Montenegro coastal cities: 10 best cities to travel to

Montenegro coastal cities

The coast of Montenegro is dotted with bountiful beach towns. Each of them has unique charm. The choice of the best Montenegrin city on the coast is diverse: from the tourist metropolis of Budva to the more distant Pržno, enchanting guests with rural romance. Montenegro coastal cities: 10 best cities to travel to.

Although the sun and the sea are guaranteed at all Montenegrin resorts, you will find unique paradise here. Some of them will be remembered for their striking contrast between the rocky mountain peaks and sparkling sea shores, others – for absolutely fantastic sunsets. On some resorts you can enjoy the endless green landscapes, and on others you will enjoy a magnificent collection of historical artifacts. Moreover, each city will tell its own unforgettable story.

The most picturesque cities of Montenegro on the coast

So, you have chosen Montenegro to sunbathe on the seashore, to seclude yourself in the mountains or to wander in a relict forest. We offer you to consider 10 charming coastal cities of this country. Choose a relaxation place to your liking and set off soon, so that the rest of the world does not figure out your tourist mecca!

Herceg Novi – Montenegro coastal cities

Montenegrin Eden between Mount Orjen and Lustica Peninsula

Herceg Novi settled at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. Mountains rise on one side, and a fascinating view of the Lustica peninsula opens on the other. Despite the turbulent historical past, Herceg Novi is considered one of the youngest settlements on the Adriatic coast.

The old town with a hilly relief and many steps is charming, full of life and colors. Its main natural “trick” is lush tropical vegetation. Every year in February, a mimosa festival is held here, attracting a lot of fans of this delicate flower.

Be sure to take the time to wander through the winding streets of the Old Town. You will certainly be impressed by its many architectural monuments:

  • The sea ​​fortress, built in 1382;    
  • The Clock and The Bloody Towers built in the 19th century;    
  • The Church of the Archangel Michael;    
  • The Church of St. Jerome;    
  • The Russian cemetery, where the White Guards who emigrated from Bolshevik Russia found the last shelter; and
  • The Savinsky Monastery of the 17th century (outside the city).    

Every summer, Herceg Novi opens the doors of its hotels and resorts, framing the 6-kilometer promenade. The Kotor Bay is full of amazing places for scuba diving. Adherents of thrills are offered water skiing and flyboarding.

You can spend the afternoon in the shade of pomegranate trees, enjoying a chilled fizzy drink. In low season, the city also does not disappoint visitors, inviting them to various spa medicine establishments.


Kotor Montenegro

Secluded beach town on the banks of a beautiful natural harbor

Kotor settled in the valley, on the slope of a steep hill descending to the sea. Thanks to the terracotta roofs, from above it looks like a red three-corner hat. Its beaches – from the healing sand of Bigova to the untouched natural corners of Trsteno – dot the southern part of the Bay of Kotor.

In addition to the blessed coast, Kotor is famous for its Old Town with winding alleys, dilapidated arches and old wooden doors. When walking you can make a lot of interesting discoveries of numerous medieval temples and palaces.

It is not known when the first settlements were founded on the site of Kotor, but it is believed that they are more than two millennia old. The rulers of this city were Illyrians, Venetians, Austrians, it was part of the Ottoman Empire, the Venetian Republic, the Serbian state. They all left their mark here.

Kotor, with its many festivals, carnivals, exhibitions, is recognized as the cultural center of Montenegro. In 1979, UNESCO decided to add the city to the list of World Natural and Cultural Heritage.

An unforgettable experience will give:

  • the Museum of cats;    
  • the Maritime Museum; and    
  • a boat parade during the Bokel Night festival.    

In the evening, you can relax to the rhythms of live music coming from such “hot spots” as the Letrika Pub and the Bokun wine bar.

Montenegro coastal cities: Budva

Budva is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast

The historic center of this city is surrounded by walls built by the Venetians. Archaeological finds of the 5th century BC make it possible to classify Budva among the most ancient settlements on the Adriatic coast. In the distant past, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans dominated here, and they all left their mark. Narrow streets, old stone buildings, and many medieval churches and palaces will make you mentally go back several centuries.

The coastal part of the city is known as the Budva Riviera. Beautiful sandy beaches, numerous fish restaurants, and rich nightlife make Budva the center of Montenegro’s summer tourism.

If you like to swim, paddle or take coastal walks – you will definitely like this resort. If you want to seclude yourself, go to the end of the pier where you will find Pizana – a cozy 100-meter pebble beach with amazingly clear water and an intimate atmosphere.

Whatever route of the ancient city you choose, each of them will be dotted with intriguing boutiques and hospitable eateries offering fresh fish and delicious pizza. Head to the Budva Juice Bar for a refreshing smoothie and fragrant coffee. Hacienda and Casper Bar offers a rich assortment of cocktails and jazz tunes.


Atmospheric seaport in southern Montenegro

The bar, perhaps, does not have such a high-profile beach reputation as some other coastal cities of Montenegro. However, it is one of the quietest and cleanest places in the area, ideal for a relaxing holiday. The annual number of sunny days here reaches a record in Europe – 270 days!

The main city beach may be crowded in the midday heat, so we recommend installing a deck chair in the nearby Shushany or Sutomore – this will save you from crowds of vacationers. As soon as the sun begins to set, you will feel more relaxed. There are cafes everywhere in the sleepy atmosphere of a small town where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a homely warm atmosphere.

At the foot of Mount Rumia, just a few kilometers from Bar, there is a medieval walled city. Its 240 structures are thoroughly destroyed, so tourists just see the ruins of ancient gates, chapels, aqueducts, and tombs.

The main architectural heritage of Bar is the estate of the Montenegrin prince Nikola, built at the end of the 19th century and includes:

  • two palaces;    
  • a chapel; and  
  • the Botanical and winter gardens.    

The cultural life of Bar is full of seasonal entertainment: in August there is a swimming marathon, in November there is television and theater festivals, as well as the Masliniada Fair. Be sure to take a picture by the olive tree of Stara Maslina. They say it is over 2000 years old.

Ulcinj: Montenegro coastal cities

Ulcinj Montenegro coastal cities

Coastal town with a 17-kilometer beach area

Ulcinj is located on the south of the Montenegrin coast. It is believed that the city was founded by the Illyrians around the 5th century BC. Over the centuries, the cultures of the West and East, brought here by many conquerors, were closely adjacent, which can be seen in every part of the city.

In the Middle Ages, Ulcinj was a famous seaport and one of the pirate capitals on the Adriatic. According to legend, even the famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes was brought to Ulcinj as a slave by pirates at the end of the 16th century.

Today, Ulcinj is famous for several tourists “highlights”:

  • the beautiful beaches, covering 17 kilometers and satisfying the needs of all types of vacationers (lovers of black and gold sand, extreme men and women who dream to conceive, naturalists and kite surfers);    
  • the legendary island of Ada Boyana;    
  • the castle that is 2 millennia old; and  
  • the Salinas Nature Reserve, where 250 species of feathered inhabitants are registered.    

Fulfilling almost all the wishes of tourists, Ulcinj is often compared to a fairy tale. Enchanting sunsets and stunning fish delicacies cooked in the fresh air from a daily catch are recognized as “cherries on a cake”.

Sveti Stefan

The fishing village that turned into an exclusive island with VIP access

Sveti Stefan is one of the most luxurious beach towns in Montenegro. It is located on a small island, about 6 km southeast of Budva, and is connected to the mainland with a narrow tombolo. Sveti Stefan is part of the Aman luxury resort, which includes 50 rooms, cottages and suites on the island and 8 grand suites at Villa Miločer.

In the 70s of the last century, this “Adriatic venue” attracted many celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, and Marilyn Monroe. Chess tournaments with the participation of top-class players were held here.

In 2010, the resort celebrated its golden anniversary. It still attracts visitors with pink sand beaches, crystal clear waters and rocky pine-covered mountains. Lovers of ancient architecture can admire three ancient churches here. The main natural attraction is Milocer Park, filled with exotic trees, and fragrant olive groves.

Becoming a guest of Aman, you can use:

  • secluded bays;    
  • the Royal Beach;    
  • a serene spa-center; and    
  • an impressive cliff-top pool.    

In Piazza, in the heart of the island town, you will have access to an impressive open-air restaurant complex, which includes:

  • a tavern;    
  • an enoteca;    
  • a pastikkeria;    
  • an antipasti bar; and
  • a cigar room.    

Staying in the village of the same name adjacent to the island, you can take advantage of a more affordable tourist infrastructure. Sun lovers will have an opportunity to sunbathe for free on two nearby beaches – the North and the South Beaches. It offers stunning views that will convince you that Sveti Stefan is the most photogenic place in all of Montenegro.

Tivat: Montenegro coastal cities

Tivat Montenegro


A city with 17 beaches along the Tivat Riviera

Tivat is a place to go if sunbathing is at the top of your agenda in Montenegro. It is the sunniest city in the Bay of Kotor due to its mild Mediterranean climate and crystal-clear sea. Hiking and water sports attract thousands of sun and sea lovers. You can do serious underwater exploration on any of the 17 official beaches located on the Tivat Riviera.

Unlike some other beach centers in Montenegro, Tivat cannot boast of an ancient heritage. It simply did not survive, although the city is more than 2,000 years old. However, it provides many places for a romantic getaway.

  • the Island of Flowers;    
  • Plavi Horizonti – one of the top beaches in Montenegro; and    
  • a botanical garden that attracts visitors with exotic flora.    

You can enjoy extremely delicious ice cream here at the Poslasticarnica Minjon Café, watch sailboats at the Porto Montenegro yacht complex, witness the Cultural Summer festival or the Bowling Olympiad.


UNESCO World Heritage Site in the center of the Bay of Kotor

Perast is the oldest settlement in the center of the Bay of Kotor. This tiny town with one single street, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is full of romantic ruins. It houses 17 impressive palaces and 16 ancient churches. Over the course of many centuries of history, many conquerors left their mark on this place, as evidenced by the remains of the Neolithic culture (3500 BC), as well as numerous archaeological finds.

Most of the buildings are built in the Baroque style and adapted for villas and hotels. Thanks to this, today Perast is one of the most luxurious tourist centers on the Adriatic coast.

Two islands – one natural, named after St. George, and the other one man-made, called the Mother of God on the Rock, are the main attractions of the small town. A boat trip to one of them will be an unforgettable adventure.

A walk along the coastline with small boats lined up in rows, will lead you to the western outskirts. Pirates Beach Bar with a DJ area and affordable drinks will be a pleasant discovery.

Montenegro coastal cities – Krasici

Krasici Montenegro coastal cities

A romantic place in the municipality of Tivat

For those who love pastoral landscapes and a peaceful countryside atmosphere, the village of Krasici is exactly what you need. You will find it on the Lustica peninsula, near the major coastal cities of Montenegro, such as Tivat and Kotor. This divine place will enchant you with silence, pristine beauty, the fragrance of fig and peach trees.

There are cozy cottages, supermarkets, several eclectic restaurants with Italian and local menus. Lovers of white sand may not immediately get used to the concrete and gravel of the local beach and the lack of a boardwalk but crystal clear water makes it possible to make out every pebble on the seabed. The coastal cliffs are also impressive; it is a perfect background for spectacular photographs.

Fans of “hot spots” can have fun until midnight in the karaoke bar “Poseidon”. With its chill-out music and excellent menu, it won the title of the most popular beach establishment.

Fans of architectural attractions will have an opportunity to explore the church of the 17th century. To do this, you will have to climb to the top of the hill where Old Krasici is located.


Przhno is a small beach town with red sandy beaches

Przhno is called “a small Italy.” This resort town, only 16 kilometers away from Budva, promises absolute relaxation. Here, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, you can set your sunbed anywhere and enjoy panoramic views for hours. You will be surrounded by lush greenery, mountains, and the sea from all sides.

It is not surprising that it was in this paradise in the 19th century that the royal residence was located. Old mansions and luxurious villas have been here since then. The remains of a former watchtower have been preserved on one of the rocky reefs.

But not only architectural sights – the witnesses of bygone centuries – attract tourists here. The main asset of Pržno is its unique beaches, protected from the winds and lined with unusual red sand.

Moreover, this small fishing town provides its guests with a considerable selection of various restaurants. Each of them captivates with its inimitable atmosphere and specialties. But what especially distinguishes Pržno from other coastal settlements of Montenegro is a romantic walk through the forest to Sveti Stefan.

Find your piece of Montenegrin paradise

If you ask locals what cities of Montenegro they choose for their holidays on the coast, you will hear many different answers. Some residents prefer Perast, others adore the secluded bays of Lustica, and someone cannot imagine summer without kitesurfing on Ulcinj beach. Many will certainly vote for the “Queen of the Mediterranean” – Budva. However, no matter what feedback and recommendations you receive, listen only to your heart. It will accurately tell you where your little Montenegrin paradise is.