Trieste is located in the Friuli region, near the Slovenian border. The main square of this resort goes straight to the sea.

The Grado Island, known in the tourist environment for its excellent sandy beaches, nestles in the bay, not far from the town. Trieste has many cozy bays with rocky beaches.

The entrance fee to local beaches is 4 Euros, and it will allow you to indulge in plenty of sun and gentle sea waves.

Watersports thrive in Trieste, there are plenty of quiet bars and cozy cafes right by the water.

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Leaving Venice to the north and overcoming 60 kilometers, we find ourselves in a former fishing village called Caorle with its extremely picturesque nature and sandy beaches.

However, you will have to additionally buy lounge chairs and umbrellas for a nominal fee.

Caorle is a peaceful town favored by family travelers.

Despite the seeming modesty, Caorle’s infrastructure is rather extensive and includes:

  • amusement park;
  • aquapark;
  • bars;
  • discos;
  • golf club;
  • cafe;
  • riding center;
  • restaurants; and
  • sailing school.

The historic center of the town is a great place for romantic walks thanks to:

  • monuments of architecture,
  • narrow streets, and
  • colorful houses of fishermen.

These structures are so bright that it seems as if they were assembled from Lego.

Local restaurants mainly serve fish dishes and seafood obtained by the efforts of local fishermen.


In the old days, Mestre was a city, but over the years it has merged with Venice.

It is considered a “transit point” for travelers thanks to the fairly democratic prices in local hotels. You can stay in Mestre for a night and then continue exploring the canals and other Venetian sights.

In Mestre there are many things to do, you just have to look at this quiet suburb. Here are some options:

  • Shopping:
    • many outlets, and
    • souvenir shops with reasonable prices.
  • Visiting restaurants:
    • classic Italian restaurants,
    • cafes, and
    • bakeries.
  • Sightseeing:
    • the old watchtower,
    • the main square, and
    • cathedral.
  • Attending concerts and events.

Sandy beaches

On the coast of the Venetian Riviera, there are many well-equipped sandy beaches, marked by blue flags. You can come here alone and with small children, because the bed decreases gradually, and the depth of the sea is small.

In Bibione, the beach strip is not only even tan and gentle water. As we noted earlier, here you can do water sports or visit the unique marine aquarium.

Caorle is not much inferior with its 9 kilometers of picturesque lagoons and golden sand.

On the shore, you can find fishing huts, and green valleys surround the town from all sides.

The quiet lagoons of Lido di Jesolo attract European tourists with their tranquility and lack of high waves. We have already noted that the resort is divided into 4 zones. The beaches are located in Centro with many kilometers of sandy spaces and warm shallow sea.

For those who prefer to relax in Venice itself, we will recommend visiting the beaches of Sottomarina and Cavalino. For three decades the sand here has been regularly updated.

Best hotels

Hotels of the Venetian RivieraThe cost of a vacation in Veneto is directly dependent on the hotel.

It’s up to you whether to stay in expensive Venice or in budget-friendly Mestre. We just mention a few of the most comfortable hotels in the Venetian Riviera:

  1. ALMAR. The five-star designer hotel opened this spring, and has already deserved a lot of enthusiastic feedback. It is located in Lido di Jesolo. It offers:
    • exclusive service,
    • SPA-center,
    • children’s animation, and
    • luxury apartments.

    The hotel is located directly on the beach and shops, bars, and restaurants are located nearby.

  2. GREIF. Five-star monster is located in the middle of a pine park in Sabbiadoro. Its fairly extensive infrastructure includes:
    • terrace,
    • restaurant,
    • wellness-centre,
    • bar,
    • parking,
    • garden, and
    • TV lounge.

    It also offers:

    • heated pool,
    • solarium,
    • sauna, and,
    • Turkish sauna.
  3. SAVOY BEACH. SAVOY BEACH. This is the only 5-star hotel complex in Bibione.
    Own thermal springs and SPA center make the hotel very attractive for tourists. It also has:
    • restaurant,
    • conference hall,
    • amphitheatre,
    • pool,
    • gym, and,
    • jacuzzi.

Let’s summarize.

Venice Riviera offers a full range of tourist services:

  • full-fledged rest,
  • shopping,
  • sightseeing overview, and
  • water sports.

Everything is available to the wanderers. Given the compactness of the location of the resorts, you can choose budget-friendly accommodation options.

If you book a bus tour at the same time, you will get an acceptable vacation for a reasonable price.

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