Montenegro: top 7 best resorts for families with children

Montenegro on the map with resorts in Russian

A new formula for a quality vacation with children is travel. Many countries with well-developed tourism infrastructure create comfortable conditions for this. One of such states is Montenegro.

The country has a special attitude to children. Restaurants and cafes have developed special healthy food menus. Taxi drivers are courteous: if passengers with children get into the car, the driver drives as carefully and slowly as possible.

Every year Montenegro is becoming increasingly the Family Resort. It is a safe, cozy, comfortable, and healthy country. It has a warm, clean Adriatic Sea, a mild Mediterranean climate, many interesting sights, and entertainment for adults and children.

When is Montenegro favorable for holidays with kids?

Due to climatic features, the tourist season in Montenegro starts in May and ends in October. In summer, the air temperature rises no higher than +30 degrees. Thanks to the wonderful climate and the warm, calm sea, even the smallest children can rest in the country.

Features of a vacation in Montenegro:

  1. The best time to visit the country with a child is June and September, because, from mid-July to the end of August, tourists come in large numbers. Prices for food, accommodation, and entertainment are high. The accommodation is occupied, and there are many people in the streets, in shops, and on the beaches.
  2. The first month of summer and the first month of autumn is a warm season with a minimum number of vacationers. In September, the sea warms up more, so the beginning of autumn is even more preferable for a vacation with a child.
  3. Water temperature is up to +27 degrees but may decrease due to cold currents. Summer in the country is long and dry, there are many sunny days. In the central mountainous regions, it is always cooler.
  4. If you want to visit Montenegro for clean air, to get acquainted with the culture and mentality of the country from the inside then the best months are May and October. On the beaches, you can sunbathe, sometimes even swim in the sea. The situation is different in different years.
  5. Montenegro is washed by the Adriatic Sea. Its azure blue waters are particularly crystal-clear. This proves transparency, in some places reaching 40-60 meters. It is easy to swim in the sea – due to the high concentration of salt.

The temperature of the air in June varies depending on the region: + 25 … + 28 ° С. The sea warms up to + 21 … + 23 ° С. The weather provides for a beach holiday and sightseeing as part of numerous excursions.

In September, the weather is similar to June. This is also the beginning of the fruit season – fruits and berries ripen and are sold in stores and in the markets. You can buy blueberries, mangoes, blackberries, figs, persimmons, and other fruits in abundance.

Parents who intend to treat their children and strengthen their immune system over the summer go to resorts in Montenegro. They choose the most comfortable cities and do not go to noisy settlements, such as Budva and Kotor.

Budva is a popular city with many attractions, but you should not book rooms and stay in the center. People come here with excursions to see castles and monuments for a day or for several hours.

A similar situation is in Kotor. This is a historical city with architectural monuments and centuries-old interesting history. But local beaches are not suitable for holidays with kids. People go to the city for excursions as part of tourist groups or by rented cars with their families.

So which resort should you choose for your holidays with children in Montenegro?

Top 7 resorts for families with children in Montenegro

In each region of Montenegro, you can find an interesting activity for families with children. Some resorts are designed for sightseeing holidays, others are suitable for a beach holiday, and others are great for hiking and wellness.

The conditions and infrastructure of the country are favorable for a relaxing, active vacation with children and the whole family. People rent apartment-villas, flats, and also book rooms in hotels. So which resort to choose and in which region?

Varieties of family vacations in Montenegro:

  1. Hiking. For hiking tourism, choose regions with a flat landscape without steep slopes. In such areas, it is comfortable to walk with a baby and move around with a stroller. The area suitable for hiking are Tivat with three green parks, Velika Plaza, Sutomore and Bar.
  2. Wellness. Herceg Novi, Kotor, Bar, and Tivat are chosen by tourists who want to strengthen the baby’s immune system, the general health of the body, undergo treatment or have a health prevention treatment.
  3. Beach vacation. Those who want to sunbathe and swim go to the coast of the island of St. Stephen, in Becici.
  4. Shopping. Tourists who prefer to combine leisure with shopping go to Sutomore, Veliky Plazha, Petrovac, Bar, and Tivat. In these settlements, there is a large number of shops, fashion designer boutiques, markets and other institutions where you can buy a product or service.
  5. Active leisure. Travelers with an active lifestyle do not stay in one place and are in constant motion. For lovers of sports, attractions and trampolines, vacations in the cities of Becici, Bar, Tivat, and Budva are suitable. In villages, there is practically no entertainment.
  6. Calm vacation. For lovers of a cozy and quiet environment, resorts in Tivat, Herceg Novi, Petrovac, Kotor, as well as Dobry Vody and St. Stephen’s Island are suitable.

Each region has its own characteristics. Becici – a comfortable village with well-equipped beaches.


Becici Italy

This is a famous resort located in the Budva community on the Adriatic coast. It is connected to the city through an underground tunnel thanks to which a trip from one settlement to another takes no more than five minutes.

Becici is a major tourist center of Montenegro on the Budva Riviera. The village is famous for its long sand and pebble beach and villas. The length of the beach is 1.95 km – this is the most picturesque place in the southern Adriatic.

The bottom lowering is smooth – the depth increases gradually. The water in the sea is clean and transparent. The village has ideal conditions for families with kids. Tourism infrastructure is developed at a high level. There are hotel-villas. The beach is well-equipped.

Kids and adults can have a great time in the water park located on the territory of the Mediteran Hotel. You can rent catamarans, scooters, and equipment for water sports at rental centers. There are numerous attraction and playgrounds at the seafront.

Becici Sights

  1. The village has preserved architecture from the Venetian era.
  2. White-snowy houses under tiled roofs, surrounded by bouganvilleas and oleanders.
  3. The Citadel in the Old City
  4. Ancient churches
  5. Archaeological Museum

There are many cafes and restaurants with a children’s menu in Becici. Sightseeing lovers visit Budva and other resorts.

St Stephen Island – the main landmark of the country

This is the property of Montenegro, but the island is leased by a multinational company. Tourists who want to relax in this area go to the village located nearby or book comfortable lodges. The island is located on the Adriatic Sea, the Budva Riviera.

Tourism infrastructure is developed at a high level. The beaches are exquisite, food and souvenirs are expensive. The coast is covered with pink-red fine pebbles. The seawater is clean, warm, and beautiful.

The island is connected to land by a natural isthmus. Such a phenomenon is rarely formed naturally. The territory is planted with trees and shrubs; the air is clean. The conditions are suitable for families with children. The beaches are clean, with developed infrastructure. The bottom lowering is smooth, the water is warm, there are fine sand and small pebbles on the bottom.

St. Stephen’s Island is not crowded. This resort is visited for relaxation and sightseeing. There are sports, playgrounds, and viewing platforms for children.

St. Stephen’s island’s sights

  1. Villa Milocer is one of the most expensive and elite villas in the country with a huge park and rooms that can be rented.
  2. Three churches – St. Stephen Church, built in 1,442, the Repose of the Virgin Church and Alexander Nevsky Church.
  3. Shopping centers, restaurants, a confectionary shop, a hairdresser’s.
  4. Art gallery.
  5. Durmitor National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The island of St. Stephen is the main landmark of Montenegro, which has a centuries-long history. It was a defensive and protective object, a village of fishermen and became a known resort where famous people came for a holiday. Among them are Sylvester Stallone, Merlin Monroe, Leonid Brezhnev and many others.

Bar – a port city for a comfortable holiday

Bar montenegro

Bar is a modern resort city, located in the Adriatic Sea in the center of the Barska Riviera. The most important seaport of the state is located here. There are many boutiques, shops, supermarkets, and souvenir shops in Bar. The goods are at reasonable prices.

The beaches are average: pebble and sand and pebble, not overcrowded. The infrastructure is well-developed, the bottom lowering is smooth, the sea is clean. The resort is suitable for families with children.

There are sightseeing tours to the most famous ruins of the Old City. Olive groves surround the resort, among which is the oldest specimen of the olive tree which is 2,000 years old. Many vacationers visit the sites by themselves.

Sights of Bar

  1. A large seaport.
  2. The Old City – an open-air museum.
  3. Minarets from the era of Turkish rule.
  4. The Hai Nehai fortress of Old Bar.
  5. The ruins of St. George’s Cathedral.
  6. Churches of St. Katarina and St. Veneranda.
  7. The palace and church of king Nikola.
  8. Mount Valuica.
  9. Skadar Lake.

Bar is a beautiful and green resort. The local climate is not as arid and hot as in other regions of the country due to high humidity. In the summer, festivals take place at the resort, numerous celebrations and other cultural events are held.

Sutomore – a hiking resort

This is the resort town in Montenegro, located in the center of the Adriatic coast. The environmental conditions are monitored here, therefore, from June 1 to September 15, the entry on personal cars is prohibited. Tourist attraction of the resort is the extensive Sutomore beach covered with fine sand and pebbles.

The city has a comfortable climate, beautiful nature, and reasonable prices for food and accommodation. Vacationers with children rent hotel rooms, villas, cottages and other apartments. Restaurants in the surrounding area offer delicious local cuisine. Most of them have a children’s menu.

Sutomore sights

  1. St. Thecla Church, built in the 12th century.
  2. The ruins of the Hai Nehai fortress, built in the 15th century.

To get acquainted with the culture and mentality of the country in more details tourists with kids go sightseeing around the city and the surrounding area.

Tivat – a little-known and developed resort

The next on the list is the city of Tivat. It is on the shore of Kotor Bay in the Adriatic Sea on Vrmac peninsula. The resort is popular with Montenegrins due to the fact that there is a minimum number of tourists.

There are concrete beaches in the center of Tivat and sand and pebble beaches outside the city. They are not many tourists there; the prices are reasonable. Tourists can afford to go shopping.

Sights of Tivat

  1. Airport.
  2. A huge berth for expensive yachts – Porto Montenegro.
  3. Prevlaka Monastery, built in the Serbian era.
  4. Church of the Holy Trinity.
  5. Jesuit monastery.
  6. The palace complex, built in the 16th century, is the summer residence of the rulers.
  7. Botanical garden.
  8. Skadar Lake.
  9. Boko-Kotor bay and gulf.

Prevlaka Monastery is located on the small Island of Flowers, near Tivat. You can get to it by a short isthmus. To get to the Jesuit monastery, tourists go to the island of Otok.

Petrovac – a calm family-friendly fashionable resort


This is the most popular holiday destination for families with children in the Budva Riviera. It is located in a picturesque horseshoe-shaped bay. In the vicinity of the resort town, there are many green areas – there are olive groves and coniferous forests. It has a mild microclimate and a charming atmosphere.

There are good wide beaches of Lucice and Bulyaritsa, covered with reddish soft sand and fine pebbles. It is comfortable to sunbathe, swim, meditate and relax from the noisy everyday life here. The city has a wide spacious promenade and a lot of routes for trekking tours. There are no crowds of tourists, so the place is suitable for a comfortable family vacation with children.

For accommodation tourists book villas, apartments and hotel rooms. The accommodation is affordable.

Petrovac Sights

  1. The ancient Venetian fortress.
  2. Small churches.
  3. The grey Castello castle with an observation deck.

It is comfortable to rest in Petrovac at any time of the year. This is one of the most fashionable and environmentally friendly resorts in the country. It is amazing to walk along the Upper Shetaliste Promenade, from which you can admire the sea and the picturesque views of mountains, rocks, and pine groves.

Herceg Novi – “Botanical Garden of Montenegro”

This is a green town located in the Bay of Kotor with numerous plantings on the side of the mountain. You can see plants from different parts of the world that were brought by sailors. Walking around the resort, tourists will see large cacti from Mexico, flowers from Australia, palm trees and exotic fruits from African countries.

Tourists rent villas – apartments, rooms in hotels of different levels of complexity. The cost of accommodation is lower than in many other resorts in the country. Herceg Novi is suitable for holidays with kids. It is ecologically clean, the air is oxygenated, and there are many interesting places.

The city has concrete beaches, the best of which is Zhanitsa, previously owned by the President of Yugoslavia Joseph Brod Tito. Seawater is pure and transparent; different colonies of fish and hedgehogs live in it. It is convenient to sunbathe and swim on the beaches.

There are many cozy corners in the vicinity, which can be reached by public transport for a couple of euros.

Herceg Novi Sights

  1. A beautiful old city Sahat Kula with a clock tower.
  2. Mamula fortress island.
  3. Orthodox church of the Archangel Michael.
  4. Karacha Turkish fountain.
  5. Fortre-Mare Fortresses (14th century)
  6. Kanli-Kula Former Prison (15th century).
  7. Regional Museum.
  8. Mount Orjen, height is 1,895 meters.

Herceg Novi is remote from many tourist routes, so tourist can explore many sights on their own without the tour.

Montenegro is a country where even a child will be fascinated. During sightseeing tours at examining the magnificent monuments of architecture that have survived to our times, a child will be spiritually and culturally enriched. There are walking tours for children who prefer active rest.

Lovers of a relaxing pastime go to the resorts with good beaches and clear sea. Montenegro is interesting and comfortable for everyone. For greater convenience, there are apart-hotels offering to book a personal villa instead of a room in an apartment building.

Real estate renting, goods, food, and souvenirs are affordable. There is a special menu for children as well as playgrounds, sports grounds, and many attractions. Montenegro is an eco-friendly and safe country for a family holiday.