Economy and Development of Montenegro

Экономическое развитие в Черногории

Nowadays Montenegro is a rapidly developing state. The country’s economy goes on developing in the areas it did as a part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The main sectors of the economy are:

  • Mining,
  • Agriculture,
  • Light industry, and
  • Metallurgy.

Montenegro is one of the centers of coal mining and bauxite. The most popular agricultural crop grown in Montenegro is tobacco. This crop brings considerable income to the state budget.

The energy complex of the country is represented by two hydropower plants in Perucice, Piva, and there is one thermal power plant in Pljevlja. These power plants almost completely cover the needs of the country’s economy.

Severe economic and political sanctions of the developed countries against Yugoslavia in the 1990s greatly affected the economy of Montenegro.

Montenegro grows only environmentally friendly products, because the environment is not polluted by industrial production.

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