Ada Bojana is a beautiful island for treatment and recreation in Montenegro

Курортный остров Ада Бояна - жемчужина Черногории

If you are annoyed with white stripes from a swimsuit or swimming trunks on a tanned body, then it’s time to go to Montenegro, where a small triangle Ada Bojana Island is located between the Adriatic Sea and the arms of Ada Bojana.

Nudist Mecca of Europe

Ada Bojana is a kind of nudist Mecca of Europe where at least a thousand tourists can relax at the same time. Forty years ago, the population of the small village was no more than a hundred inhabitants.

Ada Bojana is 13 km of sandy beaches.

Three hundred and fifty hectares or thirteen kilometers of sandy beaches – these are the area and the length of a little paradise of nature, in which you can forget about all your problems, while being alone with the gentle and warm sea, without being ashamed of your own nakedness.

Interest in nudist rest grows every year, so a growing number of adherents of rest in the nude style come to Ada Bojana. Locals, for whom tourism is the main source of income, are concerned about improving the recreation conditions of their guests, new hotels, bungalows, restaurants and cafes are being opened to accommodate, feed, and entertain everyone when they get tired of spending time on the beach.

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Beaches of Ada Bojana

Shooting the FKK Beach, Ada Bojana

Local seaside beaches are a continuous strip of the purest sand, which smoothly sinks into the sea: there are no dangerous and unpredictable abrupt cliffs and steep slopes; therefore, swimming is not only pleasant, but also perfectly safe.

Pebble islands are also present, but the pebbles there are fine, making the rest quite comfortable.

We should also mention river beaches: on the banks of Bojana there are many places where you can have a great rest, and in addition to taste fish freshly caught by local fishermen and grilled on a campfire right on the bank.

Active rest, which is offered by local services, will please fans of surfing, diving, and fishing: all the equipment and accessories needed for water activities are at their disposal.

Where to stay?

Everyone who comes to Ada Bojana gets the opportunity to stay in cozy bungalows or individual studios: the level of service here depends on the chosen class – A, B, or L.

  • Class A bungalows are two-floor apartments, with a terrace and a bedroom on the first floor. On the second floor – an apartment with a balcony. These apartments are good for families of three.
  • Class B bungalows are designed for those tourists who come to rest in Ada Bojana together. The apartments are the same apartments with terraces or balconies, but with a smaller area.

Both the class A bungalows, and class B bungalows have a toilet, a shower (the bathrooms are combined), air conditioning, furniture, refrigerators, and TVs.

  • L class apartments are separate luxury studios designed for three or two people. They are single storey and are located near the sea. They offer good furniture, air conditioners, and electric heaters (it is very important for those who are going to Ada Bojana in the fall), TVs, and fridges. Bathrooms are also combined.

Tourists who do not part with the Internet, even on vacation, will probably like the free Wi-Fi zone on the island: in other places, you have to pay for access to it.

The prices on the Ada Bojana Island are quite democratic.
Rest for two in a class A or B bungalow costs 70-72 Euros per day, and studio L may cost about 80 Euros.
Ada Bojana hotels offer rooms from 118 Euros per day (three-star level) and higher.

Where to eat?

Ada Bojana has never had any problems with food: vacationers are invited to restaurants and cafes, where they can eat quite inexpensively – meat and fish dishes of national cuisine, vegetable salads, pastries, and sour-milk desserts are offered.

On average, dinner for two in a cafe or restaurant costs 15 euros: this includes two first and two second courses, dessert, and soft drinks.

There are also shops where you can buy edibles or products in order to prepare your own food.

Ada Bojana – photo gallery

Ada Bojana – a popular medical resort

Those who think that Ada Bojana is one continuous nudist beach obviously do not know this Montenegrin village at all: the climate and the local curative mud have long made it an excellent resort where various diseases are successfully treated, namely:

  • bone system diseases,
  • gynecological diseases, and
  • neurological diseases.
Ada Bojana is a wonderful remedy for infertility.

The married couples who are desperate to cure infertility rush to Ada Bojana: the local curative mud helps many people to restore their childbearing ability.

The muds of Ada Bojana are rich in organic compounds with an oily consistency. They contain about four percent of the active compounds that are beneficial to human health.

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Ada Bojana is a wonderful destination for lovers of skinny sunbathing, a climatic and mud resort for people with health problems, as well as for everyone who loves beautiful nature and the sea.

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