The Bečići resort

Бечичи - комфортабельный курорт Черногории с галечным пляжем

The Bečići resort is one of the numerous spectacular yet comfortable resorts of Montenegro.

The resort itself is quite small and is in fact a fishermen’s village with well-developed infrastructure. Only several kilometers of a pleasant train ride or walk divide Bečići from Budva. Numerous cool shaded parks and gardens of Bečići await for tourists.

To stay in Bečići tourists may choose one of 3 or 4-star hotels located right on the shore of the warm Adriatic Sea. Several 5-star hotels are currently built here so soon even the most demanding tourists will find a perfect place to stay.

  • Along the beach there are many different recreational centers.
  • Also, you may find plenty of cozy cafes and restaurants with fast and quality service and tasty dishes.
  • Endless lines of fancy shops and souvenir stalls will appeal to all avid shopaholics.

Each year Bečići hosts:

  • an international championship in beach football,
  • wet bike races, and
  • unforgettable sea rides on paddle boats and water sleds.

The pebble beach of Bečići is 2 kilometers long. At daytime tourists enjoy sunbathing and relaxation on the beach, in the evening the whole town bustles with life lit by bright lights, shop signs and billboards.

Those enjoying nightlife can easily find a good bar or a restaurant to have fun at this enchanting resort of Montenegro.

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