Italy resorts at the seaside: 10 best options for tourists

Italy resorts at the seaside

For a good holiday, tourists go to Italy resorts by the seaside with clean beaches, mild climate and well-developed infrastructure. The high season in the country is from April to October. At this time there are mostly sunny days and minimum rainfall. Italy is suitable for family and youth holidays.

The coast has all the facilities for an active holiday, and there are many attractions in the area. Tourist who wish to take a break and learn something new go sightseeing. They also visit wild beaches, join trekking tours combined with beach holidays.
So, what Italy resorts at the seaside are worth visiting in the first place?

Italy resorts at the seaside: top 10

Italy is a world-renowned European state that is washed by five seas. These are the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, the Tyrrhenian, the Ligurian, and the Ionian seas.

1) Well-off individuals prefer resorts on the Ligurian coast. The coastline extends from Genoa to France. Most beaches are rocky, there are not a lot of sandy areas. The sea is clear and transparent.

2) The Adriatic coast is a narrow strip of soft sand. The most famous and popular local resorts are Rimini, Riccione and Lido di Jesolo. The peculiarity of the Adriatic Sea is a gradual decrease.

The depth is gradually increasing – the conditions are suitable for holidays with young children. Local resorts are popular with tourists from CIS countries. There are many attractions, cafes, and restaurants on the coast. The infrastructure is well developed.

3) The Tyrrhenian coast is considered one of the most picturesque and cleanest in Italy. It starts at Sorrento Beach and occupies 2/3 of the west coast of the state. There are rocky shores and calm coastal waters. There are no strong tides, low tides or winds.

The resorts are suitable for a quiet family holiday. The most prestigious and popular resorts are on the Amalfi Coast. There are also many luxury hotels built on the rocks.

4) The Ionian coast is located in the south of Italy – “the sole of the boot”. Europeans and Italians have holidays in the area. The hotels are comfortable, while the accommodation cost is lower than at resorts in other parts of the country.

Some parts of the coast are deserted, others are built up. Most beaches are annually awarded the Blue Flag honorary award. It is received for its developed infrastructure, comfortable living conditions, clean sea and beach.

So, what resorts to choose in Italy?

Italy resorts at the seaside: Rimini Resort

It is the most popular Italian resort with clean private and public beaches and a well-developed infrastructure. Coastline length is 15 km. The bottom lowering is gradual, the sea is clear, the depth is gradually increasing, the climate is mild – the conditions are suitable for holiday with children.

Rimini has numerous comfortable hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, discos, nightclubs, boutiques, shops, outlets, arches, tennis courts, and attractions. During the high season, volleyball competitions, discos, concerts, and other festive events are organized on the beaches. Therefore, Rimini will be interesting both for adults and children.

Rimini Sights

  1. Piazza Cavour is surrounded by luxurious palaces.
  2. Palazzo dell‘Arengo.
  3. The Roman amphitheater
  4. The Tiberius Bridge.

Tourists like the theme park “Italy in miniature”. It completely replicates the major cities, the most famous landmarks of the country and repeats the outlines of the Apennine Peninsula.

Lido di Jesolo Resort

Italy resorts at the seaside: Lido di Jesolo Resort

It is a famous place located next to Venice on the Adriatic coast. For Italians and tourists, Lido di Jesolo is the “Venice Riviera”. There are clean, wide beaches and clear sea. The resort has infrastructure, entertainment facilities, restaurants, and cafes.

The coastline is 15 km long, the coast is dotted with soft golden sand. There are public and private beaches with sunshades and deck chairs rental centers. There are lots of water activities – tourists go surfing, diving, and jet skiing.

Lido di Jesolo is a resort for young people who bathe in the sea in the afternoon, sunbathe and go to parties in the evenings. For children and adults, there are exhibitions and entertaining shows. You can have great fun at Aqualandia Waterpark. There are many slides, swimming pools, cafes, and bars.

Lido di Jesolo Sights

  1. Ruins of an ancient church.
  2. Torre-del-Caligo.
  3. Ponte Monumento Bridge.
  4. Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua.
  5. Place for collecting taxes from ships bound for Venice – Porto del Cavallino.
  6. Lago di Garda and Santa Croce mountain lakes.

In the beginning or the middle of the summer there is a sand sculpture festival at the resort, at the end of the summer, there is an air show. From Lido di Jesolo you can go sightseeing in the nearest cities: Venice, Florence, and Verona.

Sorrento Island

The island of Sorrento continues the list of Italian resorts, located in the region of Campania. There are valleys of olive and lemon trees in the city. There is a unique landscape, where the sea is replaced by mountains. It is one of the best resorts in the country with spectacular views of Vesuvius.

Sorrento Island is suitable for a relaxing and comfortable holiday in nature. Everybody who comes to the resort sunbathes, bathes, enjoys spa treatments and breathes the fresh and healing air. Sorrento’s special feature is its unique culinary traditions and natural beauty.

Newlyweds and lovers have holidays on the island because Sorrento is Italy’s most romantic resort. The beaches are covered with fine volcanic sand, the sea is clean and clear. The coast is rocky and narrow. Piers are equipped for convenient coming into the sea.

Tourist who wish to have fun and learn more about the culture of the island go sightseeing to the surrounding villages and walk around the city. The first vacationers came to Sorrento in the 1st century. – It was the Italian aristocracy. In the 21st century, tourists from all over the world go to the resort.

Sorrento sights

  1. Capo di Sorrento is a fishing village surrounded by orange and olive groves.
  2. Duomo Cathedral, built in the 11th century.
  3. Correale di Terranova is a museum that houses collections of furniture and paintings, porcelain, and archaeological artefacts.
  4. Tasso Square with monuments of St. Anthony and Torquato Tasso – an Italian poet.
  5. The most beautiful park in the city – Villa Comunale Park.
  6. Church of St. Francis, built in the 8th century.

Tourists combine sightseeing with city tours, sea walks, and trips to the islands.

Riccione Resort

Riccione Resort

By mistake, this place is called a resort for the rich and famous, but in fact, there is a friendly and democratic atmosphere. It is called the salon of the Roman Riviera, the “Green Pearl” – and not in vain, since only 100 years ago Riccione was a suburban aristocratic quarter of Rimini – 5 km to it. You can relax here with your friends, family and even by yourself.

Riccione is located between the Apennine Mountains and the Alps on the coast, so there is never a sharp temperature difference. The region is characterized by high humidity, sometimes there are rainfalls or showers, the climate is subtropical.

In summer, the weather is favorable for vacation – there are no strong winds, there is precipitation once every 7 days. The swimming season begins in May and lasts until September. The coastline stretches for 7 km. The beaches are wide, sandy, the bottom lowering is gradual. On the coast, there are rental centers where you can rent sunshades and sunbeds. There are awnings, sofas under awnings, bathing booths and pavilions.

The infrastructure in Riccione is well developed. You can rent a room in one of 400 hotels of different comfort levels or book a private villa. Most of the hotels are located on the waterfronts of the Republic – on the first and second lines. Nearby there are thermal springs -balneological structures and complexes. The most famous one of them is Riccione Term.

Not only the beach holiday but also the boutiques and outlets for shopping are of great interest to the guests. Vacationers with children visit Aquaphan Aquapark. For toddlers, there are sports fields, slides, and swing.

Riccione Sights

  1. Montanari Park, located next to the Curiel Piazza – the main square of the city.
  2. Parco della Resistenza, which was damaged in the 1970s.
  3. John Paul II Park is a popular place for hiking.
  4. The La Perla mini-park, located opposite the Palace of Tourism, with a well-known gem shell.
  5. Museum of Territories.
  6. Agolanti Castle.
  7. Church of St. Martin of the 13th century.

Church of Santa Maria Mater-Admiralibis with an altar built by painter Giovanni Lerario.
Those who want to relax and enjoy the peace and relaxation go to the spa-centers.

Amalfi Resort

The fifth place in the top Italy resorts by the sea is given to the famous tourist center of the region – Amalfi. It is a paradise with rocky landscapes, located 47 km from Naples. There are many landmarks, beautiful medieval architecture and a well-developed infrastructure in Amalfi.

Amalfi is one of Europe’s most visited Italian resorts. The local beaches are dotted with pebbles, the bottom is gradually lowering and there are no high waves. The climate is mild, the sea is warm and clean – the conditions are suitable for a comfortable holiday with young children.

Tourists can visit free and fee-based beaches. On the coast, there are restaurants with local cuisine, cafes, shops, rental centers where you can rent sunshades and deck chairs. The resort has many historical, religious, and architectural monuments of antiquity.

Amalfi Sights

  1. St. Andrew’s Cathedral with relics of saint Andrew the First-Called under the altar.
  2. Duomo di Amalfi Cathedral.
  3. Paper Museum, where you can get acquainted with the technique of sheet production and purchase unique postcards, notebooks, and business cards.
  4. City Museum.

The panoramic view of the Amalfi opens from the observation deck located in St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

Tropea Resort

Tropea Resort

It is a small and cozy town located in the province of Calabria on the Tyrrhenian Sea. There are the best and most beautiful rocky sandy beaches in the region.

Restaurants and cafes cook dishes that are unique to this region of Italy. Festivals and holidays are held at the resort in the summer. During the events, tourists get acquainted with the traditions, rituals, and local mentality.

Italians go to Tropea for a holiday in July and August. The low season is in May, June, and September.

Tropea Sights

  1. Stromboli volcano in the Lipari Islands. You can climb the top of the mountain with a sightseeing tour group.
  2. Old town with ruins of the fortress wall and ancient palazzo.
  3. Santa Maria dell’Isola is a famous church and main landmark of the city.

Tourists visit the Aeolian Islands, the surrounding areas and the historical center of Tropea.

Capri Island

It is a popular resort located opposite the island of Sorrento in the Bay of Naples. The coast is rocky with many cozy bays. Capri has been a popular beach holiday destination ever since the Roman Empire.

There are two cities – Capri and Anacapri. In the first one, the infrastructure is developed to the maximum: there are hotels, night clubs, shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes. Tourist go to Anacapri for a calm holiday.

The beaches are small, pebbly, and sandy. Most of them are located in the harbor area of ​​Marina Piccolo, near the Faralloni cliffs and the Blue Grotto.

Capri Sights

The most famous places on the island:

  1. The blue grotto with blue water is a cave and the main sight of Capri. Tourists get inside lying on the bottom of a fun boat.
  2. The Phoenician Staircase is a famous structure connecting the cities of Anacapri and Capri. It is open to visitors, so anyone can walk on it.
  3. The ruins of the palace of Augustus.
  4. Faralloni rocks.
  5. Villa Malaparte.
  6. Jupiter’s Villa.

The island is associated with various myths and legends from ancient times. For example, in “The Odyssey” by Homer Capri was the abode of insidious sirens. It is one of the most picturesque and frequently visited places in Italy.

Cefalu Resort

It is one of the most beautiful Sicilian resorts in the country. There are excellent sandy beaches, clean sea, and mild climate. On the coast, there are numerous hotels. There are restaurants, cafes; pizza, freshly caught fish, and ice cream can be bought in the streets. In Cefalu, the influence of different cultures is clearly seen.

Cefalu Sights

  1. Osterio Magno and Maria Palaces built by the Normans.
  2. The ruins of Diana’s temple and castle on Mount Kefal.
  3. Great Osterium Fortress.
  4. The Cathedral.

Architectural monuments and sights show that the resort was once dominated by the Dutch, the Arabs, the French, the Greeks, the Swedes, and the Normans.

San Remo Resort

San Remo Resort is 50 km from the gaming capital of Europe – Monte Carlo. The city is located on the west coast of Liguria. It is suitable for beach holidays. There are private and public pebble and sand and pebble beaches.

There are numerous hotels on the coastal strip. The beach has everything for a comfortable holiday: sunbeds, sunshades, awnings, changing rooms, and other infrastructure. Since the mid-19th century, the European nobility has been coming to the resort. Among them were writers, artists and the family of Emperor Nicholas II.

San Remo Sights

  1. Casino built in 1905.
  2. Hanbury Villa with botanical gardens that include over 6000 species of various tropical plants.
  3. The ghost town of Bussana Vecchia. The residents left the settlement after the earthquake.
  4. Temple of Christ the Savior – built in the style of Moscow churches.
  5. Old town.
  6. Port.
  7. Alfred Nobel Villa.

The city is very interesting – there are regular music festivals. Tourists walk in gardens and tropical parks, visit flower greenhouses, fancy boutiques, restaurants, and casinos. San Remo is a favorite Italian resort for tourists from CIS countries.

Italy Sea Resorts: Ischia Island

Ischia Island

The resort is located in the north of the Bay of Naples on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is a large island of volcanic origin, called “Green”. Tourists appreciate it for its clean beaches and thermal springs. They contain mineralized volcanic dirt that is useful for the body.

There are many trees, shrubs, and flowers on the island – the land is very fertile. Large areas of Ischia are planted with olive trees, oak, and cypress.

The island has many hotels, restaurants, cafes, spas, shops, fitness centers, clubs, and a lot of other establishments. It has become one of the most fashionable resorts in the country.

Ischia Sights

  1. Aragon Castle with collections of torture instruments and weapons – a structure that has survived hundreds of pirate raids. There were times when the island population managed to hide from the villains in the fortress.
  2. Poseidon Gardens is a thermal complex in Forio commune in the west of the island.
  3. La Mortella exotic garden – a lava flow once took place at its landing site.
  4. Castilene Gardens in the municipality of Casamicciola.
  5. Fungo rock in in the municipality Lacko-Ameno.
  6. Maronti – the best beach on the island.
  7. Source of Ninfe Nitrodi.

Ischia is a universal resort where everyone will find rest, relaxing and wellness procedures. There are many high-quality beaches, unique sights and centuries-old architectural monuments in the country.

Italy’s most popular seaside resorts are popular with tourists from all over the world. The thermal springs, the oldest casinos, the mild climate, the delicious cuisine, and the gentle sea attract travelers all year round.