The best rest in Montenegro – a villa or a hotel, July or September?

Где хорошо отдохнуть в Черногории на вилле или в отеле?!

Rest in Montenegro is literally permeated with the sun, and warm and friendly attitude to visitors.

The beauty of traveling to this country lies in the fact that citizens of the former CIS can go there without a visa.

The next shock is that you can communicate with people in Russian in the main resorts of the country, and they understand you.

Having decided to go to Montenegro, you have to make a difficult choice. There are a lot of resorts here, so we will try not only to choose the best of them, but also to calculate the optimal time for travel, and at the same time to choose a comfortable and convenient accommodation for ourselves. Reviews of experienced wanderers will partly help in this matter.

Best places for rest

Municipal beaches dominate in Montenegro, which means free entry for everyone who wants to swim. The only disadvantage of such a system is that you will have to pay 5-7 Euros for umbrellas and sunbeds.

In Montenegro, most beaches are free!

There are also some beaches that are problematic or expensive to get to, such as:

  • The Queen’s Beach. It is only available to “Villa Milocer” guests.
  • The King’s Beach. This place scares away with the obligatory daily rent of a sunbed of 75 Euros.
  • Sveti Stefan Beach. Another expensive beach – Eastern Beach is located on this island. You will have to pay 50 Euros to become the happy owner of an umbrella and a pair of sunbeds.

The rest of the beaches are free, and there are plenty of them in Montenegro, namely:

  • rocky beaches (Herceg-Novi Riviera);
  • pebbly beaches (Budva Riviera); and
  • sandy volcanic beaches (near the town of Ulcinj).

Below we have grouped the most significant resorts of Montenegro, taking into account the most comfortable time for rest. At the same time, we relied primarily on climate indicators.

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In May

In most of the Montenegrin resorts, daytime temperatures are close to 21 °C but cold nights, relative high clouds, or insufficiently warmed sea are also present in some places.

Bar is the sunniest place in Europe!

So we chose the most “balanced” resorts. In May, it is better to rest in Montenegro in the following places:

  • Ada Bojana. 13 kilometers of the coastal strip is the longest one in Montenegro. For those who like to merge with nature, a nudist village was built here. Rest here can be very budget-friendly because A category rooms dominate in hotels (however, there are enough “suites”).
    Some tourists prefer two-storey bungalows. Aperitif bars, fish cafes, and a couple of private restaurants are located in the village itself. Nudist beaches are soft, with healing sand. In the village, there is a lot of sports entertainment – volleyball, tennis, kayak, and bicycle.
  • Bar. If you are seduced by the sea and the sun – welcome to the ranks of the fans of Bar. Here is the resort recognized as the sunniest place in Europe. There are many fruit and olive groves, gardens and parks. The local port does not violate the environment in a magical way, and the sights will help brighten up leisure. Visa-free excursions to Italy are an additional bonus. Be sure to visit Lake Skadar and the two-thousand-year-old olive tree.
  • Herceg-Novi. This city is literally filled with sunshine, fanned by legends and a romantic atmosphere, as well as the aromas of flowering mimosa. The whole city seems to be made up of steps. Poets and artists, as well as tourists wishing to participate in the Mimosa festival gather in Herceg Novi. Cultural traditions are influenced by Venice, Turkey and Spain, to which the city belonged at different times. From the hotels, we recommend Riviera Resort Hotel or Hotel Hunguest Sun Resort with a four-star service level.
  • Dobra-Voda. This resort belongs to the south coast, so summer comes here quickly. The place is located one and a half hour drive from any Montenegro airport. The resort boasts two large beaches – Mali Pijesak and Velikij Pjesak. In the summer it is not crowded here, so you can expect a calm and unhurried rest. For those who are bored of solitude, we recommend going to a nearby Bar.

Some facts about the usefulness of sea air:

  • Sea air contains droplets of water, saturated with salt and phytoncides of seaweed being a good natural inhalation for the respiratory tract. The air containing minerals perfectly moisturizes the skin of the face, making it more elastic.
  • Sea air is very saturated with ozone, and the iodine content in it is 12 times higher than in the mainland air. Air molecules ionize and act on the human body as a sedative for the nervous system while strengthening the heart, blood vessels and positively influencing the metabolism.
  • The sea air does not contain dust, is saturated with magnesium and bromine; therefore it is very useful for people with respiratory problems; it can increase the level of haemoglobin in the blood, thereby activating the blood circulation.
  • After two or three weeks at sea, children get sick less, their immunity is greatly enhanced. The sea air and water of Montenegro harden the children’s body, accelerate growth, and strengthen bones.

In June

The daytime temperature has not yet reached the 30-degree mark, so June is perfect for travelers who do not tolerate the July heat. By this time the sea is already warming to 23 °С. In June in Montenegro it is better to rest in:

  • Bečići. The town is surrounded by picturesque hills, and the local beaches are strewn with small pebbles. Heartbroken souls who do not accept nightlife can find peace and tranquility in Bečići. There are few hotels here, the visitors settle in bungalows and in villas, previously getting in contact with hospitable hosts. As an entertainment, the town can offer a rich excursion program, water sports, volleyball, tennis, and beach soccer.
  • Budva. It is one of the oldest Adriatic cities mentioned by Sophocles himself. Everything here is amazing – mountain landscapes, picturesque bays, golden sand. Connoisseurs of violent night flow of events – dance halls, clubs, restaurants and bars – flock to Budva. Lovers of antiquity will love the historic center carved by shady avenues and crooked medieval streets. You can settle in a fashionable hotel, a modest hotel complex, or in a cozy villa.
  • Tivat. This town was founded by the sailors who brought plants from different parts of the world to it. It is a garden city in which the medieval nobility once rested, and now respectable travelers who are not constrained by budget rest there. The Donja Lastva and Opatovo beaches are equipped according to the best European models. Even parking lots are available. The infrastructure of the city includes diving centers, SPAs, sports halls, night clubs, bars, and restaurants. The rich cultural heritage of Tivat will appear before you when you decide to join one of the many excursions to museums, ancient ruins, art galleries, and medieval temples.

In July

July in Petrovac - swimming seasonJuly attracts travelers with amazing weather and the almost complete absence of rain.

The air temperature varies between 28-30°C, the water warms up to 24°C.

Being morally prepared for the price take-off, you can go anywhere.

In Montenegro, the best places for rest in July are the following:

  • Kotor.This ancient town has nestled in a fabulously beautiful bay. Not much left here from the ancient times, but the medieval center with its narrow squares, narrow streets, the Clock Tower has perfectly preserved. In Kotor, Carnival and theatrical performances periodically take place – the city is strongly associated with the festival life. The main advantages of Kotor are ancient architecture, culture, and history. It is better to live in private mini-hotels (for example, Forza Mare).
  • Petrovac. This resort is located near the island of Sveti Stefan and is one of the cleanest holiday destinations in Montenegro. It is considered to be an excellent family resort. Family 3-4* hotels prevail here. These hotels are perfectly adapted for small guests – there are swimming pools, slides, and all sorts of entertainment.
  • Podgorica. This place combines modern multi-storey architecture with Roman traditions and an echo of the Middle Ages (Turkish fortress). In Podgorica, you should visit the monument to Vysotsky and the Ostrog monastery. The city is surrounded by lush greenery.
    The hotels are comfortable, and women will love the expensive boutiques clogged with branded clothing and perfumes.

Useful phone numbers in Montenegro:

  • Ambulance — 124,
  • Police— 122,
  • Fire Protection — 123,
  • Roadside assistance — 1340,
  • EUROHELP (Roadside assistance) — 1281,
  • Exact time — 125,
  • Alarm clock— 14101,
  • Telegram— 126.

In August

August continues the peak season. In some places, the water warms up to 25-26 degrees, the air temperature is not much different from July. So, in August the best places for rest in Montenegro are the following:

  • Igalo. This resort is located in the west of the country and attracts tourists who have decided to pay attention to their health. Here is located the medical institute of Miloshevich, which deals with the rehabilitation of patients after a heart attack, an accident or an operation, as well as various diseases of the spine, and respiratory tract.
  • Risan. This old town is located on the coast of the Bay of Kotor. Mountain landscapes and coniferous forests, an abundance of attractions – these are the main trumps of Risan. There is only one hotel here, but there is an abundance of villas, cottages, and apartments. In Risan, there are many clubs and discos, and lovers of historical heritage will be impressed by the Marble Castle.
  • Sveti Stefan. It is a fashionable city hotel connected to the mainland through a sandbar. The beaches of Stefan are lined with pink sand, and the climate is excellent. Heading here, get ready for expenses – the city hotel is one of the very expensive resorts.

It is forbidden to carry to the airport:

  • weapons and ammunition (except for hunting rifles and ammunition when it comes to organized hunting; sporting guns and ammunition, and the rest sports equipment);
  • drugs, poisons, pesticides and other dangerous and harmful substances;
  • animals, domestic animals, animal products, plants, parts of plants and products of plant origin, except for animals and plants that have the appropriate certificate (health status), as well as permission of the relevant veterinary and sanitary services;
  • amateur radio stations that have not been verified by the Telecommunications Agency; for amateur radio stations that are imported by citizens of CEPT member states and states that have accepted CEPT permits, and those having CEPT 1 and CEPT 2 licenses, you do not need the Agency permission to import for the period of up to 3 months.

In September

Montenegrin mellow season differs from the summer months except evening cool and two or three rainy days.

September is the mellow season in Montenegro.

The best places to relax in Montenegro in September are as follows:

  • Ulcinj. This is the south of Montenegro, so summer will not stop for you. The Valdanos Bay attracts tourists with olive thickets, and sandy beaches will appeal to those traveling with children. There is also a nudist beach.
  • Perast. This city is located in the Bay of Kotor and still keeps the imprint of former greatness. The accommodation is provided in private mini-hotels and old palazzo.
  • Milocer. It is a very remarkable place. Here you can relax at reasonable rates, renting rooms at mini-hotels or apartments. You can stay in the royal castle turned into a hotel. Sandy beaches are an additional bonus.

Sanatoria of Montenegro on the seaFor those who choose to rest with health benefits, we provide the information about the resorts of Montenegro at the sea. Combine business with pleasure!

The treatment in the Igalo health resort in Montenegro enjoys great popularity. Here are the details of the treatment directions and prices.

The following link provides information about the Ada Bojana resort All about a beautiful island for treatment and rest.

Selecting a place to stay

Have a good rest in Montenegro at the villa!When selecting a resort, we think about accommodation and gradually narrow the search to the hotel and the villa.

So, where is the best place to rest in a villa or a hotel in Montenegro?

Here are the key differences between the villa and the hotel:

  1. Price. The villa is definitely cheaper.
  2. Sizes. There are fewer rooms in villas. Accordingly, the rest is calmer.
  3. Services. Villa often lacks reception and additional services. You will eat at the nearest restaurant. The “all-inclusive” concept is missing.
  4. Free diet. The advantage of the villa is the availability of a private kitchen.
  5. Interiors. At the villa, they are more diverse. You will rarely meet two identical numbers.

Also, pay attention to the coastline. The closer your room is to the sea, the more expensive it is.

The best time for rest

Montenegro is a warm country, so there are no exact boundaries of the tourist seasons.

Even in winter, the air temperature here adheres to the mark of 14-17 °C. In May it warms up to 21°C.

Nevertheless, certain fluctuations in humidity and temperature are possible:

  • May-June. Prices at this time are very low, so crowds of Europeans come to Montenegro. The air gradually warms up to 28-30 ° С, and seawater – up to 18-19 ° С. Experts recommend opening the swimming season, starting from the last decade of May.
  • The first half of July. It is a perfect time. The prices are still low, and the weather is great.
  • July-August. This segment covers the second half of July and almost the entire August (until the last decade). In the peak season the climate fully stabilizes. The sea and the weather are breathtaking. The only disadvantage is the increased prices. Moreover, not only the cost of tours, air tickets and hotel accommodation but also the price of dinner at a restaurant become more expensive.
  • September. We are entering a period of the mellow season. The weather remains comfortable and warm right up to the beginning of October, but in the evenings it is already cool. Lunches in the cafes and the cost of living are becoming more affordable. Interesting fact: in the city, you can eat cheaper than on the coast.

It turns out that for a budget-friendly holiday it is better to choose the beginning of summer or the mellow season, and those who love heat and chocolate tan will like August and the end of July more.

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Tourist reviews

Basically, all the reviews about where to rest in Montenegro are reduced to the options we considered. But here are some of the most popular answers:

  1. Reviews about where to have a good rest in MontenegroMaria, Milan: We traveled to Perast, however, in August, not September, but we liked it. I advise you to rent a villa – the rest is more pleasant there
  2. Tourist reviews on where to rest in MontenegroMichael, New-York: In Montenegro, everything is going up. My girlfriend and I spent a week in Ada Bojana. The rest was very soulful, I recommend going there.
  3. Reviews about best places for a good rest in MontenegroFrancesca, Rome: I like Sveti Stefan, although I understand that this is not for everyone, it’s really cool there.

Let’s summarize. Montenegro is a pleasant country in every sense, but it is better to go there in mid-June or in August when prices are relatively moderate.

From the available accommodation options, we recommend the villa. Just pick it up carefully and book a room in advance.

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