Sveti Stefan Island Hotel – a man-made paradise and celebrity choice for rest

Фото острова Святого Стефана - элитные отели и пляжи

Almost all resorts in the world can be divided into widely available, moderately expensive, incredibly expensive, and self-contained. The small island of Sveti Stefan near Budva, which is part of the Budva Riviera and belongs to Montenegro, is classified between type 3 and 4 since the prices for accommodation are so high there that only members of the royal families, movie stars and showbiz can afford to spend a vacation on the Sveti Stefan Island.

Sveti Stefan is open to anyone who wants to pay for an elite rest.

Amanresorts, a well-known operator of luxury hotels, has monopolized the rent of the island, as well as the adjacent beaches for a period of up to 2037. Now, these places are closed for casual visitors and only guests living directly in the Sveti Stefan hotels can relax here.

Why is the island so good, unique and attractive? Let’s try to figure it out.

Hotels of the Sveti Stefan Island

The hotel complex of the island has about four dozen hotels, including 80 single-storey villas:

  • 18 – single,
  • 47 – double,
  • and 15 – luxury.

Despite the fact that the cost of daily living is estimated at several thousand euros, it is necessary to reserve a place long before the date of your expected arrival. You will never see hot tours to the Sveti Stefan Island.

Celebrities on the Sveti Stefan IslandBut what happens – is it discrimination? If you do not have the above amounts, then will you not get to the coveted island, where Yuri Gagarin and Sophia Loren, Andre Maurois and Carlo Ponti, Merlin Monroe and all the monarchs of the “Old” Europe rested?

How to sunbathe on soft pink, the lily beach next to Sylvester Stallone and Claudia Schiffer?

Rejoice! “Mere mortals” also have the opportunity to see the beauty of Sveti Stefan.

In travel companies, you can easily find a ticket to the coast of Montenegro, bordering the wonderful island. On well-arranged beaches, there are hotels and pensions with a view of the strait and the famous hotels.
Sunbathe and gaze at the vacationers “on the other side.” They can be seen without binoculars! Excursions are arranged to the wonderful Milocer Park, which competes in beauty with Versailles itself.

Rest on the Sveti Stefan Island in Montenegro – PHOTOS

Entertainment and excursions

The beach of the Sveti Stefan Island has pink pebblesIn terms of nightlife, disco clubs, noisy bars and fun shopping, this island hotel is no different.

If you want to “hang out” and spend money on souvenirs, you should go to the nearby Budva. You can travel a distance of 9 km by bus, taxi or even walk. In less than 2 hours you will find yourself in a large shopping and entertainment center in Montenegro, full of tourists and shops of all kinds.

But those who are fortunate enough to be the guest of Sveti Stefan are not bored. Here travelers are offered:

  • hundreds of yachts for boat trips,
  • private parties,
  • fishing, and
  • diving.

The waters of the Adriatic are full of various colorful living creatures. The beauty of underwater megacities is not much inferior to the famous coral reefs and thickets of the Red Sea.

Wedding in MontenegroDo you want some unusual impressions? Wedding in Montenegro will provide them.

Read here what to see in Budva.

For longer trips around the country, you can rent a car in Montenegro It is a convenient, comfortable, and inexpensive option.

During the rest on the island you can purchase the following tours:

  1. If your visa allows, you can visit the neighboring countries, such as Albania, Croatia, and Italy.
  2. The impressive and extreme Durmitor mountain range is almost two steps away from the island.
  3. In addition, visitors are offered excursions to the Tara River, its canyon and the incredible beauty of clear, cool, and green lakes. In the peak season (lasting from April to September) it is the place for sunbathing and swimming, in winter – skiing, which is no less fashionable and prestigious today.
  4. Finally, the medieval church cut down right in the middle of the rock like ancient Indian temples, and the acting Praskvica Monastery, which is one of the symbols of the Montenegrin state, are located very close to the Sveti Stefan Island.

If you prefer fashionable resorts, the selected company and the royal service, you should definitely pamper yourself on the Sveti Stefan Island in Montenegro!

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